Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Letting Go

Do you know the secret?
Here's What Happened - 

At Crimson, Julian walks in on Nina making out with Franco during her lunch break. Franco decides to leave and after Julian warns Nina that if she doesn't fix the magazine he's going to replace her. Later Nina asks Maxie for help so Maxie decides to give Nina a makeover. Maxie brings in a fashion specialist and they transform Nina into a fashionista. Nina cries at the sight of herself in the mirror. She confides in Maxie that she lived in her mother's shadow for years and she doesn't want to be crazy anymore. She thanks Maxie for transforming her and they agree to turn Crimson around. 

In the Metro Court restaurant, Franco confronts Julian about him giving Nina a job. Franco thinks its weird that he hired a person with no work experience or any fashion experience. He suggests that Julian has an ulterior motive and he warns Julian that if he hurts Nina, he'll hurt him back. Later Julian returns to Crimson and Nina tells him she needs more money to turn Crimson around. Julian says he can't do that and they'll need to raise funds some other way. After Nina tells Maxie an idea to make Crimson successful and says she's going to put in her own money to make it happen. Back at the Metro Court, Julian meets up with Alexis and expresses some concern about Nina running Crimson.

Carly stops Liz at GH to tell her to let Jason go. Carly accuses Elizabeth of trying to trap Jason. Carly also thinks Jason needs danger and that he'll seek it out. Liz warns Carly that she knows she loves Jason and if she has anything to do with hit, Carly will not get him back. Then Liz walks away, but Carly goes after her and they keep fighting. Carly says Liz is a manipulator and Jason only loves Liz, because he doesn't remember Sam. Liz says there is nothing Carly can do about her relationship with Jason. Carly thinks the second Jason remembers who he is, he's going to walk away from Liz. 

Patrick runs into Jason in the hospital and remarks that he's happy Jason decided to divorce Sam. Jason reminds him that he has a child with Sam and considers her a friend so he will be in her life. Jason also tells Patrick that if he feels threatened, it's his problem. Then he walks away. After Patrick and Liz talk at the Nurses' station about their encounters with Jason and Carly. Nearby Carly runs into Franco when he arrives for work. She warns Franco to stay away from Morgan. Then Carly tells him that his life with Nina will eventually come crashing down around him.

Laura goes to Sam's place at Sam's behest and Sam asks if they can talk in private. She tells Laura that little Jake said Elizabeth and her are keeping a secret about Jason. Laura plays dumb and says she'll let Liz and Jason figure it out. Sam gets suspicious and asks if Laura knew Jake was really Jason for awhile. Then Jason knocks on the door to pick up little Jake and he notices tension between Sam and Laura. He asks if everything is okay so Laura is quick to smooth things over. Then she leaves and after little Jake goes home with Jason. 

Nikolas tells Alexis at Wyndermere that Helena is truly dead. Alexis rejoices, but then she notices Nikolas seems upset. Alexis warns him that it appears he's taking on some of Helena's ruthlessness. After they talk about Sam and what happened on Cassadine Island before Helena died. They agree Sam is better with Patrick, but Alexis says they don't get to decide that for Sam. Later Laura comes to tell Nik that Sam is close to figuring everything out. 

At the end, Alexis meets up with Patrick and they go to see Sam together. Patrick says he called Alexis to represent Sam in her divorce from Jason. Sam gets upset so Alexis leaves. Then Sam tells Patrick she'll get divorced when she's ready to. Patrick asks why she's stalling. Meanwhile Jason goes home with little Jake and vents about his memory issues. Liz gives him her engagement ring and says she's letting him go. 

End of show!

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