Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Johnny's Back!

Here's What Happened - 

Lulu gets a visit from Maxie on the Haunted Star while she's taking her anger out on holiday decorations. Lulu wants to get some kind of revenge against Valerie, but Maxie thinks that will make everything worse. They do a few shots together as Lulu vents to Maxie about her feelings. Later when Lulu is alone again she gets a surprise visit from Johnny Z. He tells her that he overheard her conversation with Maxie and isn't surprised that Lulu and Dante broke up. Johnny thinks Dante never trusted Lulu and that's why he cheated. Lulu agrees with his assessment and gets choked up. Johnny tells her that he's sorry and hugs her. After they take a shot together, but Lulu says drinking makes her feel worse. Johnny asks what he can for Lulu so she asks him to get rid of Valerie. Lulu clarifies that she doesn't want Valerie killed, but definitely out of the way. Johnny agrees to help her. 

Dante tells Nathan at the PCPD that he's meeting Valerie at Kelly's for dinner, but Nathan says he's planning on meeting Maxie there. Nathan suggests that Dante change his plans and advises Dante not to date Valerie until he knows what he really wants. Later Nathan gets busy at work and can't meet up with Maxie for dinner afterall. Maxie decides to surprise him at the station with ribs. They go into the interrogation room to have dinner and Nathan speaks French to Maxie. She likes what she hears and they kiss. At the end, Nathan is ready to take Maxie home for some loving, but he finds her asleep.

Bobby sees Valerie at Kelly's and invites her to dinner. Valerie is surprised, because she feels like everyone thinks she's a tramp. Bobby says she's no stranger to sleeping with other women's husbands. However Valerie says she can't go to dinner, because she's meeting Dante. Bobby tells Valerie to be careful, because Dante might decide to go back to Lulu. Later Dante meets up with Valerie and she tells him she has strong feelings for him. Valerie asks him to tell her if he really wants to go back to Lulu. Dante says that right now she's the one he wants to be with and asks if she can handle them having an uncertain future. Valerie says yes and they agree to keep their relationship a secret for now.

At Wyndermere, Nikolas wakes Hayden to tell her that he wants to love her, but he can't. Then he accuses her of trying to prove that he tried to kill her and tries to put a pillow over her face. Then Hayden wakes up in a sweat and sees Nikolas standing there for real. He asks if he scares her and says that he knows she lied about having an ELQ meeting. Hayden admits to lying, but says it's was because she was working on a plan to save ELQ by firing useless employees. Nik looks suspicions and asks who Hayden really is. She tells him she used to work on wall street, but it ended badly. After Hayden asks why he can't trust her. Nik tells her about Britt and says he won't be lied to again. Hayden tells him that her ex-husband lied to her and she understands how he feels. 

At Elizabeth's house, Sam demands that Liz tell Jason the truth. Liz says she will if Sam leaves, but Sam refuses and calls Liz a bitch. Jason gets upset and tells Sam not to do this. Then he orders Sam to get out. Sam looks disappointed, but agrees to leave. On her way out she tells Liz to do the right thing. After Liz thanks Jason for defending her and tells him there is nothing to Sam's accusations. Jason says he loves Liz, but he has a look of total confusion on his face. Then Elizabeth goes to put the boys to bed and leaves him alone. Later Liz comes back downstairs and finds Jason gone. 

Emma sees Patrick with roses for Sam at their house and asks when they are going to get married. Patrick says he hopes they will pick a date for the wedding tonight. After Emma heads out for a sleep over and Patrick makes risotto for Sam. Later Sam comes home and sees the roses. Patrick asks where she was all day so Sam tells him she was at Elizabeth's house. because she couldn't let her suspicions go. Patrick gets upset and they have a fight. Patrick ends up smashing the roses into the wall. He freaks out saying she's never going to commit to him and then says it's over between them. Then Jason knocks on the door. Patrick storms off in anger at the sight of him. At the end, Jason apologizes for snapping at Sam earlier and asks what her problem with Elizabeth is. Sam tells him that Liz has known for months who he really is. 

End of show!

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