Monday, December 21, 2015

The Nutcracker Gala

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Monday's Recap - 

Sam, Liz and Jason run into each other outside of the Metro Court ballroom. Sam makes a hasty exit and after Franco rescues Liz from an awkward moment alone with Jason. After Sabrina and Michael approach Jason and they all walk into the ballroom together. They run into Monica and Felix. Sabrina takes Felix aside while Monica talks to Michael about the baby. He shows Monica the sonogram and Monica realizes the baby will be due in weeks. Later Sabrina sorts through toys in one of the hotel rooms and Carlos approaches her dressed as Santa Claus. He tries to convince Sabrina to leave town with him again, but then Michael shows up looking for her. Michael asks "Santa" to give them privacy and hands him money. Carlos slowly walks out and once alone, Michael tells Sabrina he wants to talk about her baby. 

By the bar in the Metro Court, Dr. Obrecht tells Liz its mandatory that she stay. Then they head to the red carpet where Dillon and Maxie take pictures of them for Crimson. Nina notices Franco talking to Liz and looks concerned. Later Liz starts drinking in the ballroom and interrupts Laura when she tries to apologize to Jason. He gets annoyed at Liz and tells Laura to make sure she gets home safely. After Liz and Laura talk in private and Laura cheers Liz up. Nearby Dr. O talks with Nina and Franco and asks Nina if they can make peace. Nina agrees.

Sam brings Alexis her check and Alexis convinces her to stay for a little bit. Meanwhile Dillon snaps pictures of Molly and Kristina on the red carpet. Later Laura approaches Sam and apologizes for lying about Jason. After Julian gathers Sam, Kristina and Molly in private and asks for their permission to propose to Alexis. Sam and Kristina say yes, but Alexis walks out before Molly can answer. In front of Alexis, Molly tells Julian, "yes" and advises Alexis to accept what Julian has to say. Then the girls walk away and leave Julian and Alexis alone together. Julian takes Alexis outside and he makes a touching proposal. Alexis is ecstatic and says yes. After Sam decides to leave the gala as does Jason. They end up meeting by the bar and take a moment to chat. Sam tells him that her and Patrick ended things, because she loves Patrick, but not as much as she loves him. 

Nina and Tracy talk about Connie in the ballroom. Tracy warns Nina to watch out for the Jerome's. Meanwhile Ava and Paul flirt over art work outside of the ballroom. Later Tracy opens the Toys for Tots gala and introduces Paul as the speaker. Paul takes the stage and thanks Tracy for welcoming him back into her life. After Ava tries to lure Paul away by inviting him to her hotel room. Dillon notices Paul on the phone and watches as Paul scurries out of the ballroom. Paul heads to Ava's room and finds her waiting there for him naked. 

Sonny tells Carly he's not going to the ball at his house. He claims it's because he has work to do, but Carly guesses it's really because of his wheelchair. She's understanding about it and tells him she loves him. Later Carly heads to the ball and runs into Kristina, who asks about Sonny. Kristina decides to go visit him. She heads to Sonny's house and they look through photo albums together. After they decide to take some selfies together to add to the album. Back at the ballroom, Monica and Carly have a conversation. Monica mentions that Sabrina's baby is due in a matter of weeks. 

Jerry tells Patrick, Robert and Anna on Cassadine Island that Robin is dead. He shows them a picture of Robin apparently dead. Patrick, Anna and Robert feel like they let Robin down and debate what to do with Jerry. However Jerry's guards show up with their guns pointed. Jerry tells the guards to show them Robin's body and then kill them all. Anna manages to take one of the guards down so Jerry takes off. Robert goes after Jerry and at the end, Patrick goes looking for Robin's body.

End of show!

I love Laura, but her hair for the gala looked so 80's! Not good. :(

Have a great night!

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