Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Paris, France

Here's What Happened - 

In Paris, Patrick searches for Robin's location on his tab's GPS. Emma comes to talk to him and asks if they can go wait for Robin. Patrick says okay, however they don't find her at the address Patrick had and Emma gets discouraged. Later they get a visit from an antique shop owner who resides at the address where Patrick thought Robin was. Emma notices the woman's necklace and tells Patrick it's like one that Spencer Cassadine had. 

Mac meets Anna at the Metro Court. Anna tells him she doesn't want him involved in her investigation into Paul. However, Mac refuses to step away. After they talk about the case and feel confident there is some kind of cover up in Carlos' death. Anna also suspects that Paul killed Sloane. Later Patrick calls Anna and says he has a feeling Robin was never in Paris and the Cassadine's are involved. Anna says she will come meet him in Paris. 

Paul and Tracy take a walk in the park and she remarks that he's really changed for the better. Then Paul tells her that Dillon is staying in town and Tracy says she's glad they're a family. Meanwhile Carlos lurks in the background listening. Later Tracy and Paul share a kiss. Tracy gets nervous and walks away. After Carlos comes out and takes a pay off from Paul to leave town. Paul worries that Sabrina will turn him in, but Carlos doesn't think Sabrina would do that to the father of her child. Paul says that baby means the world to the Quartermaine's and is better off with them. Carlos doesn't want to hear it and says he won't give up on his child. 

Sabrina goes to the hospital and tries to speak with Dr. Kelly Lee in private, but then Michael shows up. Kelly shows them the sonogram and says the baby's development is right on track. Michael asks the doctor if the baby being on the larger side is a problem. Kelly says no, everything seems good. Sabrina tries to keep Michael from asking more questions so he tells her he wants to hear what Kelly has to say for himself. Later Sabrina gets a moment alone with Kelly who guesses that Michael isn't the baby's father. Kelly advises her to come clean with him. 

Morgan comes home to Sonny's after being out all night. Sonny and Carly ask where he was, but all Morgan will say is that he was with friends. He snaps at them that he's taking his meds and wants them to back off. After Carly thinks it's too soon for Morgan to be staying out all night. Carly decides to count Morgan's pills to make sure he's really taking them. Morgan sees her, makes a scene and walks out. Later Michael comes over when Sonny is alone. Michael expresses to Sonny that he thinks Sabrina is hiding something. Sonny thinks women just act different when they are pregnant. 

Ava sees Kiki at outside of the Metro Court ballroom and asks Kiki to come over on Xmas. She says Avery needs her big sister. Kiki says she'll think about it. After Ava texts Paul to met her at her place later. Then Carly approaches Ava and asks for Avery to see Sonny on Xmas, but Ava refuses. Later Ava runs into Tracy and drops a bag of panties in front of her. 

Meanwhile Kiki finds Morgan at the Metro Court and they compare notes on annoying mothers. Then Kiki remarks that Morgan left some pills on the table yesterday. Morgan gets defensive, but later promises to take his pills. After Carly comes to talk to Morgan and tells him she's sorry and loves him. Then Carly tells Kiki in private that if Morgan doesn't stay on track things will get worse for him. 

Robin gets a visit from Jerry Jax in her lab demanding to know her progress. Robin tells him that she found a way to make someone immortal. She says if a person's brain tissue is preserved you can keep their emotions alive digitally. She tells Jerry she just needs more time to work out the details. Jerry gets impatient and says her time has expired. Robin pleads for her life, but Jerry tells her begging is demeaning. Then he orders his guard to kill her. 

End of show!

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