Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Nicky Went Funny Boom Boom!

Wednesday's Recap - 

Lulu wants answers from Johnny in the Haunted Star bedroom about his plans for Valerie. Johnny promises Lulu that he's not going to physically hurt Valerie, but won't give her anymore details. Then he takes off to handle his plans. After Laura comes to the Haunted Star and sees Lulu making up the bed. She assumes Lulu just had a romp with someone. Lulu tells her it's not what she thinks, but Laura still feels like she needs to give Lulu some advice. She advises Lulu to trend carefully and not do anything rash that she'll regret. 

Dante and Valerie talk at the park about their relationship status. Valerie asks where they stand and where they're going. Dante says they have a great connection and they agree to watch football together on New Year's Eve. Unbeknownst to them, someone is watching from afar with binoculars. Then Johnny arrives and meets with the man watching Dante and Valerie. Later Dante gets called to the PCPD and Johnny approaches Valerie as his alias, Greg. Valerie gets suspicious of him randomly bumping into her so Johnny tells her he was listening to kids sing across the street. He cons Valerie into giving him cash so he doesn't have to go to the ATM machine. Meanwhile Johnny's henchman takes pictures of their cash exchange. 

At the Metro Court, Nikolas and Jason get into a fist fight on the balcony and Jason punches Nikolas over the edge. Hayden watches the whole thing and freaks out on Jason. Then Jordan comes to see what's going on. Hayden tells her that Jason threw Nik over the balcony and insists that Jason be arrested. Jordan decides everyone needs to go to the hospital first. Meanwhile, Sam comes home with Carly to visit with Sonny. She apologizes to Sonny for not visiting sooner and tells him that she and Jason had a moment at the gala. Then Carly gets a call that someone got hurt at The Metro Court and has to leave. After Sam and Sonny talk alone about the end of Sam's relationship with Patrick. Sonny tells Sam that he knows Jason broke up with Liz and he says he hopes Sam and Jason get back together.  

Liz sees Nikolas fall to the ground and immediately tends to him outside the Metro Court. Shortly after the paramedics arrive, but Nikolas doesn't regain consciousnesses. They rush him to GH and Lucas treats him in the ER. After Jordan, Carly, Jason and Hayden arrive. Dante also shows up and Jordan fills him in on what happened to Nikolas. Dante calls Lulu to tell her the news. Meanwhile, Jordan takes Hayden's statement and she insists that Jason deliberately tried to kill Nikolas. Dante tries to get a statement from Jason, but he refuses to speak without a lawyer. Then Lucas comes out of the ER right as Laura and Lulu arrive. He tells everyone that Nik will likely make a full recovery, mostly because of Liz's quick work at the scene. 

Later Hayden tells Laura and Lulu that Jason tried to kill Nikolas on purpose. Carly worries about Jason so she calls Sam to come help him. After Jordan decides to arrest Jason so Carly says she'll get him a lawyer. Nearby Lulu and Dante end up hugging. Laura asks Hayden if she's telling the complete truth to which Hayden answers, yes. Then Lucas allows Laura and Lulu to see Nikolas. He starts to wake up so Laura tells him he's been given a second chance. Meanwhile Liz manages to get a moment alone with Jason and says she knows he wouldn't purposely try to kill Nik. She promises she'll stand by him and hugs him. Right then Sam shows up at GH and sees them. The sight of them hugging upsets her so Sam walks away. 

End of show!

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