Monday, December 7, 2015

You Stole Jason's Life!

Back off!
Monday's Recap - 

At Kelly's, Jason runs into Carly and she tries to talk to him about trying to get his memory back. Jason says she needs to accept him for the man he is now, but Carly pleads with him not to move forward with Liz. Jason gets upset and snaps at Carly to leave Liz alone. Carly agrees, but asks if he feels more alive with Liz or Sam. Then she says it's a mistake to marry Liz and he needs to take a deep breath and think about his actions. Later Carly heads to the hospital and vents to Sonny about how bad Liz is for Jason. Sonny says he wishes Jason would come now more than ever.

Sam goes to Liz's house and confronts Liz about little Jake's secret. Sam calls Liz a bitch and claims that Laura confirmed Liz knew for months that Jake was really Jason. Liz gets nervous, but denies it. Sam tells her off and reminds Liz about their encounter in the chapel months before when she found Liz in tears over Jason's marriage proposal. Sam accuses Liz of stealing Jason's life, but Liz gets defensive and says there is no way in hell anyone is taking Jason from her. Then Jason comes home as the girls are arguing.

Mac and Anna talk on the docks. Anna says she thinks that Sloane might be dead at Paul's hand. Mac recalls that Paul was involved in the mob years ago, but he thinks they need to find Carlos. Anna wonders why Paul came back to Port Charles so they agree to work together to find out. Meanwhile Paul investigate's Sloane's apartment and realizes it was recently searched. The landlord walks in and Paul tells him he's investigating a possible break in. He asks the landlord if he noticed anyone around the building. The man tells Paul he noticed a man lurking around, but didn't know who he was. Paul asks him to keep quiet about their conversation in exchange for money to cover the back rent for Kyle's apartment. 

Ava gets a visit from Sonny and his men at her art gallery asking if she knows Raj. Julian shows up and Sonny warns them that Raj is dealing in military weapons and he's on the NSA's blacklist. Sonny tells Ava he doesn't want Avery exposed to this. Ava gets nasty and denies it, but Sonny doesn't believe her. Later Julian and Ava speak alone and Julian asks if she's really running guns with Raj. However Ava continues to deny it. Julian wonders who the new man in her life is, but Ava is reluctant to tell him that as well. At the end, Julian warns her not to underestimate Sonny.

Patrick talks to Epiphany at the hospital about his relationship with Sam. Patrick expresses doubts about Sam's ability to be objective where Jason is concerned. Epiphany advises Patrick to show Sam how much he loves her and fight for his relationship. After Patrick orders roses for Sam. Meanwhile over at Liz's house, Sam threatens Liz to tell Jason the truth or she says she will!

End of show!

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