Friday, December 4, 2015

Mac Sighting

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Today's Show - 

At the PCPD, Paul asks Jordan where Anna is. Paul also says he's not keeping anything from her. Jordan tells him she'll let Anna know he's looking for her if she sees her. Meanwhile Anna tries to break into the apartment of Kyle Sloane, but she's stopped by Mac. He tells her that he and Felicia are worried about her so he followed her. Anna confesses to Mac that she thinks Kyle faked Carlos' death. Mac decides to help her break in and they search Sloane's apartment together. They wonder whose body was identified as Carlos if Carlos is really alive. Later Anna finds a cell phone, calls the last number on it and it rings to Paul's phone. 

Sabrina tells Carlos to leave Port Charles on the docks, but Carlos says he wants Sabrina to come with him. She refuses and she says wants Michael to raise the baby with her. Carlos tells her that's not going to happen. Sabrina gets upset and starts yelling at Carlos that he's living in a fantasy. She tells Carlos to let her go, but he grabs Sabrina in anger and refuses. Meanwhile Paul lurks nearby and watches them. After in private, Paul advises Carlos to avoid anymore run ins with Anna. 

Jason shows Elizabeth affection at their place. Then Liz says she's worried about little Jake and she thanks Jason for loving her. After Liz leaves so Jason can have a meeting with his lawyer. Later Diane stops by and assists with his legal issues. Diane shows him his extensive list of finances and suggests that he shouldn't divorce Sam until he's taken the time to get used to being Jason Morgan. However he gets defensive and tells Diane to get the divorce done asap. Then Jason says he wants to financially take of Sam and Danny as well as Liz and her boys. 

Hayden receives a call from Curtis at Wyndermere so she leaves to meet up with him. After Laura approaches Nikolas and they talk about Sam's suspicions. Nikolas hopes that Sam will move on, but Laura thinks that Sam is determined and warns him his secret will likely blow up. Later Elizabeth walks in and asks if Sam knows yet. Nik and Laura advise Liz to stay calm for the time being. Elizabeth worries that she's cursed by Helena, but Laura says they all made their own choices and they'll have to pay for them. Nikolas tries to calm her nerves and hopes the whole thing can be put to bed. 

Sam meets up with Alexis at Kelly's and they discuss Sam divorcing Jason. She shares her suspicions about Elizabeth and Nikolas knowing that Jake was Jason for awhile. However Sam says she wants to divorce Jason quickly so she's not tempted to do anything rash. Alexis wonders if this is affecting her relationship with Patrick. Alexis also wonders if Sam is jealous that Jason is in love with Elizabeth. 

Outside of Kelly's, Hayden meets up with Curtis and they have a chat. He shows her evidence that Nikolas tried to kill her. Later Hayden returns to Wyndermere and has trouble pretending not to be upset. Back at Kelly's Jordan notices Curtis and appears to recognize him. Nearby Jason comes into Kelly's as Alexis is leaving. He tells her that he talked to Diane about divorcing Sam. Meanwhile Liz goes home and sees a sweet note from Jason, which brings her hope about their future. However at the end, Sam knocks on the door. 

End of show!

About ten minutes of show was interrupted by the news today so I missed a couple of things.

Have a great weekend!

P.S. What do you think about Jason Thompson leaving GH for Y&R? Read here --> JASON THOMPSON IS Y&R'S NEW BILLY Personally, I can understand his wanting to try new things and/or make more money, but it seems a little soon and insensitive to his GH fan base.

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