Thursday, December 17, 2015

Scotch Will Do The Trick

Cheers to friendship!
Thursday's Recap - 

Kristina surprises Alexis, Sam and Molly at their house. She asks Sam about what happened with Patrick and Jason. Sam says she's taking it day by day. Alexis tells Kristina and Molly to attend the Nutcracker gala with her. Then Sam leaves to run an errand and after Kristina hacks into Alexis' email. When she does, Kristina deletes a disciplinary note from her school. Molly asks what trouble she's in, but Kristina won't say. 

Franco and Liz talk at GH and he asks her to attend the Nutcracker gala with him. He thinks it will help her get out of her funk, but Liz says nothing matters without Jason. Later Sam goes to the hospital and learns that Patrick took a leave of absence. Liz sees her and they get into an argument. Sam calls Liz a lying bitch and Liz tells Sam she hopes Patrick gets back together with Robin. After Sam returns home and sees Alexis, Molly and Kristina before they leave for the gala. Alexis forgets her check so Sam decides bring it to her. Meanwhile Liz decides to take Franco up on his offer to attend the gala. 

Maxie tells a concerned Nina that she has a personal errand to run in the ballroom. Nina panics about handling things on her own. Monica approaches her to say she looks beautiful and after Tracy asks Nina where Dillon is. Meanwhile Dillon and Maxie meet up at Georgie's memorial. They talk about Georgie and Dillon gives Maxie a picture of Georgie. After Maxie confides in Dillon that she often talks to Georgie about her life. Dillon says when he thinks about Georgie it feels like "everything". Later they get back to Nina and Dillon takes publicity pictures of Nina. Franco arrives and tells Nina she looks beautiful. 

Carly is pleased to see Jason at The Metro Court. She fixes him up with a room at the hotel and then they get a drink at the bar. Jason says scotch will do the trick and they toast to friendship. After they talk about Elizabeth and Carly says she never liked Liz with him. Jason asks who he's supposed to be now, but Carly tells him to figure it out for himself. She advises him to trust himself, because hes got great instincts. Later she convinces him to attend the gala and they go together. Monica is thrilled to see Jason and thanks Carly. At the end, Sam, Elizabeth and Jason all run into each other.

Robin fears for her life in her lab and tries to sweet talk the guard into not killing her. Then Jerry walks in saying that Anna and Patrick are looking for her so the guard needs to hurry up and kill her. After Robin tries to continue her smooth talking to the guard and bonds with him over opera music. She asks him for one last favor. Meanwhile Anna and Patrick meet up with Robert in Greece to find Robin. Robert tells them that he discovered that Robin is being held on Cassadine Island by Jerry Jax. 

Later Robin calls Patrick to say goodbye. She tells him she's going to Elysium and Anna recognizes it as code for heaven. Then Jerry storms into Robin's lab and stops her phone call. The guard tells Jerry he can't kill Robin, but Jerry says if he doesn't, he'll kill him. At the end, Anna, Robert and Patrick burst into the lab and find Jerry there alone. Patrick attacks him and demands to know where Robin is. However Jerry says they are too late.

End of show!

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