Friday, January 29, 2016

Bad Woman

Here's What Happened - 

Dante gets interrupted from signing his divorce papers by Major Lomax at his apartment. She asks Dante to convince Olivia to drop the lawsuit against the city. She threatens to shut down the big brother charity that Dante supports if he doesn't. Dante tells her to forget it and to get out. Meanwhile Alexis and Olivia discuss the breastfeeding lawsuit at The Metro Court. After hearing how public "Boobgate" will be, Olivia gets second thoughts. She worries that it will effect her professional life. Then a random patron approaches Olivia and thanks her for standing up for mothers. After the rest of the restaurant claps for her so Olivia tells Alexis she wants to go all in and they high five.

Lulu meets Maxie at The Metro Court and asks for her help to get Dante back. She says she no longer has her key to Dante's place so Maxie advises her to get Olivia's. Later Lulu sits down with Olivia and asks to borrow her key. After Dante stops by to tell Olivia about his visit with Major Lomax and vents to Olivia about his marriage concerns. Olivia tells him to take more time to think everything over. Then Major Lomax comes to the Metro Court and informs Olivia that she's got a war on her hands with the lawsuit. Meanwhile, armed with Olivia's key, Lulu and Maxie arrange a romantic surprise for Dante at his apartment. Lulu wears a red dress that she wore when she first thought she was pregnant and says, "love can concur all!" Then they find the divorce papers Dante was going to sign. Lulu doesn't let herself get dissuaded and says she still plans to get Dante back. At the end, Dante comes home to find Lulu and seems pleasantly surprised to see her there. 

Franco approaches Liz at the hospital and asks if he can do more art therapy with Jake, immediately. Liz asks why it has to be so soon. He tells her that he spoke with Sam about Jake's art work. Liz gets upset that he spoke with Sam about her son and warns him not to speak with anyone else about Jake. Meanwhile Jason looks over Jake's art work at Liz's house and wonders if the women he drew is supposed to be Sam. Jake says that the picture is of a bad woman from a video game. Later Jason goes to GH to talk to Liz about Jake's art and Franco gets involved. The three of them speak in private and Franco shows them more of Jake's disturbing art. Franco thinks Jake is suffering with rage issues. Back at Liz's place, Jake is alone with the babysitter and it appears that he breaks a window and then cuts himself on the glass. 

Sam tries to convince Kristina to tell the truth about school at Alexis' house without success. Then Sam brings up her conversation at GH with Franco about Jake. Kristina advises Sam to stay out of Elizabeth's business with Jake or else it will ruin her chances with Jason. After they get back to talking about Kristina's professor and Sam asks if there is more to the story. Kristina swears there isn't. Later Sam tells Kristina she's going to speak with Liz to be proactive and leaves. After Alexis comes home and implores Kristina to open up to her. However Kristina doesn't come clean. At the end, "Parker" aka Kristina's professor comes to the house and is surprisingly female. Meanwhile Sam goes to Liz's house and Jake tells her that someone through a rock in the window. Sam looks everything over and asks Jake if he's responsible. He denies it and runs to hide in the basement. Sam goes down to look for him and ends up falling down the stairs. 

End of show!

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Thursday, January 28, 2016

I'm Gonna Take Back This City!

Thursday's Recap - 

Sam runs into Franco at the hospital and he asks if she wants to get a cup of coffee. Sam is surprised and refuses. She reminds Franco about all the sick things he did to her in the past and wonders if Jason will hurt him when he remembers who he is. Franco surmises that Sam is probably too busy with her Liz drama. Sam wonders if he's behind the mysterious happenings at Liz's house. Franco denies it and then mentions that Liz has her hands full with Jake. Sam puts pressure on Franco tell her what he knows, but Franco thinks that would be unethical. Sam wonders if he can spell unethical. At the end, Franco curiously looks through Jake's weird drawings alone. 

Morgan pleads with Kiki to take him back at the Metro Court. He tells her that he's been taking his meds and thinking clearing, thus he knows they're right for each other. Kiki says their new friendship is working and she can't go back to having a relationship with him. She explains that she doesn't know who he really is anymore. Morgan thinks he's on the way to getting things situated and they can be normal. She tells him she's not ready for a relationship, but agrees to go on a date with him. 

In their hotel room, Sabrina starts to go into labor. Paul calls Carlos and warns him to stay away from Port Charles. Carlos tells Paul he better hope Anna doesn't find him first. After Carlos tries to relax Sabrina by telling her that he's got money stashed away in the Grand Keys for them to go to after she gives birth. It makes her feel better and Sabrina says love is all that matters. After they talk about the baby and Carlos says he's hoping for a healthy child, but would love a little girl. Then Carlos talks about his hopes for the future of his child. Later Sabrina goes into full labor and Carlos helps her deliver. When the baby comes out, Carlos looks nervous. Sabrina demands to know if the baby is okay. 

Robert and Anna learn that a couple matching Sabrina and Carlos were scheduled to come in, but never showed up at the medical clinic in Nova Scotia. They convince the admin at the clinic to give all the details she has. Then Anna gets a strange call from Paul. He tells Anna he wants to talk to her about her future when she returns to Port Charles. Anna realizes that Paul is onto her. After Robert convinces Anna not to worry about Paul and says that with the help of the WSB, he tracked down Carlos' location. They take off and later find Sabrina and Carlos' motel room empty. However then the police arrive and make Anna and Robert put their hands up. 

Carly finds Sonny standing up at the warehouse. He quickly pretends he hasn't made any progress and slumps back into his wheelchair. He implores Carly not to tell anyone what she saw, especially their kids. Carly worries that his pride is undermining his progress and makes him promise that he won't give up. Sonny agrees so Carly promises not to mention what she saw. Later Sonny has a private conversation with Max. Sonny confides in Max that he feels guilty for lying to Carly. Sonny explains that when he's walking again he's going to take back Port Charles and needs his enemies to think he's weak. At the end, Max tells Sonny that Ava is working with Raj. Sonny thinks Ava is putting Avery in danger and he needs to shut her down. 

Jake snaps at Liz at their house when she asks him to go to soccer practice. Then Jason stops by Liz's place right as Jake is sketching frantically in his sketch pad. Jake gives him a picture and assumes Jason is moving back in with them. Jason tries to explain that he loves him, but isn't going to be with Liz anymore. Jake gets upset. After Jason tells Liz that he's getting some memories back and wants to try hypnosis. Liz asks what his memories were of so he tells her they were about Sam. Liz says that she hopes he remembers that she used to be his friend too. Later Liz leaves for work and asks Jason to watch Jake for her. At the end, Jason looks over Jake's drawings and finds a creepy drawing of a woman. He wonders if its supposed to be Sam. 

End of show!

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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

This Baby is Coming...Now!

Today's Show - 

Julian asks Sonny at the hospital for a truce, but Sonny tells him no way. Sonny insists that he's going to make Julian pay for killing Duke. Julian swears he's out of the business, but Sonny says you never really get out of the "business" and that sooner or later Julian will be destroyed. 

At the Metro Court, Paul leaves Kiki a generous tip. Kiki wonders if it's because of her mother. Paul assures Kiki its not because of Ava and he only has a professional relationship with Ava. Kiki accepts his answer and decides to send Morgan a text message. After Julian comes to the restaurant and asks Kiki to attend his wedding. Kiki says she'd love to go. 

Ava approaches Carly at The Metro Court and says she has reconsidered visitation for Avery. Carly thinks it sounds positive, but then Ava announces that after a lot of thinking she's decided its best if Avery never visits with Sonny. Carly gets angry and tells Ava she's selfish and spiteful. Later Ava runs into Paul on the elevator and he asks what she's told Kiki about them. Ava swears Kiki knows nothing. Then Paul tells Ava he's worried about Anna. 

Later Ava finds Kiki to tell her that she's not going to let Avery visit with Sonny. Kiki isn't happy to hear it. Then Ava sits down with Julian and teases him about wanting to get married in a church. Morgan walks in to see Kiki and Julian notes that Ava looks his way. Ava swears she's not into Morgan anymore and is just worried about Kiki. At the end, Julian tells Ava to get out of the business before it takes him down. 

At Sonny's coffee warehouse, Max checks up on Morgan as he works. He tells Morgan he did a good job and to punch out. Then Darby shows up out of nowhere and they end up making out. Morgan pulls back and says things between them don't feel right. Before Darby leaves, she runs into Sonny and Carly. Darby says she noticed Carly on Facebook. Once in private, Morgan tells Carly and Sonny not to worry because he put the brakes on Darby. Carly gets upset and thinks he's acting impulsive. 

Later Morgan swears he's taking his medication and pleads with them to treat him like an adult. They promise they will but in private Carly tells Sonny she's worried. After she tells Sonny that Ava turned down her request to visit with Avery. Sonny insists they will get Avery back one way or the other. At the end, Sonny is alone in the warehouse and stands up. Then Carly walks in and sees him. Meanwhile at the Metro Court, Morgan asks Kiki to be more than friends with him. 

Robert and Anna go to Halifax, Nova Scotia looking for Carlos and Sabrina. They go looking at a medical clinic hoping someone has spotted them. However they come up empty. Anna vents to Robert about wanting to get justice for Duke. She hopes she can find Carlos and force him to testify against Julian. Robert remarks that Anna has always been there for him so he wants to be there for her. 

Meanwhile Sabrina tells Carlos in their motel room that she can't stay there anymore and she needs to see a doctor immediately. Carlos tells her not to worry and takes her to the clinic where Anna and Robert are. He spots them before they see him and hustles Sabrina away. Carlos takes her back to the motel while Sabrina panics about her baby. At the end, Anna and Robert get a tip about Carlos at the clinic. Back in the motel room, Sabrina tells Carlos, "this baby is coming now!

End of show!

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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Back Tomorrow


No recap today. It was a super long day at work and I have a headache. So sorry! I'll be back tomorrow for real.

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Monday, January 25, 2016

The David Girls

Love those family ties!
No recap today, I'll be back tomorrow. I'm still digging out from winter storm Jonas over here. In the meantime, here are a couple of scoops for today's show, courtesy of GHH and the ABC GH Blog!

Julian wants to call a truce.

Jason starts to remember his life with Sam.

Will Hayden agree to marry Nikolas?

Have a great day!

Friday, January 22, 2016

I have no one to blame, but myself!

You need to slow down!
Here's What Happened - 

Michael and Dante box at the gym. Sonny comes in and notices Dante seems to be taking his aggression out over his marriage problems in the ring. Dante vents to Sonny and Michael about what Lulu and Johnny did to Valerie. Dante isn't sure he can forgive Lulu for what she did. Sonny thinks Lulu was reacting to the hurt she went through, because Dante cheated on her. Sonny advises Dante to work things out, but Dante gets testy and walks away. After Sonny and Michael have a heart to heart. Michael thinks you can't fix everything in life, but Sonny says being in a wheelchair is making him realize you can never give up. At the end, Sonny decides to try to get out of his chair when he's alone. He struggles, but manages to stand up successfully.

Laura goes to see Lulu and scolds her for leaving her with Rocco. Laura demands an explanation so Lulu breaks into tears saying she made a huge mess. Lulu ends up telling Laura about her fears about Valerie and how she stuck Johnny on her. Lulu swears she didn't want to hurt Valerie and things just got out of hand. Lulu says, "I have no one to blame, but myself!" Laura tells her she's been terribly reckless. She advises Lulu to slow down and get perspective. Later on Laura walks out just when Dante shows up. Lulu and Dante talk privately and Dante lectures her on her bad decision making. Lulu says everything she did was to save their marriage. Dante tells her it's too late to save what they had and he wants a divorce. Then he walks out leaving Lulu in tears.

Hayden pushes Nikolas away at Wyndermere when he tries to kiss her. He asks what's wrong so Hayden claims knowing that he's falling in love with her is overwhelming. She tells Nikolas that she's afraid of how much she loves him. Nikolas thinks they deserve a chance to be happy. Hayden panics and says she needs to leave Wyndermere and find a life of her own. Nikolas stops her and asks Hayden to, "stay forever!" Then he unexpectedly asks her to marry him for love. Nik gets down on one knee and says, "Marry me!"

At Liz's house, Jason isn't sure he believes Liz when she claims she's innocent. They end up having a tense conversation, but Liz insists she's not guilty. She swears on her children and her love for him that she's not making anything up. Jason softens up, but leaves anyway and tells her to lock the door behind him. After Jake thinks Sam made Jason leave. Then Laura knocks on the door and asks if everything is back to normal. Liz answers that nothing is back to normal. She tells Laura about the break in at her house and Sam accusing her of faking it. Jake eavesdrops and begins to draw a strange picture in frustration. 

Carly plans a birthday party get together at The Metro Court for Jason. Sam walks in and they talk about Liz possibly staging a stalker. They bond over drinks and a little Elizabeth bashing. Later Jason shows up and Carly tries to convince him to celebrate his birthday. Jason isn't sure he can be the man he used to be so Carly gets upset and tells him to just be the man he is now. Then she walks away and Jason steps on the balcony for some air. At the end, Michael shows up for Jason's get together. Carly vents to him about how upsetting it is for her to see Jason struggling with his identity. Meanwhile Sam joins Jason on the balcony. They chat and it starts to rain, which causes them to run back inside. It makes Jason remember a time when they danced and kissed in the rain. He says that his memory feels real. Sam replies, "it was real!"

End of show!

I like that Carly and Sam have become friends. I want more friendships on GH!

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Thursday, January 21, 2016

We Ain't Done!

We're just getting started!
Today's Show - 

Hayden and Nikolas regale in their night of love making at Wyndermere. Nikolas says he's glad they are finally letting their guards down so they can have something real. Then Hayden gets a call from Curtis so she steps out of the room. Curtis tells her she owes him money. Later Hayden tells Nikolas she's leaving to attend to ELQ business, but really meets up with Curtis outside of Kelly's. He gives her confirmation that it wasn't Shawn who shot her, but Hayden is hesitant to act on the information. Curtis realizes that she must be in love. Hayden says she's not ready to expose her would be murderer. He warns her that if she doesn't stop this person, they'll end up killing her for real. Hayden walks away saying their business is over, but Curtis whispers, "We ain't done; we're just getting started."

Meanwhile Jordan goes to Wyndermere to speak with Nikolas about what happened with Jason. She surmises that he caused his own fall and just wants Jason in prison. She tells him about the witness that came forward and says all the charges against Jason have been dropped. Later Hayden returns to Wyndermere and Nikolas tells her that Jason is a free man. Then he tries to kiss her, but Hayden freaks out, pushes him away and says, "I can't!" Over at Kelly's, Jordan comes in and sees Curtis at the counter. They have a tense conversation and Curtis says he's staying in town to see his nephew aka TJ. 

Carly learns from Sonny at GH that his court appointed visits with Avery are frustrating him. After he says his new doctor isn't a good fit. Then Morgan shows up and Sonny asks to speak with him alone. In private, Sonny asks why Morgan was on the docks on NYE. Morgan claims he's was clubbing, but Sonny quickly warns him to stay out of his business. Then they talk about Morgan's bi-polar struggles. Sonny implores Morgan to take his meds and promises things will get better. Morgan says he needs a purpose so Sonny offers him a job at the coffee warehouse. Morgan reluctantly accepts the position and Sonny says he's proud of him. After Max comes to tell Sonny that there is a serious problem with Raj. Sonny says they need to be careful so Avery doesn't get hurt in Ava's bad business. 

Ava tells Kiki at The Metro Court that she's over Morgan. Kiki says she's trying to be friends with Morgan now. Ava encourages Kiki to stand by Morgan, especially with his curiosity about Sonny's business. Kiki thinks there is more to Ava's comments that just casual concern. Later Carly approaches Ava about letting Avery see Sonny for a weekend. Kiki asks Ava to hear Carly out for her sake. However despite an emotional plea from Carly, Ava turns her down hard. Kiki steps in and puts a guilt trip on Ava about how she was sad for growing up without a father and warns her not to let that happen to Avery. Ava agrees to think over Carly's request. At the end, Morgan comes to tell Kiki he took a job at the coffee warehouse. 

Liz comes home with Jake to find Sam and Jason investigating. Liz doesn't like it and says Sam needs to leave. Jake isn't happy to see Sam either. Sam thinks Liz is afraid of her finding something she's trying to hide. To prove her wrong, Liz let's Sam snoop around. Later in private, Sam accuses Liz of lying about the intruder and smashing her own picture. Liz is quick to tell Jason about Sam's accusations and swears she wouldn't do something like that. Jason asks to speak with Liz in private. Sam tells him not to trust Liz so Liz tells her to get out. Once alone, Jason looks unconvinced when Liz insists she's innocent.

End of show!

I'm liking Curtis a lot, how about you? And my goodness he's so handsome! lol

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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Art Therapy

Wednesday's Recap - 

At Crimson, Nina tells Franco that the green issue was a success and she knows Julian won't be happy about it. She worries that she won't be able to keep it up. Franco is confident that she can do it and gives her a pep talk. Later Nina has to do an interview alone with a man from the Barrington Financial Times, because Julian doesn't show up. The man asks Nina what's next for Crimson so she fakes some ideas based on a soda ad she notices in the local newspaper. 

Julian tells Alexis at the Metro Court that he's still hopeful Nina will ruin Crimson. Then he gets a call from Olivia asking for help, because she was arrested. He and Alexis head to the PCPD and learn that Olivia verbally assaulted Major Lomax for yelling at her for breast feeding. Alexis decides to represent Olivia and argues that her arrest isn't justifiable. Julian tells the Mayor that something like this could make a big scandal for her. At the end, Mayor Lomax drops the charges against Olivia, but Alexis decides she wants to file suit against the city anyway. Meanwhile Julian calls Nina and mentions the incident. Nina thinks it's a great topic for the magazine. 

Kevin Collins tells Liz at GH that he thinks Jake will be okay, however he's worried about how Liz is coping. He's concerned that she might have another breakdown. She tells him not to worry about her. Later Liz talks to Jake's therapist who tells Liz that Jake would benefit from art therapy. Liz worries about Jake working with Franco, but Kevin and Jake's therapist think it's a good idea. At the end, Franco sees something off putting in Jake's art work and asks Kevin for his opinion. 

Sabrina calls Felix from an unknown cabin and learns that Michael wanted to get her back. Carlos comes in, sees her on the phone and tells her it's a bad idea for her to call home. After Sabrina tells Carlos that Anna is looking for her and says life on the run is harder than she thought it would be. Carlos tells her not to worry about Anna and promises to take care of her. He says she needs to forget everyone from Port Charles. Sabrina agrees and tosses her cell phone into the snow. 

Anna is surprised when Andre stops by her house to see Robert. It turns out he's a contact of Robert's from the WSB so Anna tells Robert that Andre was her therapist. After they all start working on a profile of Carlos in an attempt to locate he and Sabrina. Andre thinks Carlos will keep Sabrina near a medical facility because of her pregnancy. They deduce that Carlos likely took Sabrina to Halifax, Nova Scotia. 

Sam runs into Jason at The Metro Court and they sit down for coffee. Sam tells Jason that Dr. Shaneberg or Shineberg confessed (I'm really not sure of his name) that Nikolas started the fight on the balcony. After Jason tells Sam about the mysterious things happening at Liz's house. He also says that Jake accused her of being responsible, but he knows she's innocent. Sam suggests that Franco could be involved. She offers to use her PI skills to help him so they go to Liz's house to investigate. At the end, Liz comes home with Jake and sees Jason there with Sam.

End of show!

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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Playing Hooky

No recap today, it's my birthday and I'm playing hooky for the day. I'll see you guys tomorrow!

Enjoy GH!

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Monday, January 18, 2016

Hot Like Fire

Here's What Happened - 

Sam knocks on Jason's hotel room door and is greeted by Liz. Elizabeth pretends Jason is inside with her, but then Jason comes walking up the hallway with Jake and asks if Sam was looking for him. Jake isn't happy to see Sam. Jason tells her that he's staying in a room down the hall. Sam tells him and Liz about her getting the doctor to confess to clear his name. After Liz talks to Jason alone. Jake comes out and claims Sam is the one who broke their pictures. Jason realizes that Jake is lying. Jake thinks Sam wants to break up their family so Jason assures him that Sam is a good person. 

At the Metro Court, Kristina tries to avoid questions about school as she dines with Alexis and Sonny. They gush about her good grades, but ask her to keep in touch more. Kristina says she'll be sticking around for Alexis' wedding. Sonny is surprised to hear of her engagement. Then they talk about paying her tuition and Kristina gets nervous. She sees Sam walk in and goes to sit with her. Once alone, Sonny thinks Kristina is embarrassed of him. Alexis tells him to go back to school. Later Sonny tells Alexis that marrying Julian is a bad idea so Alexis quickly wraps up their lunch. 

Meanwhile in private, Kristina tells Sam she got suspended from school, because she offered sex to her professor for a good grade and he reported her. She's afraid that Sonny and Alexis will be disappointed in her and doesn't want Sam to say anything to them. Sam reluctantly agrees if Kristina stays away from her professor. 

Dante investigates the photos of Valerie and Johnny together when Jordan approaches him at the station. Dante tells Jordan he's investigating the Valerie lead and about Lulu keeping Johnny at The Haunted Star. Bobby comes to the station and Dante asks her to help them find Valerie. Bobby thinks Johnny must have done something to her and refuses to believe that Valerie took a bribe from Johnny. Dante thinks Valerie is being set up so Jordan wonders who would want to make Valerie look bad.

At the cabin, Valerie struggles for freedom and accidentally knocks a candle over, which starts a fire. The fumes make Valerie eventually pass out. Outside Lulu arrives and starts beeping the horn while calling out for Johnny. She notices smoke and runs in thinking Johnny's in trouble. Lulu kicks the door in and sees Valerie instead. She unties Valerie, manages to revive her and then the girls run out of the cabin together. 

At the end, Kristina gets a text message from her professor. Jason tells Sam he's sorry that Jake was rude to her. Jake asks Liz if her and Jason will be together again and she says anything could happen. At the PCPD, Dante calls Lulu frantically and Bobby orders Jordan to find Valerie. Outside the cabin, Lulu realizes she left her keys in the fire along with her coat. The girls have to huddle up under a blanket in the car to keep warm. 

End of show!

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Friday, January 15, 2016

The Dark Haired Man

Friday's Recap - 

Hayden cares for Nikolas at Wyndermere and they talk about Jason's version of the balcony incident. Nik thinks Jason will keep quiet due to his nefarious past. Then Nikolas talks to Spencer on the phone and after tells Hayden he doesn't know what he'd do without Spencer. Meanwhile Tracy gets a massage and decides to call Hayden. When Hayden picks up, Tracy starts calling her Rachel. Tracy tells her to get ELQ back soon or she's going to expose her. Nikolas asks Hayden whose on the phone so she claims its work. After Nikolas feels frisky and they make out. It leads to them having sex, despite Nik's injuries. 

Sam knocks on the hotel room door of a Dr. Shineberg (Carly's friend), who appears to be waiting for a special friend. Sam says she knows he was at the hotel during the Nutcracker Gala and had a view of the balcony. The doctor says he did see the fight and the 'dark haired man' threw the first punch. Sam records their conversation and asks him to tell the police about what he saw. However the doctor doesn't want to get involved and gets upset. Then his female friend walks in and asks what's going on. Sam pleads with them to help her so the couple eventually agrees.

Liz tells Jason at the Metro Court that she wants to take the boys home. Jason doesn't think it's safe yet. Liz tells him that being with him is hard for her, because she regrets what she did. Jason says it's about the safety of the kids and tells her to wait one more night. Then Jason takes Jake for ice cream and Liz stays behind. At the end, Jason eats ice cream with Jake and Dr. Shineberg and his girlfriend see him. They tell him that his wife convinced them to come forward to clear his name. Meanwhile Sam goes to tell Jason the good news and finds Liz in his room. 

Dillon goes to the PCPD looking for Valerie and hears there is an APB for Johnny Z. out. Nathan and Dante see him and Dillon gets funny when they ask him about Johnny. Dante puts pressure on Dillon to spill what he knows. They go into the interrogation room and Dante deduces that Lulu is involved. Dillon admits that he saw Johnny at The Haunted Star with Lulu a few weeks ago. Dante believes that Johnny was probably the one Lulu was with on NYE and Dillon agrees it's a possibility. At the end, Dante sees video footage of Valerie giving Johnny money at the park and driving off with him. 

Lulu texts Johnny to call off his plan because the police are after him. Then she gets a visit from Laura who wants to know if Lulu knew Johnny was already in town. Lulu denies it, but Laura doesn't believe her because she saw her and a mysterious duffle bag in the Haunted Star bedroom on NYE. Then Lulu's phone rings, but Lulu won't answer thinking it's Johnny. Laura wants to see who is it, but Lulu makes excuses and says everything is Valerie's fault. Laura wants to know what Lulu means so Lulu explains all the reasons Valerie caused all her problems. At the end, Lulu listens to Johnny's message when Laura checks on Rocco. 

Johnny ties Valerie up and takes her to a remote cabin. He ties her to a chair and screams for her to keep her mouth shut. Then Johnny hears police sirens in the distance and tells Valerie they're going to use candles to keep a low profile from the cops. Later Johnny leaves a message for Lulu asking for her to bring money to the cabin asap. After Valerie tells Johnny that people will notice she's missing. He tells her to shut up and gags her to keep her quiet. At the end, Johnny takes off and leaves Valerie alone so he can escape. Valerie struggles for freedom and knocks a candle over, starting a fire.

End of show!

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Thursday, January 14, 2016

Bad Johnny

No recap today. I'll be back tomorrow. Instead enjoy a few spoilers for today's episode, courtesy of --- > GHH!

Lulu realizes there is no easy fix to her marital woes.

Sam continues to pursue the Nikolas/Jason balcony incident.

Anna and Robert team up again.

Nina's "green" Crimson issue is a success, much to Julian's concern.

Alexis doesn't like the idea of an engagement party.

Valerie lends a hand to "Greg" aka Johnny Z.

Have a great day!

P.S. I love how Johnny is toying with Valerie. That's some good old soapy fun!

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

My Case Led Me Back

What did I miss?
Today's Show - 

Maxie gets a surprise visit from Nathan at the Metro Court. He tells her that he didn't like being away from her, but is thankful the case he's been working on led him back to Port Charles. Nina walks in and is thrilled to see Nathan. Nina shows him a copy of the green covered Crimson and tells them both she bought all the copies to give them out for free. Maxie doesn't like the idea, but Nina tells her to have faith. After Nathan leaves for work and Maxie confides in Nina that she's worried about keeping secrets from Nathan. 

Nearby Olivia finds Valerie filling out a job application and they have a tense chat. Olivia advises Valerie to leave Port Charles. Valerie thinks Olivia must feel responsible for setting a bad example for Dante by lying about her baby daddies, thus Dante's marital issues. Valerie also tells her to get used to seeing her around and then storms out. After Nina shows Olivia the green Crimson and starts passing out magazines. It ends up being a success. 

Michael chats with Dante at the gym while he works out. Dante is convinced that Lulu slept with someone on NYE and tells Michael now he realizes his marriage is really over. He tells Michael to fight for love, because things can go south quickly. It makes Michael think and then he leaves to go see Sabrina. After Dante heads to work and Nathan sees him have an exchange with Valerie. Dante assures Nathan that he and Valerie are over. Nathan advises him to try and patch things up with Lulu. However Lulu shows up at the PCPD to talk about Rocco and her and Dante have a spat. At the end, Maxie comes to the PCPD and learns from Nathan that his case involves Johnny Z.

Johnny grabs Lulu at the park as a joke and freaks her out. Lulu worries that the police will find him or Maxie will spill the beans. Johnny thinks Maxie will keep her month shut and says his plan against Valerie is almost complete. Later Valerie jogs into the park and sees "Greg" having a tense phone conversation. He acts extra happy to see her and explains the tense phone chat he was having is because of car trouble. Valerie offers to give him a ride. 

Felix keeps Sabrina company at their apartment. Then Sabrina gets a call from Carlos. She pretends to be talking to her dad for Felix's sake and warns Carlos that Anna is looking for him. Carlos says he's not leaving town without her. She tells him that Michael and her broke up, but she's not prepared to go away with him. Carlos tells Sabrina that Anna tried to kill him before and if she won't leave with him, he'll let Anna finish him off for good. He asks her to meet him or else he's turning himself in. 

Jordan and Anna bring Paul into the interrogation room at the PCPD and Anna says she wanted to reopen Carlos' murder case. Jordan chimes in and tells Paul she denied Anna's request. Anna apologizes to Paul for breaking protocol and says she's prepared to drop everything now. Paul says he's glad they cleared the air and he's a forgiving man. Once in private, Anna tells Jordan she thinks Paul is the mole in the PCPD. Jordan thinks they need to question Sabrina, since she's connected to Carlos. They agree to bring Sabrina in for questioning. However when they go to Sabrina's apartment, they find it empty. 

Meanwhile Paul heads to the docks and sees Carlos. Sabrina shows up and eavesdrops. She hears Paul order Carlos to leave town and give him money to do so. Once Paul leaves, Sabrina approaches and asks why he was talking with Paul. Carlos says he's trying to buy time for them to get out of town. He begs Sabrina to come with him to start a new life. At the end, Sabrina decides to go with Carlos and they get on a boat.

Michael knocks on Sabrina's door and Felix answers. Felix is icy toward him and gives Michael a lecture about breaking things off with Sabrina. Michael says he's changed his mind, but Felix says he's too late, because Sabrina is gone. Felix says he doesn't know where Sabrina went, but that Sabrina left a letter for Michael. At the end, Michael heads to the park and reads Sabrina's letter. In it, Sabrina apologizes for lying to him, says she'll always love him, but that she's leaving town. 

End of show!

Have a great night!

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Today's Highlights

No recap today, I'll be back tomorrow. In the meantime, here are some of today's highlights. Spoilers are courtesy of ---> GHH!

Morgan makes a big step in his recovery. 

Anna pushes for information from Sabrina about Carlos.

Michael takes Sonny's advice about Sabrina to heart.

Maxie has something she needs to get off her chest.

Kiki worries that Ava is in legal trouble again.

Jordan receives a gift.

Have a great day!

Monday, January 11, 2016

Cranky Doctor

Medical blues!
Today's Show - 

Liz panics when Jason finds a broken photo on the floor at her house. Then Liz goes upstairs and sees that Jake isn't in his room. However Jason goes to check and finds Jake hiding. Jake says a bad man got in and he was scared. Jason takes him upstairs and tells Liz to call the police. When the police arrive, they say they need to run fingerprints to find out who is responsible. Jason tells the officer about his legal past and that he doesn't think the incident has anything to do with him. Jason asks the police to put a patrol car outside, but they say they can't. After Jason insists that Liz take the kids somewhere safe. He wants to get Liz a hotel room at the Metro Court and she agrees.

Maxie wants to call the police on Johnny at The Haunted Star, but Johnny grabs her phone and tries to talk her out of it. Maxie gets her phone back and says she's going to call Nathan, because she owes it to him. However Lulu ends up taking Maxie's phone and tries to convince her not to call. Then Maxie notices the flowers Johnny brought and assumes they're sleeping together. Lulu insists all they did was kiss and explains the confusion with Dante finding her in the bedroom on NYE. Maxie tells Lulu that her marriage is definitely over if Dante finds out about Johnny. Maxie worries that if Nathan finds out it will ruin her relationship too. At the end, Johnny promises Maxie he will leave town soon and the cops will be none the wiser. Maxie says she can't make any promises and runs out. After Lulu panics that she's going to lose Dante. Johnny yells at her that Dante doesn't treat her right. However, Lulu says Johnny needs to go after Valerie is out of the way. 

Hayden tells Nikolas in his hospital room that in order protect ELQ he needs to marry her and sign over some of the shares to her. Hayden says she would sign everything back to him once things calm down. Nikolas asks how he can be sure she won't steal ELQ out from under him. She offers to sign a prenup to prove it to him. Nikolas says he doesn't really know her past and he thinks she enjoys his money. Hayden admits it's true, but claims she knows how money corrupts. She also tells Nikolas that her feelings for him are real. At the end, Nikolas says he wants to see where things go with them, but its too soon to get married. He asks if they can just explore their relationship and see what happens. Hayden agrees.

Alexis tries to talk Sam out of moving back to the penthouse at her house, but Sam thinks its for the best. Then Kristina comes home with the mail and gets a letter from school stating she's on academic suspension. Later Alexis asks if she going back to school soon, but Kristina changes the subject to Sam's star necklace. She asks Sam to give her details and wonders if Jason remembered anything when he saw it. Sam tells her he remembered a little, but gets frustrated when Kristina keeps pushing. Then Sam mentions Kristina is taking pre-law classes and Alexis gets excited. In private, Kristina tells Sam not to talk about school. Later Alexis takes a call from Diane and learns that Nikolas is accusing Jason of trying to kill him. The news makes Sam determined to prove Jason's innocence and she storms out. After Alexis tells Kristina she's so exciting about her wanting to be a lawyer. 

Carly brings Sonny to GH to meet his new doctor and they run into Lucas. They ask what Lucas thinks of Sonny's new doctor, Dr. Mays. He answers that the new guy is good, but straight forward. Then Dr. Mays arrives and is very curt. He orders Lucas to leave them alone and after says he'll need to examine Sonny himself before being encouraged by the movement he's been experiencing. The doctor orders Carly to leave as well, but Sonny tells him if he doesn't want Carly around, Sonny doesn't want him around. Dr. Mays tells Sonny he's the only one at GH who can treat him. Carly decides to go to work and tells Sonny she will see him at home. Once alone, Sonny tells the doctor he wants any doctor, but him. Later Lucas approaches Sonny again. He says he's got a better idea and Lucas calls a better doctor. Meanwhile Carly goes to the Metro Court and runs into Sam, who asks Carly to get security footage of the night Nik went over the railing. At the end, Carly finds someone on the video footage who might be able to clear Jason's name, but says the person isn't likely to help.

End of show!

Is Liz staging the drama at her house or maybe little Jake?

Have a great night!

Friday, January 8, 2016

Today's Scoop

TGIF! No recap today, I'll be back on Monday. In the meantime here's a few spoilers for today's show courtesy of --- > GHH!

Lulu wonders exactly what it is Johnny is up to. 

Nikolas is shocked by Hayden. 

Laura and Liz have a discussion about Jake.

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, January 7, 2016

The Union of Patrick & Robin

Hitched again!
Thursday's Recap - 

At the Drake's, Robin, Emma, Anna and Patrick prepare for their wedding day. Then Maxie stops by to help as well as Sonny. Later Liz arrives to find Mac, Robert, and Felicia there also. To Liz's surprise, Jason shows up too. Maxie panics when she realizes that no one can marry them, but Mac says he got ordained on the internet and will do it. After the ceremony begins and Carly arrives with the wedding cake. Mac starts by saying they're all gathered for the union of Patrick and Robin. Then Patrick and Robin exchange sweet words with each other that touch everyone. Once they say what's in their hearts, Patrick and Robin say vows to Emma and promise her a great new life in California. They exchange rings and Mac pronounces them husband and wife.

After the ceremony, Carly and Robin have a nice chat. Robin tells Carly she's good for Jason and Sonny and Carly hugs her. Then Jason congratulates Robin and shares the memory he had of her on the bridge. Jason says he knows Robin's important to him. Patrick tells Sonny to follow the instructions of his new doctors carefully and Sonny thanks Patrick for making Robin happy. Later Robin talks to Liz in private and assures her that happiness will come for her. Meanwhile Jason thanks Patrick for being a good doctor to him and wishes him well. Then Felicia and Mac hug Robin goodbye and leave. Nearby Anna gives Emma a plane ticket so Emma can visit her while Liz shares a goodbye hug with Patrick and they thank each other for their friendship. 

Laura approaches Tracy at The Metro Court and wants to talk about Luke. She says she's had trouble reaching him and wonders if Tracy knows how to reach him. Tracy says no and asks why she wants to talk to him. Laura answers that she wanted to talk to him about Helena's passing. After Laura assumes that Tracy is dating Paul, but Tracy quickly tells her that Paul and her are no more. Laura advises Tracy to take some time to evaluate things and says she's sorry Tracy's in pain. 

At the hospital. Hayden comes to Nik's room to tell him that ELQ was served with a petition from Michael to freeze the company's assets. He notes that Jason controls 9% of the company so Hayden asks if he's made a decision on what he's going to tell the police about his fall. Then she gets a secret call from Tracy asking to meet her so Hayden makes an excuse and leaves. After Laura comes to see Nikolas and gives him a lecture. Laura thinks the lies he's been telling are eating away at Nik's soul. She tells him to start fresh without Hayden in his life. Later Nik calls Jason and asks him to come to the hospital to see him. Meanwhile Hayden meets up with Tracy at the Metro Court. Tracy asks what's she's doing with Nikolas and ELQ and why it's taking so long. Hayden says she needs to romance Nikolas in order get close to him. 

At the end, Liz goes home and hears what she thinks is someone in her house. Meanwhile Jason comes to see Nik at GH and Nikolas tells him he's got a way to make them both happy. At the Metro Court, Tracy tells Hayden that she's the only friend who Hayden has and she's knows exactly who she really is. Back at the Drake's, Robin says goodbye to Sonny and tells him not to give up hope about walking. Sonny says he won't. Then Patrick and Robert start to pack up the car while Robin says goodbye to Anna. After Anna tells Patrick she's grateful he met Robin and wishes him a lot of luck. Then we get a Scrubs montage of memories from the beginning of their courtship to current day. Finally Emma, Robin and Patrick leave Port Charles to start anew in California. 

End of show!

Bon voyage to the Drake's! Will you miss them?

Have a great night!

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Moving to California

Here's What Happened - 

Jason comes to Sam's penthouse for the open house and runs into her. She explains that it was really his old place and she shows him around. As they go up the stairs, Sam trips and falls into Jason's arms. It's exactly like a time Jason caught her on the stairs years ago. Later Jason tells Sam he talked to Robin on the bridge and remembered something. He tells Sam about having a memory about Robin from years ago. Sam says Robin might be his guardian angel. After he says he also had a memory about her. She ends up telling him that remembering who he was will make him whole. Then he asks Sam out for coffee.

At the hospital, Liz takes Jake to work with her and warns him not to talk to Franco. Nearby Franco chats with Nina on the phone. Later Franco offers to draw with Jake while Liz talks to a police officer about Jake saying he saw a man lurking outside of their house on NYE. After Liz talks to Franco alone and he hopes they can be friends. However Liz coldly shoots him down, mostly because he kidnapped Aiden. She also thinks they have nothing in common. Franco tells her if she changes her mind his door is always open. At the end, Franco looks at Jake's drawings and sees something disturbing. Meanwhile Liz takes Jake to Kelly's and sees Sam with Jason inside. She decides to avoid them and takes Jake to another restaurant. 

Alexis and Julian talk at their house about Sam's living situation. Alexis thinks Sam should stay with them for awhile, but Julian thinks Sam will do what's best for her. Later Olivia stops by with a present for them. It's a giant framed photo of Julian with baby Leo and Olivia in their Christmas sweaters. Alexis looks horrified especially when Olivia suggests they put it over the fireplace. Then Julian gets called away on Crimson business and leaves the ladies alone. Olivia notices Alexis's engagement ring so Alexis tells her about Julian's proposal. Olivia says she happy for them, but is upset that Julian didn't mention it to her by now. 

At Crimson, Nina has champagne with Dillon and Maxie to celebrate saving the magazine. Dillon brings in copies of their first issue, but when he opens the box he notices a mistake. Maxie looks and panics when she sees that everything was printed out in green. Nina says they will just have to ask Julian for more money to have everything reprinted. Later Julian arrives, but refuses to pay for the reprints. Maxie thinks that's the end of Crimson, but Nina says they should use the bad prints as a marketing ploy. Maxie is reluctant, but agrees to go along with the idea. Meanwhile Julian returns home and Olivia makes a chilly exit, telling them to enjoy their engagement.

Jordan waits for her date at Kelly's with Anna and tells Anna this man is named, "no expectations". Then they talk about Robin's return and Anna wonders why she didn't question Robin's absence more. Then she says she feels like now she can stock pile memories with Robin. After Andre comes to Kelly's and it turns out hes Jordan's date. Anna looks a little surprised to hear it, but she then gets a call from Robin asking her to come over and leaves. After Jordan and Andre start their date. He orders a BLT and Jordan explains that Shawn perfected the recipe. Then they talk about their first date on NYE fondly. At the end, Andre plants a tender kiss on Jordan.

Patrick and Robin talk with Emma at home about their plans for the future. Patrick tells Emma they're going to move to California. He explains that they got jobs at a new hospital and says it will be an adventure for their family. Emma worries that they'll be too far away from Anna. Later Anna stops by and Robin tells her about their plan to move to California. Anna is clearly upset by the news, but remains stoic. She gives Robin her support, but gets teary eyed. Robin feels bad about leaving Anna alone, especially when she's still grieving for Duke. However Anna tells her to take the job and be the woman she wants to be. Then Robin asks Anna to come with them, but Anna says she has work to do in Port Charles. At the end, Emma and Patrick join them and Patrick says they're leaving tomorrow. Anna gets upset and says they have to get married in Port Charles first. Emma agrees and insists they do or "her name isn't Emma Drake!"

End of show!

Emma was so cute at the end today. I'm going to miss her on GH.

Have a great night!

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Sex Talk

Tuesday's Recap - 

Anna sees Alexis, Julian, Molly, Kristina and Sam walk into Kelly's. They sit down and Kristina teases Sam about her closeness with Jason on New Year's Eve. Sam tries to dodge the question and brings up Alexis and Julian's wedding. Anna overhears them and approaches their table. She brings up Julian's nefarious past, Duke, Carlos and then warns Alexis about marrying him before walking out. After Julian apologizes to the girl's for Anna's outburst. Then he leaves to keep Sam's apartment from going on the real estate market, but is clearly in a funk. 

Once alone, Alexis and her girls discuss Julian's bad reputation. Alexis says she's ready to move forward with her life and knows the risks. Then Molly says she's decided to move into the dorms. Sam takes offense thinking Molly wants to move out because of her father, but Alexis offers Molly her full support. Later Molly and Sam make amends and Molly tells Sam she thinks her and Jason will get back together before Sam heads out to check on things at her penthouse. After Molly, Alexis and Kristina end up having a talk about sex. Molly says she doesn't want to have sex since it causes so many problems. Alexis tells Molly that sex can be beautiful and worth the risk. 

Paul goes to Jordan's office to ask about Anna. Jordan tells him that Anna is distracted with her daughter Robin returning to Port Charles under mysterious circumstances. Paul asks Jordan to tell him when she hears from Anna and applauds Jordan condescendingly for her work. After Anna comes to see Jordan and Jordan tells her she just missed Paul. They end up getting into a conversation about Carlos and Anna reveals to Jordan that she thinks he's still alive. Jordan is reluctant to believe her, but Anna warns Jordan there might be a mole in the PCPD. Anna won't tell her who she thinks it is, but Jordan agrees to help Anna anyway. Meanwhile Paul heads to Sam's apartment on a real estate hunt. Julian finds him there and offers to put in a good word for him if Paul can help get Anna off his back. Paul tells him not to worry, because the Carlos murder case is closed.

Robin and Patrick go to GH while Michael waits with Sonny in the exam room. He's hopeful about Sonny getting feeling back in his legs. Then Patrick walks in with Robin and Sonny is delighted to see her. They get to talking and Robin jokes about how Michael is making Carly a grandmother with Sabrina's baby. Later Robin and Sonny talk in private about what she went through with Helena and subsequently Jerry Jax. Robin assures him that she's doing okay. After Sonny shows Patrick how he's able to move his leg while Michael gives moral support nearby. Then Patrick leaves to run tests and in private Michael tells Sonny that Sabrina isn't carrying his baby afterall.

Felix brings Sabrina a hot chocolate outside of Kelly's and she tells him she misses Michael. Felix tells her to let go of the regret she's feeling and focus on her baby. Then the subject of Carlos comes up and Sabrina ends up having upsetting contractions. Felix takes her to the hospital and when they arrive, Michael sees them. He gets upset and Sonny advises him to go help Sabrina. However Michael is reluctant, because of Sabrina's lies. Later Sabrina tells Michael he doesn't have to worry about her or the baby. 

Liz hears Jason having a bad dream on the couch and when she tries to wake him, he grabs her. He apologizes if he hurt her, but Liz assures him she's fine. After they talk about the incident with Jake and Jason suggests that they draw up some custody papers for him. Liz isn't crazy about it, but agrees to talk to Alexis. Then Jason leaves as Liz pouts. At the end, he goes to look at Sam's penthouse for real estate and finds her there. 

Robin goes to Dr. Obrecht's office and asks for her job back. Later Patrick walks in and asks how things are going. Dr. Obrecht tells him that she'd be happy to take Robin back at a pay cut and won't be able support Robin's research. That news is disappointing to them and they have an off camera conversation about going big or going home. At the end, Patrick and Robin decide to move out of town and Patrick tells Sonny he's going to need a new doctor. 

End of show!

Good show today!

Have a great night!

Monday, January 4, 2016