Friday, December 11, 2015

I Should Have Listened To You

Thanks for standing by me!
Today's Show - 

Carly has breakfast with Morgan at the Metro Court and remarks how nice it is to see him eating a healthy breakfast. Morgan tells her to stop treating him like a child. Later Carly keeps talking about mental health stuff so Morgan gives her attitude. He says he doesn't like the way the pills are making him feel. Nearby Kiki works as a waitress at the Metro Court and sees Ava waiting at one of the tables. Kiki tells Ava to leave and when she won't, Kiki screams for Ava to leave her alone. Carly sees, gets involved and orders Ava to leave. 

Later Kiki decides to give Ava a moment and asks Ava what she wants. Ava says she wants to be Kiki's mom again, but Kiki says that will never happen. Then she walks away. After Morgan and Carly walk back over to the table and tell Ava it's time to leave for real. They all exchange some tense words, but Ava finally decides to walk out. Then Morgan decides to help Kiki clean up. Carly walks away and after Kiki asks how Morgan is really doing. Morgan tells her nothing seems as fun now that he's leveling off. 

Liz gets a visit from Nikolas at her house and she tells him that Jason is gone. She explains that he confronted her and she confessed to knowing his identity for months. Liz tells Nikolas that she couldn't lie anymore and she should have listened to him from the beginning. She also worries that this will end up hurting Nikolas. Later Nik says that she did what she did for love. Liz thanks him for standing by her and Nik remarks, "What are friends for?" Liz thinks Jason will come looking for Nikolas sooner or later and tells him to be careful. 

At The Floating Rib, Hayden meets with Curtis and he tells her he found the bullet that hit her at the garage. Hayden wants to know how they can prove the bullet was from Shawn's gun. Curtis explains that Shawn's gun is in police lock up and it will take more money for him to get the gun out for a ballistics test. Hayden agrees and asks what it's going to cost her. Meanwhile Nikolas walks in and sees them chatting. 

Sonny aggressively works out at the gym when Jason walks in. Jason decides to help Sonny by holding the punching bag. Then Sonny holds it in return for Jason when he needs punch out some angry feelings. After Jason confides in Sonny that Elizabeth lied to him for months. Later they sip some whiskey together and Sonny tells Jason how he and Carly always found their way back to each other despite lying to one another often. Jason asks if Sonny thinks he should forgive Liz. Sonny tells Jason he wouldn't forgive Liz, but says it's not up to him. 

Carly walks into the gym and sees Sonny and Jason talking. Jason tells her she was right. Once alone, Sonny tells Carly that she was right about Liz. Carly is thrilled that Jason finally sees Elizabeth for what she really is. Carly hopes this means that Jason will come back into the fold, but Sonny warns her not to get her hopes up. Then she tells Sonny about Morgan and hopes he will stay on the right path. Meanwhile back at the Metro Court, Morgan asks Kiki if she wants to hang out. She tells him it's better if they have some space and just stay friends. Later Darby calls Morgan to meet up and we see that he left his pills on the Metro Court table. 

Alexis and Julian have a little romantic fun at their new house while putting up the Xmas tree. Then Sam comes downstairs unexpectedly and tells them she and Patrick broke up. Sam explains what happened with Elizabeth and says her breakup with Patrick is mutual. Sam worries about little Emma. Later Sam says she still loves Jason, but she doesn't know if she fits into his life. They tell Sam that her and Danny are welcome to stay as long as they want to. In private, Julian says to Alexis that he doesn't like the idea of Sam getting back together with Jason. He thinks Jason is dangerous. Sam overhears and tells then she'll respect whatever choice Jason makes for himself. 

Meanwhile over at Liz's place, Jason comes by to see her. At the same time, Sam starts calling his cell. Leiz runs onto the porch asking if he's back for real, while Jason stands there looking perplexed at his phone.

End of show!

Kind of a boring Friday, not much happened. 

Have a great night!

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