Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Roadside Assistance

Hi, I'm Greg!
Tuesday's Recap - 

Alexis and Julian talk at The Floating Rib over lunch about his issues with Crimson and his concerns about Sam. Alexis says Sam is a tough cookie and will be okay. She says she's thankful they can all be together as a family for Sam's sake. Then Olivia walks in with a load of bags saying she was looking for Julian. She informs them that she's become good friends with his assistant, who told her where Julian was. Olivia sits down next to Alexis and shows them that she bought Julian and baby Leo matching Xmas sweaters. Julian decides to duck out and says he has to leave and go to the office. After Alexis asks Olivia to call first before she just drops by. Later Alexis thinks that Olivia probably assumed she was coming for Xmas, because she came for Thanksgiving. Olivia gets a little miffed and tells her that Julian already invited her for Christmas. Alexis feels badly and asks for them to respect each others boundaries. She also doesn't think Julian will ever wear the ugly sweater she got for him. Olivia thinks he will and says now that they both have kids with Julian they are family. Olivia then tells Alexis that she doesn't have many boundaries with family. Then she walks away and Alexis looks concerned. 

Dillon and Maxie show Nina his pictures at Crimson. Nina loves what she sees and tells them Crimson is going to get back on top. Then Franco stops by and Nina takes him into their office. Once alone, Franco tells Nina he doesn't like Julian and he thinks Julian has an agenda. Nina is visibly upset at the thought, but keeps her cool. Then Franco leaves for work and says he'll see her at home. Outside Maxie tells Dillon she loves his pictures and thinks he can help keep Crimson afloat. She thinks Dillon could be the magazine's photographer and it would keep him in town. Later Dillon almost lets it slip to Maxie that Johnny is in town, but Nina interrupts him. After Julian shows up and Nina asks to speak with Julian in private. She asks why he hired her. Julian tells her she was at the right place at the right time, but if she doesn't turn the magazine around in a few issues he's going to cut his loses. At the end, Nina officially hires Dillon and insists they're going to make Crimson a success.

Liz learns at GH that Patrick took a family leave. Later Carly comes to GH and thanks Liz for showing Jason her true colors. Liz tells her to shut up, but Carly doesn't back down. Carly thinks Liz screwed Patrick over and Jason wasn't happy with her. Liz takes Carly into the art room so people at the hospital don't hear them. In private, Liz tells Carly that Jason left her and now her kids are hurting. Carly says Liz has no one to blame but herself and walks out. Liz throws art supplies against the wall in anger. Then Franco pops his up from the couch and tells her to watch his arm, surprising her. After Franco tells Liz he doesn't think her lie was that bad and says it's better for him if Jason doesn't remember their past together. He offers to be her ally. 

At Sonny's house, Carly leaves a message for Jason asking him to call her. Sonny hears and tells Carly to back off and focus on their kids. Then Dante stops by for a visit so Carly leaves them alone. After Dante asks how Sonny is doing. Sonny says he's getting stronger with Epiphany's help. Then Dante asks if Sonny knows anything about an arms dealer in town. Sonny denies knowing anything. Dante suggests that Sonny get out of the business before he ends up dying or in jail. Sonny says leaving the business isn't an option. Later they talk about Dante's marriage. Sonny thinks if it's meant to be, Dante and Lulu will find their way back to each other. Carly returns so Dante steps away. As he leaves, he warns Sonny to watch his back, which makes Carly suspicious. At the end, Carly tells Sonny about her run in with Elizabeth. 

Johnny helps Valerie with her "car trouble" on the side of the road. He tells her his name is Greg and makes awkward conversation with her. Johnny offers to try and fix her car so Valerie allows it. While he works, Johnny gets Valerie talking. She ends up telling him that she had an incident at work that she worries will effect her dream of being a cop. Later Johnny magically starts Valerie's car back up and she calls him her hero. At the end, Valerie meets up with Dante at The Floating Rib. She's upset because she got yelled at by her teacher for missing shooting practice due to her car trouble. She tells Dante that a nice man helped her. 

At the Metro Court, Lulu and Olivia talk about Lulu's marriage problems. Olivia hopes if they focus on Rocco maybe Dante and Lulu can find their way back to each other. Then Laura walks in to meet with Lulu. Before walking away, Olivia says to Lulu in front of Laura, that she knows Dante has been wrong a lot. After Laura asks what's going on. Lulu says she hates Valerie. Laura thinks its easier for Lulu to hate Valerie instead of Dante. Laura advises Lulu to think twice before doing anything rash. At the end, Johnny calls Lulu and says he found a way to exploit Valerie's weakness. 

End of show!

Olivia was adorable today. Plus I like the idea of Johnny toying with Valerie, it could be fun. What do you think?

Have a great night!

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