Thursday, December 10, 2015

You're Useless

What happens now?
Thursday's Recap - 

Olivia finds Valerie babysitting Rocco at Dante's apartment and gets upset. Olivia gives Valerie a piece of her mind and accuses her of breaking up Dante's family. Then Dante returns and gets upset at Olivia for laying into Valerie. Dante thinks Olivia is projecting her disappointment about Sonny cheating on her onto Valerie. Olivia doesn't agree and tells Dante to fight for his marriage. Then she advises Valerie to bow out gracefully. Olivia tells Dante he's going to regret throwing away his family and walks out. After Dante apologizes to Valerie for what Olivia said. Valerie decides to go home for the night and once alone, Dante wonders what he's done to his life. 

Dillon finds Johnny hiding behind the bar at the Haunted Star. He gets worked up, because Johnny is a fugitive. However Johnny tries to convince Dillon to keep quiet and Lulu tells him to act like he never saw Johnny. Dillon tries to get Lulu to turn Johnny in, but she tells Dillon he owes her one and insists that he keep quiet. Dillon reluctantly agrees and walks out. After Lulu and Johnny talk about getting rid of Valerie. Lulu says she wants to call the plan off and Johnny should leave in the morning. Later Olivia comes to see Lulu and tells her about the run in she had with Dante and Valerie. Olivia thinks Lulu needs to step in before they get carried away. At the end, Lulu decides she wants Valerie out of the picture after all and tells Johnny to stay in town to make it happen. 

Patrick tells Sam, "We're over," at their house. Sam says she loves him and doesn't want them to break up, but Patrick feels like she will always love Jason more. He fears that if Jason remembers who he was one day she will regret being with him. They both get choked up and Sam asks if he will give her more time. However Patrick thinks it's best if they let go and don't drag it out. Sam tearfully agrees and gives Patrick her engagement ring back. Then Emma comes home excited to learn when they're getting married. They tell her that they actually decided to break up. Emma gets upset and begs Sam to stay with them. Sam says she can't so Emma freaks out and pleads with Patrick to let her call Robin. 

Robin learns that Helena is death in her lab. Then she gets a visit from Jerry Jax who tells her that she's not working fast enough. Jerry says Robin was supposed to keep Helena alive and failed so she's useless to him now. Robin tells him she has been working on an alternate method and needs Helena's body to test it on. However Jerry says it's too late. Robin asks what he's going to do with her now. Jerry says she needs to be eliminated. Robin pleads for him to let her keep working. Then Robin hears her cell phone ringing and begs Jerry to let her answer. He does and when Robin answers, Emma begs her to come home. Robin says she can't, but she will always love her. At the end, Jerry allows Robin 48 more hours to work or she's dead. Meanwhile Emma sees Sam with a packed bag at Patrick's place and runs into her bedroom in tears. At the end, Sam leaves and after Emma tells Patrick she wants her mommy. 

Liz finally admits to Jason that she lied and knew who he was since the Nurses' Ball at her house. Jason says she trapped him and asks if Nikolas was the one who told her. Liz confirms that Nikolas knew and claims she lied to keep Patrick and Sam together. Jason doesn't want to hear it as he begins to realize the depth of Liz's lies. He realizes that Carly was right as was Sam and scolds Liz for her actions. She cries that she is sorry and says she did it out of fear of losing him. Liz asks if he forgive her and give their relationship another chance. However Jason says it's too late and she broke his heart. Then he walks out leaving Liz in tears. 

End of show!

Good seeing Jerry today, even though I thought Robin seemed a little wooden in her scenes. Little Emma acted her heart out today!

Have a great night!

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