Tuesday, December 29, 2015

I Owe You My Life

Here's What Happened - 

Dante runs into Sonny at GH and they talk about Christmas. Sonny is thrilled that he got to see Avery, thanks to Kiki and after Dante brings up the arms dealer in town. Sonny quickly changes the subject and advises Dante to focus on Rocco and Lulu. Sonny thinks Dante needs to put his energy into saving his marriage. However Dante says he's at the hospital for work and quickly scurries away to avoid the conversation. Later Morgan overhears Sonny talking to Max about shutting Raj down. 

Lulu asks Johnny about his plans for Valerie at The Haunted Star. Johnny wonders where Dante and Lulu will be with Valerie out of the picture. He thinks its a mistake for Lulu to get back with Dante. Johnny hints that Lulu would be better off with him. Lulu tells him not to get his hopes up and says she wants Dante back for Rocco's sake. Meanwhile at the PCPD, Valerie overhears Jordan making plans for a date on New Year's Eve. After they talk about Valerie's situation with Dante. Later Dante comes to the PCPD and Valerie asks him to meet up with her later. However Dante is hesitant so Valerie says she's going to bow out of their budding relationship. Dante agrees and they say goodbye.

Morgan finds Kiki working at The Metro Court and he asks her to join him, but Kiki tells him she has to work. Then he thanks her for bringing Avery over to Sonny's on Xmas. Kiki explains that she had to make a deal with Ava to accomplish that. Nearby at the bar Paul orders a drink and texts Raj (the arms dealer) about their next transaction. Then Dillon storms in and demands to know how Paul could screw Tracy over with another woman. Paul swears he didn't mean to hurt Tracy and says he came to PC to reconnect with him. Dillon is hesitant to believe him. Later Maxie meets up with Dillon at the Metro Court and he vents to her about Paul. Maxie thinks a visit with Georgie will make him feel better. 

Nikolas tells Hayden that there might be a way to work his fall to his advantage in the hospital. Hayden is concerned and ends up telling Nikolas about all the reasons she would miss him if he'd died. Nik thinks maybe it's time they start trusting each other. Later Dante walks in and wants to question them both separately. Dante speaks with Nik alone first. Nik says he can't remember much about his fall yet. Meanwhile Hayden gets a call from Curtis in the hallway and he tells her he's got proof that Shawn didn't shoot her. Then we see Curtis at the PCPD returning the evidence. He sees Jordan and tells her that he's not leaving Port Charles. He also tells Jordan she will play a big role in his new life in Port Charles. Back at the hospital, Hayden avoids Dante's questions. Then she goes back into Nik's room. He says he's looking forward to spending New Year's with her and they kiss. 

Robin finds Jason on the bridge and they agree that they owe each other their lives. Robin explains how she was rescued from Jerry Jax and Jason thanks her for her efforts to save his life. Later Robin tells Jason about how Stone bungee jumped off the bridge years ago, six months before he died from AIDS. She tells Jason she ended up meeting him there shortly after. Jason expresses his frustration over not remembering his life before. He asks Robin to tell him more about her experiences with HIV and their past together. She tells Jason that he helped her to stay on the HIV cocktail back in the day, which ultimately saved her life. Jason asks why if they were in love it didn't work out. Robin says that he was being true to himself and it was for the best. Later Jason is alone on the bridge and has a memory about Robin. 

Patrick gets a visit from Maxie at his house. She's looking for Robin and can't believe Patrick would let Robin out of his sight. They talk and Patrick says he doesn't want to pressure Robin into a reunion. Maxie thinks that's silly and they should go for it. She thinks life is too short for Patrick not to cease the opportunity to be with Robin again. At the end, Robin comes home and Patrick wants to talk about their future. 

End of show!

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  1. Love that Robin is back. Hope her and Patrick are reunited and leave PC together. Don't like what the writers are doing to Nikolas. Don't like that he almost died and no one not his Mother, Sister, Alexis or her children come to see him. Yet when everyone else had medical crisis Nikolas was there for them. No one brought Spencer to see his Father. And that Liz begging Nik to cover for Jason. Nik continuously protects her and she kicks him every time. Robin doesn't find out about Nikolas and go see him?? They have been old and dear friends forever none of this nonsense makes any sense. Bring back Nikolas and not what the writers have given us CRAP!

  2. The fans want our Nikolas back. Not this imposter!!! He makes a good couple with Hayden. Have them work out their problems and bring Nikolas back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Or some of us will be tuning out of GH.



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