Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Happy New Year - Bring on 2016!

Today's Show - 

Patrick comes home after dropping Emma off at a friend's house and brings Robin chocolate covered popcorn. Robin gives Patrick a perpetual calendar as a gift in exchange. They agree to spend everyday together and Patrick asks Robin to marry him, again. Robin asks him to marry her right back and they both say yes. Then Patrick takes Robin into the bedroom and we get a music montage as they make love. 

At the Haunted Star, Johnny shows his face as the New Year's Eve party begins to Lulu. She gets nervous about his making his presence known so he puts on some 2016 glasses to show he has a disguise. Lulu is amused, but worries about Johnny's future. He tells her it means a lot that she cares. Later Curtis flirts with Lulu at the bar as Johnny listens. After Johnny tells Lulu he thinks Curtis is a cop. They decide to hide out and have a toast with champagne in the bedroom. Johnny wonders what would have happened between them if he'd made different choices. They toast at midnight and Johnny kisses her. At first Lulu pulls away, but then she decides to go for it and they kiss again. 

Nina approaches Curtis at the Haunted Star and Curtis notices how hot Nina looks. Meanwhile Franco makes a cash drop off on the docks in exchange for a brown bag with an unknown person. Then Franco heads to The Haunted Star and sees Nina talking to Curtis. He makes a joke about how good Nina looks and once in private, Franco gives Nina a beautiful necklace from inside the brown bag. Nina is touched. Franco explains that he sold a painting to buy it for her as he seductively puts it on her. Later Curtis approaches Franco again and says he recognizes him for the criminal he used to be. Then Curtis gives Nina his card and tells her if she ever wants to shake Franco to call him. At the end, Franco tells Nina he wants to take her home and make love to her.

Dante goes to Sonny's house and talks to Carly and Sonny about Morgan's New Years Eve plans. Carly says they don't know what he's up to. Then Michael shows up and dodges questions about Sabrina. After Jason stops by and pays Sonny back for bail money. Dante and Michael end up inviting Jason to the Floating Rib to watch football. Later Carly and Sonny are alone and Sonny thanks Carly for standing by him all year. He says he wishes he could dance with her, but Carly says she loves him just the same. Right before midnight, Sonny starts to get feeling back in his legs. They think it means 2016 will be a great year. 

At the Floating Rib, Morgan decides to skip his meds and orders a beer. Nearby Valerie and Dillon talk and watch football together. Valerie tells Dillon that her thing with Dante is over. Dillon thinks it's for the best. Then he tells Valerie about feeling disappointed by Paul and he says he doesn't want to talk about bad things from 2015 anymore. Meanwhile Sam runs into Kristina on the docks and Sam notices that Kristina is wearing a sexy dress. Kristina says she's going to The Floating Rib to look for cute guys and forces Sam to come with her. Later the girls arrive and Kristina confides in Morgan that she had an incident at school. Then Darby walks up to Morgan and has a chilly reception from Kristina. After Morgan tells Darby he's got something he wants to do for his father and can't hang out with her. 

Michael, Dante and Jason arrive at The Floating Rib and Michael immediately asks Morgan about his drinking, which chases Darby away. Morgan tells him not to worry and then he walks out. Nearby Dante bumps into Valerie, who quickly excuses herself. After Dillon offers to drive Valerie home and Dante watches them leave together. Sam challenges Jason to a game of pool and he accepts. Kristina introduces herself to Jason and tells Jason he was pretty terrific in his past. Then she tells him to recognize the amazing thing in front of him (Sam), but Sam gets embarrassed and shoes her away. 

At the end, Morgan goes to the docks and watches as Raj makes an exchange. Back at the Floating Rib, Dante decides to leave early and ends up seeing Morgan on the docks. Outside Dillon kisses Valerie, but the chemistry is off. She tells him she not ready for romance, but she needs a friend. Meanwhile inside, Jason and Sam have a moment during their pool game and get close at midnight.

End of show!

GH will be a repeat on 12/31

GH is pre-empted on 01/01

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