Monday, December 28, 2015

Don't Call Me Stonecold

I don't know who I am!
Monday's Recap - 

Sabrina goes to Sonny's and asks Michael if he's made a decision. He tells her that honesty is everything to him and he wishes she had been honest with him from the start. Sabrina apologizes for not telling him about Carlos being her baby daddy and asks if he can still love her child. Michael says he can't get beyond her lies, but will support her if she needs him to. Sabrina says she doesn't want his money so Michael gives her a Christmas present for the baby and Sabrina walks out. 

Paul finds out that Tracy is kicking him out of the Q's house. Paul asks Tracy to give him a chance to explain about what she saw him doing with Ava at the gala. Tracy doesn't want to hear it and tells Paul she plans on being honest with Dillon. Paul says he doesn't want to lose her friendship, but Tracy laughs at that. She tells Paul that he's just one in a long line of mistakes she's made and she knows he's still trying to manipulate her. At the end, Tracy tells Paul she'll keep his secrets for the time being but eventually she will pay him back. Then she tells Paul to get out. 

Mac drops by to see Robin at Patrick's house and after Sam walks in to find Robin hugging Patrick. Sam says hi to Robin and asks if they're back together. Robin decides to step away to give Patrick and Sam a chance to talk. Once alone, Patrick tells Sam that he thinks there is hope for he and Robin. He thanks Sam for being honest about her feelings for Jason, because it prompted him to search for Robin. At the end, they agree they feel grateful for the time they had together, hug and say their final goodbye. 

Mac and Anna go to the bridge to talk. They discuss Robin and then Mac gets a call telling him that he's got DNA evidence proving that Kyle Sloane is dead. They run through the facts they know so far and conclude that Paul is definitely behind Sloane's demise. They hope they have enough evidence to open a case against Paul. 

Nikolas wakes up in the hospital and finds Hayden by his side. She tells him that Jason pushed him over the balcony on purpose. Then Liz walks in and asks Hayden to change her story about Jason. Hayden doesn't want to hear it and tells Liz to stand up for Nikolas. Liz pleads with Nikolas to make the right decision about Jason. Then Liz walks away. Once alone, Hayden tells Nik that Liz is only thinking of herself. Nik says he's debating the best strategy to work the Jason situation to his advantage. 

Jason runs into Spinelli in the park and they talk about Spinelli's nickname Stonecold. Jason asks him not to use it anymore and after he fills Spinelli in on what Liz did to him. Spinelli asks if Jason plans on rekindling his romance with Sam. Jason thinks he's not the same husband Sam loved and he doesn't know who he is. Spinelli tells him that they were best friends and he's his hero so Spinelli believes in him. Spinelli tells Jason he was the fairest person he ever met and not the killer he thinks he is. Jason appreciates Spinelli's words and thanks him for his friendship. 

Robin heads to the hospital and runs into Elizabeth. Liz tells Robin about how she lied to Jason about who he was. Robin is surprised and asks how Liz could do that to him. Liz says she wanted to protect her family. Robin is understanding and hugs her. After Liz says Jason is very different, but still very much the same person he always was. At the end, Robin finds Jason on the bridge. 

End of show!

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