Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Happy New Year - Bring on 2016!

Today's Show - 

Patrick comes home after dropping Emma off at a friend's house and brings Robin chocolate covered popcorn. Robin gives Patrick a perpetual calendar as a gift in exchange. They agree to spend everyday together and Patrick asks Robin to marry him, again. Robin asks him to marry her right back and they both say yes. Then Patrick takes Robin into the bedroom and we get a music montage as they make love. 

At the Haunted Star, Johnny shows his face as the New Year's Eve party begins to Lulu. She gets nervous about his making his presence known so he puts on some 2016 glasses to show he has a disguise. Lulu is amused, but worries about Johnny's future. He tells her it means a lot that she cares. Later Curtis flirts with Lulu at the bar as Johnny listens. After Johnny tells Lulu he thinks Curtis is a cop. They decide to hide out and have a toast with champagne in the bedroom. Johnny wonders what would have happened between them if he'd made different choices. They toast at midnight and Johnny kisses her. At first Lulu pulls away, but then she decides to go for it and they kiss again. 

Nina approaches Curtis at the Haunted Star and Curtis notices how hot Nina looks. Meanwhile Franco makes a cash drop off on the docks in exchange for a brown bag with an unknown person. Then Franco heads to The Haunted Star and sees Nina talking to Curtis. He makes a joke about how good Nina looks and once in private, Franco gives Nina a beautiful necklace from inside the brown bag. Nina is touched. Franco explains that he sold a painting to buy it for her as he seductively puts it on her. Later Curtis approaches Franco again and says he recognizes him for the criminal he used to be. Then Curtis gives Nina his card and tells her if she ever wants to shake Franco to call him. At the end, Franco tells Nina he wants to take her home and make love to her.

Dante goes to Sonny's house and talks to Carly and Sonny about Morgan's New Years Eve plans. Carly says they don't know what he's up to. Then Michael shows up and dodges questions about Sabrina. After Jason stops by and pays Sonny back for bail money. Dante and Michael end up inviting Jason to the Floating Rib to watch football. Later Carly and Sonny are alone and Sonny thanks Carly for standing by him all year. He says he wishes he could dance with her, but Carly says she loves him just the same. Right before midnight, Sonny starts to get feeling back in his legs. They think it means 2016 will be a great year. 

At the Floating Rib, Morgan decides to skip his meds and orders a beer. Nearby Valerie and Dillon talk and watch football together. Valerie tells Dillon that her thing with Dante is over. Dillon thinks it's for the best. Then he tells Valerie about feeling disappointed by Paul and he says he doesn't want to talk about bad things from 2015 anymore. Meanwhile Sam runs into Kristina on the docks and Sam notices that Kristina is wearing a sexy dress. Kristina says she's going to The Floating Rib to look for cute guys and forces Sam to come with her. Later the girls arrive and Kristina confides in Morgan that she had an incident at school. Then Darby walks up to Morgan and has a chilly reception from Kristina. After Morgan tells Darby he's got something he wants to do for his father and can't hang out with her. 

Michael, Dante and Jason arrive at The Floating Rib and Michael immediately asks Morgan about his drinking, which chases Darby away. Morgan tells him not to worry and then he walks out. Nearby Dante bumps into Valerie, who quickly excuses herself. After Dillon offers to drive Valerie home and Dante watches them leave together. Sam challenges Jason to a game of pool and he accepts. Kristina introduces herself to Jason and tells Jason he was pretty terrific in his past. Then she tells him to recognize the amazing thing in front of him (Sam), but Sam gets embarrassed and shoes her away. 

At the end, Morgan goes to the docks and watches as Raj makes an exchange. Back at the Floating Rib, Dante decides to leave early and ends up seeing Morgan on the docks. Outside Dillon kisses Valerie, but the chemistry is off. She tells him she not ready for romance, but she needs a friend. Meanwhile inside, Jason and Sam have a moment during their pool game and get close at midnight.

End of show!

GH will be a repeat on 12/31

GH is pre-empted on 01/01

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

I Owe You My Life

Here's What Happened - 

Dante runs into Sonny at GH and they talk about Christmas. Sonny is thrilled that he got to see Avery, thanks to Kiki and after Dante brings up the arms dealer in town. Sonny quickly changes the subject and advises Dante to focus on Rocco and Lulu. Sonny thinks Dante needs to put his energy into saving his marriage. However Dante says he's at the hospital for work and quickly scurries away to avoid the conversation. Later Morgan overhears Sonny talking to Max about shutting Raj down. 

Lulu asks Johnny about his plans for Valerie at The Haunted Star. Johnny wonders where Dante and Lulu will be with Valerie out of the picture. He thinks its a mistake for Lulu to get back with Dante. Johnny hints that Lulu would be better off with him. Lulu tells him not to get his hopes up and says she wants Dante back for Rocco's sake. Meanwhile at the PCPD, Valerie overhears Jordan making plans for a date on New Year's Eve. After they talk about Valerie's situation with Dante. Later Dante comes to the PCPD and Valerie asks him to meet up with her later. However Dante is hesitant so Valerie says she's going to bow out of their budding relationship. Dante agrees and they say goodbye.

Morgan finds Kiki working at The Metro Court and he asks her to join him, but Kiki tells him she has to work. Then he thanks her for bringing Avery over to Sonny's on Xmas. Kiki explains that she had to make a deal with Ava to accomplish that. Nearby at the bar Paul orders a drink and texts Raj (the arms dealer) about their next transaction. Then Dillon storms in and demands to know how Paul could screw Tracy over with another woman. Paul swears he didn't mean to hurt Tracy and says he came to PC to reconnect with him. Dillon is hesitant to believe him. Later Maxie meets up with Dillon at the Metro Court and he vents to her about Paul. Maxie thinks a visit with Georgie will make him feel better. 

Nikolas tells Hayden that there might be a way to work his fall to his advantage in the hospital. Hayden is concerned and ends up telling Nikolas about all the reasons she would miss him if he'd died. Nik thinks maybe it's time they start trusting each other. Later Dante walks in and wants to question them both separately. Dante speaks with Nik alone first. Nik says he can't remember much about his fall yet. Meanwhile Hayden gets a call from Curtis in the hallway and he tells her he's got proof that Shawn didn't shoot her. Then we see Curtis at the PCPD returning the evidence. He sees Jordan and tells her that he's not leaving Port Charles. He also tells Jordan she will play a big role in his new life in Port Charles. Back at the hospital, Hayden avoids Dante's questions. Then she goes back into Nik's room. He says he's looking forward to spending New Year's with her and they kiss. 

Robin finds Jason on the bridge and they agree that they owe each other their lives. Robin explains how she was rescued from Jerry Jax and Jason thanks her for her efforts to save his life. Later Robin tells Jason about how Stone bungee jumped off the bridge years ago, six months before he died from AIDS. She tells Jason she ended up meeting him there shortly after. Jason expresses his frustration over not remembering his life before. He asks Robin to tell him more about her experiences with HIV and their past together. She tells Jason that he helped her to stay on the HIV cocktail back in the day, which ultimately saved her life. Jason asks why if they were in love it didn't work out. Robin says that he was being true to himself and it was for the best. Later Jason is alone on the bridge and has a memory about Robin. 

Patrick gets a visit from Maxie at his house. She's looking for Robin and can't believe Patrick would let Robin out of his sight. They talk and Patrick says he doesn't want to pressure Robin into a reunion. Maxie thinks that's silly and they should go for it. She thinks life is too short for Patrick not to cease the opportunity to be with Robin again. At the end, Robin comes home and Patrick wants to talk about their future. 

End of show!

Have a great night!

Monday, December 28, 2015

Don't Call Me Stonecold

I don't know who I am!
Monday's Recap - 

Sabrina goes to Sonny's and asks Michael if he's made a decision. He tells her that honesty is everything to him and he wishes she had been honest with him from the start. Sabrina apologizes for not telling him about Carlos being her baby daddy and asks if he can still love her child. Michael says he can't get beyond her lies, but will support her if she needs him to. Sabrina says she doesn't want his money so Michael gives her a Christmas present for the baby and Sabrina walks out. 

Paul finds out that Tracy is kicking him out of the Q's house. Paul asks Tracy to give him a chance to explain about what she saw him doing with Ava at the gala. Tracy doesn't want to hear it and tells Paul she plans on being honest with Dillon. Paul says he doesn't want to lose her friendship, but Tracy laughs at that. She tells Paul that he's just one in a long line of mistakes she's made and she knows he's still trying to manipulate her. At the end, Tracy tells Paul she'll keep his secrets for the time being but eventually she will pay him back. Then she tells Paul to get out. 

Mac drops by to see Robin at Patrick's house and after Sam walks in to find Robin hugging Patrick. Sam says hi to Robin and asks if they're back together. Robin decides to step away to give Patrick and Sam a chance to talk. Once alone, Patrick tells Sam that he thinks there is hope for he and Robin. He thanks Sam for being honest about her feelings for Jason, because it prompted him to search for Robin. At the end, they agree they feel grateful for the time they had together, hug and say their final goodbye. 

Mac and Anna go to the bridge to talk. They discuss Robin and then Mac gets a call telling him that he's got DNA evidence proving that Kyle Sloane is dead. They run through the facts they know so far and conclude that Paul is definitely behind Sloane's demise. They hope they have enough evidence to open a case against Paul. 

Nikolas wakes up in the hospital and finds Hayden by his side. She tells him that Jason pushed him over the balcony on purpose. Then Liz walks in and asks Hayden to change her story about Jason. Hayden doesn't want to hear it and tells Liz to stand up for Nikolas. Liz pleads with Nikolas to make the right decision about Jason. Then Liz walks away. Once alone, Hayden tells Nik that Liz is only thinking of herself. Nik says he's debating the best strategy to work the Jason situation to his advantage. 

Jason runs into Spinelli in the park and they talk about Spinelli's nickname Stonecold. Jason asks him not to use it anymore and after he fills Spinelli in on what Liz did to him. Spinelli asks if Jason plans on rekindling his romance with Sam. Jason thinks he's not the same husband Sam loved and he doesn't know who he is. Spinelli tells him that they were best friends and he's his hero so Spinelli believes in him. Spinelli tells Jason he was the fairest person he ever met and not the killer he thinks he is. Jason appreciates Spinelli's words and thanks him for his friendship. 

Robin heads to the hospital and runs into Elizabeth. Liz tells Robin about how she lied to Jason about who he was. Robin is surprised and asks how Liz could do that to him. Liz says she wanted to protect her family. Robin is understanding and hugs her. After Liz says Jason is very different, but still very much the same person he always was. At the end, Robin finds Jason on the bridge. 

End of show!

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Thursday, December 24, 2015

Merry Christmas!

No recap today, I'm off to enjoy Christmas with my family. In the meantime, here's a snippet of what's coming up on today's episode. Spoilers are courtesy of --- > GHH!

Johnny and Lulu's plans hit home.

Kiki gives Sonny a helping hand.

Jason experiences another flash of memory.

GH is Pre-empted on Xmas 12/25.

Happy Holidays!

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Nicky Went Funny Boom Boom!

Wednesday's Recap - 

Lulu wants answers from Johnny in the Haunted Star bedroom about his plans for Valerie. Johnny promises Lulu that he's not going to physically hurt Valerie, but won't give her anymore details. Then he takes off to handle his plans. After Laura comes to the Haunted Star and sees Lulu making up the bed. She assumes Lulu just had a romp with someone. Lulu tells her it's not what she thinks, but Laura still feels like she needs to give Lulu some advice. She advises Lulu to trend carefully and not do anything rash that she'll regret. 

Dante and Valerie talk at the park about their relationship status. Valerie asks where they stand and where they're going. Dante says they have a great connection and they agree to watch football together on New Year's Eve. Unbeknownst to them, someone is watching from afar with binoculars. Then Johnny arrives and meets with the man watching Dante and Valerie. Later Dante gets called to the PCPD and Johnny approaches Valerie as his alias, Greg. Valerie gets suspicious of him randomly bumping into her so Johnny tells her he was listening to kids sing across the street. He cons Valerie into giving him cash so he doesn't have to go to the ATM machine. Meanwhile Johnny's henchman takes pictures of their cash exchange. 

At the Metro Court, Nikolas and Jason get into a fist fight on the balcony and Jason punches Nikolas over the edge. Hayden watches the whole thing and freaks out on Jason. Then Jordan comes to see what's going on. Hayden tells her that Jason threw Nik over the balcony and insists that Jason be arrested. Jordan decides everyone needs to go to the hospital first. Meanwhile, Sam comes home with Carly to visit with Sonny. She apologizes to Sonny for not visiting sooner and tells him that she and Jason had a moment at the gala. Then Carly gets a call that someone got hurt at The Metro Court and has to leave. After Sam and Sonny talk alone about the end of Sam's relationship with Patrick. Sonny tells Sam that he knows Jason broke up with Liz and he says he hopes Sam and Jason get back together.  

Liz sees Nikolas fall to the ground and immediately tends to him outside the Metro Court. Shortly after the paramedics arrive, but Nikolas doesn't regain consciousnesses. They rush him to GH and Lucas treats him in the ER. After Jordan, Carly, Jason and Hayden arrive. Dante also shows up and Jordan fills him in on what happened to Nikolas. Dante calls Lulu to tell her the news. Meanwhile, Jordan takes Hayden's statement and she insists that Jason deliberately tried to kill Nikolas. Dante tries to get a statement from Jason, but he refuses to speak without a lawyer. Then Lucas comes out of the ER right as Laura and Lulu arrive. He tells everyone that Nik will likely make a full recovery, mostly because of Liz's quick work at the scene. 

Later Hayden tells Laura and Lulu that Jason tried to kill Nikolas on purpose. Carly worries about Jason so she calls Sam to come help him. After Jordan decides to arrest Jason so Carly says she'll get him a lawyer. Nearby Lulu and Dante end up hugging. Laura asks Hayden if she's telling the complete truth to which Hayden answers, yes. Then Lucas allows Laura and Lulu to see Nikolas. He starts to wake up so Laura tells him he's been given a second chance. Meanwhile Liz manages to get a moment alone with Jason and says she knows he wouldn't purposely try to kill Nik. She promises she'll stand by him and hugs him. Right then Sam shows up at GH and sees them. The sight of them hugging upsets her so Sam walks away. 

End of show!

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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Questions & Answers (Spoiler Post)

Whose the daddy?
No recap today, I'm unfortunately sick. In the meantime, here's a sneak peek at what's coming up on today's show with an added spoiler about Robin/Patrick below. Spoilers are courtesy of ---> GHH!

Julian and Alexis celebrate their engagement.

Michael has questions about Sabrina's baby.

Robin/Patrick Spoiler - 

Robin will fake her death by taking a drug to slow her heartbeat to the point of being undetectable. Patrick will find her in a tomb, kiss her and then she will awaken. Patrick will realize that Robin stayed away from her family because she had no choice. They return to Port Charles as a couple, but decide to leave PC behind them and ultimately depart for good. This will commence Jason Thompson's exit from GH. :(

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Monday, December 21, 2015

The Nutcracker Gala

I'm sorry!
Monday's Recap - 

Sam, Liz and Jason run into each other outside of the Metro Court ballroom. Sam makes a hasty exit and after Franco rescues Liz from an awkward moment alone with Jason. After Sabrina and Michael approach Jason and they all walk into the ballroom together. They run into Monica and Felix. Sabrina takes Felix aside while Monica talks to Michael about the baby. He shows Monica the sonogram and Monica realizes the baby will be due in weeks. Later Sabrina sorts through toys in one of the hotel rooms and Carlos approaches her dressed as Santa Claus. He tries to convince Sabrina to leave town with him again, but then Michael shows up looking for her. Michael asks "Santa" to give them privacy and hands him money. Carlos slowly walks out and once alone, Michael tells Sabrina he wants to talk about her baby. 

By the bar in the Metro Court, Dr. Obrecht tells Liz its mandatory that she stay. Then they head to the red carpet where Dillon and Maxie take pictures of them for Crimson. Nina notices Franco talking to Liz and looks concerned. Later Liz starts drinking in the ballroom and interrupts Laura when she tries to apologize to Jason. He gets annoyed at Liz and tells Laura to make sure she gets home safely. After Liz and Laura talk in private and Laura cheers Liz up. Nearby Dr. O talks with Nina and Franco and asks Nina if they can make peace. Nina agrees.

Sam brings Alexis her check and Alexis convinces her to stay for a little bit. Meanwhile Dillon snaps pictures of Molly and Kristina on the red carpet. Later Laura approaches Sam and apologizes for lying about Jason. After Julian gathers Sam, Kristina and Molly in private and asks for their permission to propose to Alexis. Sam and Kristina say yes, but Alexis walks out before Molly can answer. In front of Alexis, Molly tells Julian, "yes" and advises Alexis to accept what Julian has to say. Then the girls walk away and leave Julian and Alexis alone together. Julian takes Alexis outside and he makes a touching proposal. Alexis is ecstatic and says yes. After Sam decides to leave the gala as does Jason. They end up meeting by the bar and take a moment to chat. Sam tells him that her and Patrick ended things, because she loves Patrick, but not as much as she loves him. 

Nina and Tracy talk about Connie in the ballroom. Tracy warns Nina to watch out for the Jerome's. Meanwhile Ava and Paul flirt over art work outside of the ballroom. Later Tracy opens the Toys for Tots gala and introduces Paul as the speaker. Paul takes the stage and thanks Tracy for welcoming him back into her life. After Ava tries to lure Paul away by inviting him to her hotel room. Dillon notices Paul on the phone and watches as Paul scurries out of the ballroom. Paul heads to Ava's room and finds her waiting there for him naked. 

Sonny tells Carly he's not going to the ball at his house. He claims it's because he has work to do, but Carly guesses it's really because of his wheelchair. She's understanding about it and tells him she loves him. Later Carly heads to the ball and runs into Kristina, who asks about Sonny. Kristina decides to go visit him. She heads to Sonny's house and they look through photo albums together. After they decide to take some selfies together to add to the album. Back at the ballroom, Monica and Carly have a conversation. Monica mentions that Sabrina's baby is due in a matter of weeks. 

Jerry tells Patrick, Robert and Anna on Cassadine Island that Robin is dead. He shows them a picture of Robin apparently dead. Patrick, Anna and Robert feel like they let Robin down and debate what to do with Jerry. However Jerry's guards show up with their guns pointed. Jerry tells the guards to show them Robin's body and then kill them all. Anna manages to take one of the guards down so Jerry takes off. Robert goes after Jerry and at the end, Patrick goes looking for Robin's body.

End of show!

I love Laura, but her hair for the gala looked so 80's! Not good. :(

Have a great night!

Friday, December 18, 2015

GH is Pre-Empted Today

GH will be pre-empted today due to the presidential news conference. On the east coast it's a  repeat of the Thanksgiving episode. Today's episode will air on Monday.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Scotch Will Do The Trick

Cheers to friendship!
Thursday's Recap - 

Kristina surprises Alexis, Sam and Molly at their house. She asks Sam about what happened with Patrick and Jason. Sam says she's taking it day by day. Alexis tells Kristina and Molly to attend the Nutcracker gala with her. Then Sam leaves to run an errand and after Kristina hacks into Alexis' email. When she does, Kristina deletes a disciplinary note from her school. Molly asks what trouble she's in, but Kristina won't say. 

Franco and Liz talk at GH and he asks her to attend the Nutcracker gala with him. He thinks it will help her get out of her funk, but Liz says nothing matters without Jason. Later Sam goes to the hospital and learns that Patrick took a leave of absence. Liz sees her and they get into an argument. Sam calls Liz a lying bitch and Liz tells Sam she hopes Patrick gets back together with Robin. After Sam returns home and sees Alexis, Molly and Kristina before they leave for the gala. Alexis forgets her check so Sam decides bring it to her. Meanwhile Liz decides to take Franco up on his offer to attend the gala. 

Maxie tells a concerned Nina that she has a personal errand to run in the ballroom. Nina panics about handling things on her own. Monica approaches her to say she looks beautiful and after Tracy asks Nina where Dillon is. Meanwhile Dillon and Maxie meet up at Georgie's memorial. They talk about Georgie and Dillon gives Maxie a picture of Georgie. After Maxie confides in Dillon that she often talks to Georgie about her life. Dillon says when he thinks about Georgie it feels like "everything". Later they get back to Nina and Dillon takes publicity pictures of Nina. Franco arrives and tells Nina she looks beautiful. 

Carly is pleased to see Jason at The Metro Court. She fixes him up with a room at the hotel and then they get a drink at the bar. Jason says scotch will do the trick and they toast to friendship. After they talk about Elizabeth and Carly says she never liked Liz with him. Jason asks who he's supposed to be now, but Carly tells him to figure it out for himself. She advises him to trust himself, because hes got great instincts. Later she convinces him to attend the gala and they go together. Monica is thrilled to see Jason and thanks Carly. At the end, Sam, Elizabeth and Jason all run into each other.

Robin fears for her life in her lab and tries to sweet talk the guard into not killing her. Then Jerry walks in saying that Anna and Patrick are looking for her so the guard needs to hurry up and kill her. After Robin tries to continue her smooth talking to the guard and bonds with him over opera music. She asks him for one last favor. Meanwhile Anna and Patrick meet up with Robert in Greece to find Robin. Robert tells them that he discovered that Robin is being held on Cassadine Island by Jerry Jax. 

Later Robin calls Patrick to say goodbye. She tells him she's going to Elysium and Anna recognizes it as code for heaven. Then Jerry storms into Robin's lab and stops her phone call. The guard tells Jerry he can't kill Robin, but Jerry says if he doesn't, he'll kill him. At the end, Anna, Robert and Patrick burst into the lab and find Jerry there alone. Patrick attacks him and demands to know where Robin is. However Jerry says they are too late.

End of show!

Have a great night!

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Paris, France

Here's What Happened - 

In Paris, Patrick searches for Robin's location on his tab's GPS. Emma comes to talk to him and asks if they can go wait for Robin. Patrick says okay, however they don't find her at the address Patrick had and Emma gets discouraged. Later they get a visit from an antique shop owner who resides at the address where Patrick thought Robin was. Emma notices the woman's necklace and tells Patrick it's like one that Spencer Cassadine had. 

Mac meets Anna at the Metro Court. Anna tells him she doesn't want him involved in her investigation into Paul. However, Mac refuses to step away. After they talk about the case and feel confident there is some kind of cover up in Carlos' death. Anna also suspects that Paul killed Sloane. Later Patrick calls Anna and says he has a feeling Robin was never in Paris and the Cassadine's are involved. Anna says she will come meet him in Paris. 

Paul and Tracy take a walk in the park and she remarks that he's really changed for the better. Then Paul tells her that Dillon is staying in town and Tracy says she's glad they're a family. Meanwhile Carlos lurks in the background listening. Later Tracy and Paul share a kiss. Tracy gets nervous and walks away. After Carlos comes out and takes a pay off from Paul to leave town. Paul worries that Sabrina will turn him in, but Carlos doesn't think Sabrina would do that to the father of her child. Paul says that baby means the world to the Quartermaine's and is better off with them. Carlos doesn't want to hear it and says he won't give up on his child. 

Sabrina goes to the hospital and tries to speak with Dr. Kelly Lee in private, but then Michael shows up. Kelly shows them the sonogram and says the baby's development is right on track. Michael asks the doctor if the baby being on the larger side is a problem. Kelly says no, everything seems good. Sabrina tries to keep Michael from asking more questions so he tells her he wants to hear what Kelly has to say for himself. Later Sabrina gets a moment alone with Kelly who guesses that Michael isn't the baby's father. Kelly advises her to come clean with him. 

Morgan comes home to Sonny's after being out all night. Sonny and Carly ask where he was, but all Morgan will say is that he was with friends. He snaps at them that he's taking his meds and wants them to back off. After Carly thinks it's too soon for Morgan to be staying out all night. Carly decides to count Morgan's pills to make sure he's really taking them. Morgan sees her, makes a scene and walks out. Later Michael comes over when Sonny is alone. Michael expresses to Sonny that he thinks Sabrina is hiding something. Sonny thinks women just act different when they are pregnant. 

Ava sees Kiki at outside of the Metro Court ballroom and asks Kiki to come over on Xmas. She says Avery needs her big sister. Kiki says she'll think about it. After Ava texts Paul to met her at her place later. Then Carly approaches Ava and asks for Avery to see Sonny on Xmas, but Ava refuses. Later Ava runs into Tracy and drops a bag of panties in front of her. 

Meanwhile Kiki finds Morgan at the Metro Court and they compare notes on annoying mothers. Then Kiki remarks that Morgan left some pills on the table yesterday. Morgan gets defensive, but later promises to take his pills. After Carly comes to talk to Morgan and tells him she's sorry and loves him. Then Carly tells Kiki in private that if Morgan doesn't stay on track things will get worse for him. 

Robin gets a visit from Jerry Jax in her lab demanding to know her progress. Robin tells him that she found a way to make someone immortal. She says if a person's brain tissue is preserved you can keep their emotions alive digitally. She tells Jerry she just needs more time to work out the details. Jerry gets impatient and says her time has expired. Robin pleads for her life, but Jerry tells her begging is demeaning. Then he orders his guard to kill her. 

End of show!

Have a great night!

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Roadside Assistance

Hi, I'm Greg!
Tuesday's Recap - 

Alexis and Julian talk at The Floating Rib over lunch about his issues with Crimson and his concerns about Sam. Alexis says Sam is a tough cookie and will be okay. She says she's thankful they can all be together as a family for Sam's sake. Then Olivia walks in with a load of bags saying she was looking for Julian. She informs them that she's become good friends with his assistant, who told her where Julian was. Olivia sits down next to Alexis and shows them that she bought Julian and baby Leo matching Xmas sweaters. Julian decides to duck out and says he has to leave and go to the office. After Alexis asks Olivia to call first before she just drops by. Later Alexis thinks that Olivia probably assumed she was coming for Xmas, because she came for Thanksgiving. Olivia gets a little miffed and tells her that Julian already invited her for Christmas. Alexis feels badly and asks for them to respect each others boundaries. She also doesn't think Julian will ever wear the ugly sweater she got for him. Olivia thinks he will and says now that they both have kids with Julian they are family. Olivia then tells Alexis that she doesn't have many boundaries with family. Then she walks away and Alexis looks concerned. 

Dillon and Maxie show Nina his pictures at Crimson. Nina loves what she sees and tells them Crimson is going to get back on top. Then Franco stops by and Nina takes him into their office. Once alone, Franco tells Nina he doesn't like Julian and he thinks Julian has an agenda. Nina is visibly upset at the thought, but keeps her cool. Then Franco leaves for work and says he'll see her at home. Outside Maxie tells Dillon she loves his pictures and thinks he can help keep Crimson afloat. She thinks Dillon could be the magazine's photographer and it would keep him in town. Later Dillon almost lets it slip to Maxie that Johnny is in town, but Nina interrupts him. After Julian shows up and Nina asks to speak with Julian in private. She asks why he hired her. Julian tells her she was at the right place at the right time, but if she doesn't turn the magazine around in a few issues he's going to cut his loses. At the end, Nina officially hires Dillon and insists they're going to make Crimson a success.

Liz learns at GH that Patrick took a family leave. Later Carly comes to GH and thanks Liz for showing Jason her true colors. Liz tells her to shut up, but Carly doesn't back down. Carly thinks Liz screwed Patrick over and Jason wasn't happy with her. Liz takes Carly into the art room so people at the hospital don't hear them. In private, Liz tells Carly that Jason left her and now her kids are hurting. Carly says Liz has no one to blame but herself and walks out. Liz throws art supplies against the wall in anger. Then Franco pops his up from the couch and tells her to watch his arm, surprising her. After Franco tells Liz he doesn't think her lie was that bad and says it's better for him if Jason doesn't remember their past together. He offers to be her ally. 

At Sonny's house, Carly leaves a message for Jason asking him to call her. Sonny hears and tells Carly to back off and focus on their kids. Then Dante stops by for a visit so Carly leaves them alone. After Dante asks how Sonny is doing. Sonny says he's getting stronger with Epiphany's help. Then Dante asks if Sonny knows anything about an arms dealer in town. Sonny denies knowing anything. Dante suggests that Sonny get out of the business before he ends up dying or in jail. Sonny says leaving the business isn't an option. Later they talk about Dante's marriage. Sonny thinks if it's meant to be, Dante and Lulu will find their way back to each other. Carly returns so Dante steps away. As he leaves, he warns Sonny to watch his back, which makes Carly suspicious. At the end, Carly tells Sonny about her run in with Elizabeth. 

Johnny helps Valerie with her "car trouble" on the side of the road. He tells her his name is Greg and makes awkward conversation with her. Johnny offers to try and fix her car so Valerie allows it. While he works, Johnny gets Valerie talking. She ends up telling him that she had an incident at work that she worries will effect her dream of being a cop. Later Johnny magically starts Valerie's car back up and she calls him her hero. At the end, Valerie meets up with Dante at The Floating Rib. She's upset because she got yelled at by her teacher for missing shooting practice due to her car trouble. She tells Dante that a nice man helped her. 

At the Metro Court, Lulu and Olivia talk about Lulu's marriage problems. Olivia hopes if they focus on Rocco maybe Dante and Lulu can find their way back to each other. Then Laura walks in to meet with Lulu. Before walking away, Olivia says to Lulu in front of Laura, that she knows Dante has been wrong a lot. After Laura asks what's going on. Lulu says she hates Valerie. Laura thinks its easier for Lulu to hate Valerie instead of Dante. Laura advises Lulu to think twice before doing anything rash. At the end, Johnny calls Lulu and says he found a way to exploit Valerie's weakness. 

End of show!

Olivia was adorable today. Plus I like the idea of Johnny toying with Valerie, it could be fun. What do you think?

Have a great night!

Monday, December 14, 2015

Coming Up On Today's Show

I've had enough!
No recap today, but I'll be back tomorrow. In the meantime, here's a little sneak peek at today's show! Spoilers are courtesy of ---> GHH & ABC GH Blog!

Liz is hopeful that Jason has returned home for good. 

However Jason makes his intentions clear. 

Meanwhile, Nikolas' actions catch up with him. 

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Friday, December 11, 2015

I Should Have Listened To You

Thanks for standing by me!
Today's Show - 

Carly has breakfast with Morgan at the Metro Court and remarks how nice it is to see him eating a healthy breakfast. Morgan tells her to stop treating him like a child. Later Carly keeps talking about mental health stuff so Morgan gives her attitude. He says he doesn't like the way the pills are making him feel. Nearby Kiki works as a waitress at the Metro Court and sees Ava waiting at one of the tables. Kiki tells Ava to leave and when she won't, Kiki screams for Ava to leave her alone. Carly sees, gets involved and orders Ava to leave. 

Later Kiki decides to give Ava a moment and asks Ava what she wants. Ava says she wants to be Kiki's mom again, but Kiki says that will never happen. Then she walks away. After Morgan and Carly walk back over to the table and tell Ava it's time to leave for real. They all exchange some tense words, but Ava finally decides to walk out. Then Morgan decides to help Kiki clean up. Carly walks away and after Kiki asks how Morgan is really doing. Morgan tells her nothing seems as fun now that he's leveling off. 

Liz gets a visit from Nikolas at her house and she tells him that Jason is gone. She explains that he confronted her and she confessed to knowing his identity for months. Liz tells Nikolas that she couldn't lie anymore and she should have listened to him from the beginning. She also worries that this will end up hurting Nikolas. Later Nik says that she did what she did for love. Liz thanks him for standing by her and Nik remarks, "What are friends for?" Liz thinks Jason will come looking for Nikolas sooner or later and tells him to be careful. 

At The Floating Rib, Hayden meets with Curtis and he tells her he found the bullet that hit her at the garage. Hayden wants to know how they can prove the bullet was from Shawn's gun. Curtis explains that Shawn's gun is in police lock up and it will take more money for him to get the gun out for a ballistics test. Hayden agrees and asks what it's going to cost her. Meanwhile Nikolas walks in and sees them chatting. 

Sonny aggressively works out at the gym when Jason walks in. Jason decides to help Sonny by holding the punching bag. Then Sonny holds it in return for Jason when he needs punch out some angry feelings. After Jason confides in Sonny that Elizabeth lied to him for months. Later they sip some whiskey together and Sonny tells Jason how he and Carly always found their way back to each other despite lying to one another often. Jason asks if Sonny thinks he should forgive Liz. Sonny tells Jason he wouldn't forgive Liz, but says it's not up to him. 

Carly walks into the gym and sees Sonny and Jason talking. Jason tells her she was right. Once alone, Sonny tells Carly that she was right about Liz. Carly is thrilled that Jason finally sees Elizabeth for what she really is. Carly hopes this means that Jason will come back into the fold, but Sonny warns her not to get her hopes up. Then she tells Sonny about Morgan and hopes he will stay on the right path. Meanwhile back at the Metro Court, Morgan asks Kiki if she wants to hang out. She tells him it's better if they have some space and just stay friends. Later Darby calls Morgan to meet up and we see that he left his pills on the Metro Court table. 

Alexis and Julian have a little romantic fun at their new house while putting up the Xmas tree. Then Sam comes downstairs unexpectedly and tells them she and Patrick broke up. Sam explains what happened with Elizabeth and says her breakup with Patrick is mutual. Sam worries about little Emma. Later Sam says she still loves Jason, but she doesn't know if she fits into his life. They tell Sam that her and Danny are welcome to stay as long as they want to. In private, Julian says to Alexis that he doesn't like the idea of Sam getting back together with Jason. He thinks Jason is dangerous. Sam overhears and tells then she'll respect whatever choice Jason makes for himself. 

Meanwhile over at Liz's place, Jason comes by to see her. At the same time, Sam starts calling his cell. Leiz runs onto the porch asking if he's back for real, while Jason stands there looking perplexed at his phone.

End of show!

Kind of a boring Friday, not much happened. 

Have a great night!

Thursday, December 10, 2015

You're Useless

What happens now?
Thursday's Recap - 

Olivia finds Valerie babysitting Rocco at Dante's apartment and gets upset. Olivia gives Valerie a piece of her mind and accuses her of breaking up Dante's family. Then Dante returns and gets upset at Olivia for laying into Valerie. Dante thinks Olivia is projecting her disappointment about Sonny cheating on her onto Valerie. Olivia doesn't agree and tells Dante to fight for his marriage. Then she advises Valerie to bow out gracefully. Olivia tells Dante he's going to regret throwing away his family and walks out. After Dante apologizes to Valerie for what Olivia said. Valerie decides to go home for the night and once alone, Dante wonders what he's done to his life. 

Dillon finds Johnny hiding behind the bar at the Haunted Star. He gets worked up, because Johnny is a fugitive. However Johnny tries to convince Dillon to keep quiet and Lulu tells him to act like he never saw Johnny. Dillon tries to get Lulu to turn Johnny in, but she tells Dillon he owes her one and insists that he keep quiet. Dillon reluctantly agrees and walks out. After Lulu and Johnny talk about getting rid of Valerie. Lulu says she wants to call the plan off and Johnny should leave in the morning. Later Olivia comes to see Lulu and tells her about the run in she had with Dante and Valerie. Olivia thinks Lulu needs to step in before they get carried away. At the end, Lulu decides she wants Valerie out of the picture after all and tells Johnny to stay in town to make it happen. 

Patrick tells Sam, "We're over," at their house. Sam says she loves him and doesn't want them to break up, but Patrick feels like she will always love Jason more. He fears that if Jason remembers who he was one day she will regret being with him. They both get choked up and Sam asks if he will give her more time. However Patrick thinks it's best if they let go and don't drag it out. Sam tearfully agrees and gives Patrick her engagement ring back. Then Emma comes home excited to learn when they're getting married. They tell her that they actually decided to break up. Emma gets upset and begs Sam to stay with them. Sam says she can't so Emma freaks out and pleads with Patrick to let her call Robin. 

Robin learns that Helena is death in her lab. Then she gets a visit from Jerry Jax who tells her that she's not working fast enough. Jerry says Robin was supposed to keep Helena alive and failed so she's useless to him now. Robin tells him she has been working on an alternate method and needs Helena's body to test it on. However Jerry says it's too late. Robin asks what he's going to do with her now. Jerry says she needs to be eliminated. Robin pleads for him to let her keep working. Then Robin hears her cell phone ringing and begs Jerry to let her answer. He does and when Robin answers, Emma begs her to come home. Robin says she can't, but she will always love her. At the end, Jerry allows Robin 48 more hours to work or she's dead. Meanwhile Emma sees Sam with a packed bag at Patrick's place and runs into her bedroom in tears. At the end, Sam leaves and after Emma tells Patrick she wants her mommy. 

Liz finally admits to Jason that she lied and knew who he was since the Nurses' Ball at her house. Jason says she trapped him and asks if Nikolas was the one who told her. Liz confirms that Nikolas knew and claims she lied to keep Patrick and Sam together. Jason doesn't want to hear it as he begins to realize the depth of Liz's lies. He realizes that Carly was right as was Sam and scolds Liz for her actions. She cries that she is sorry and says she did it out of fear of losing him. Liz asks if he forgive her and give their relationship another chance. However Jason says it's too late and she broke his heart. Then he walks out leaving Liz in tears. 

End of show!

Good seeing Jerry today, even though I thought Robin seemed a little wooden in her scenes. Little Emma acted her heart out today!

Have a great night!

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Johnny's Back!

Here's What Happened - 

Lulu gets a visit from Maxie on the Haunted Star while she's taking her anger out on holiday decorations. Lulu wants to get some kind of revenge against Valerie, but Maxie thinks that will make everything worse. They do a few shots together as Lulu vents to Maxie about her feelings. Later when Lulu is alone again she gets a surprise visit from Johnny Z. He tells her that he overheard her conversation with Maxie and isn't surprised that Lulu and Dante broke up. Johnny thinks Dante never trusted Lulu and that's why he cheated. Lulu agrees with his assessment and gets choked up. Johnny tells her that he's sorry and hugs her. After they take a shot together, but Lulu says drinking makes her feel worse. Johnny asks what he can for Lulu so she asks him to get rid of Valerie. Lulu clarifies that she doesn't want Valerie killed, but definitely out of the way. Johnny agrees to help her. 

Dante tells Nathan at the PCPD that he's meeting Valerie at Kelly's for dinner, but Nathan says he's planning on meeting Maxie there. Nathan suggests that Dante change his plans and advises Dante not to date Valerie until he knows what he really wants. Later Nathan gets busy at work and can't meet up with Maxie for dinner afterall. Maxie decides to surprise him at the station with ribs. They go into the interrogation room to have dinner and Nathan speaks French to Maxie. She likes what she hears and they kiss. At the end, Nathan is ready to take Maxie home for some loving, but he finds her asleep.

Bobby sees Valerie at Kelly's and invites her to dinner. Valerie is surprised, because she feels like everyone thinks she's a tramp. Bobby says she's no stranger to sleeping with other women's husbands. However Valerie says she can't go to dinner, because she's meeting Dante. Bobby tells Valerie to be careful, because Dante might decide to go back to Lulu. Later Dante meets up with Valerie and she tells him she has strong feelings for him. Valerie asks him to tell her if he really wants to go back to Lulu. Dante says that right now she's the one he wants to be with and asks if she can handle them having an uncertain future. Valerie says yes and they agree to keep their relationship a secret for now.

At Wyndermere, Nikolas wakes Hayden to tell her that he wants to love her, but he can't. Then he accuses her of trying to prove that he tried to kill her and tries to put a pillow over her face. Then Hayden wakes up in a sweat and sees Nikolas standing there for real. He asks if he scares her and says that he knows she lied about having an ELQ meeting. Hayden admits to lying, but says it's was because she was working on a plan to save ELQ by firing useless employees. Nik looks suspicions and asks who Hayden really is. She tells him she used to work on wall street, but it ended badly. After Hayden asks why he can't trust her. Nik tells her about Britt and says he won't be lied to again. Hayden tells him that her ex-husband lied to her and she understands how he feels. 

At Elizabeth's house, Sam demands that Liz tell Jason the truth. Liz says she will if Sam leaves, but Sam refuses and calls Liz a bitch. Jason gets upset and tells Sam not to do this. Then he orders Sam to get out. Sam looks disappointed, but agrees to leave. On her way out she tells Liz to do the right thing. After Liz thanks Jason for defending her and tells him there is nothing to Sam's accusations. Jason says he loves Liz, but he has a look of total confusion on his face. Then Elizabeth goes to put the boys to bed and leaves him alone. Later Liz comes back downstairs and finds Jason gone. 

Emma sees Patrick with roses for Sam at their house and asks when they are going to get married. Patrick says he hopes they will pick a date for the wedding tonight. After Emma heads out for a sleep over and Patrick makes risotto for Sam. Later Sam comes home and sees the roses. Patrick asks where she was all day so Sam tells him she was at Elizabeth's house. because she couldn't let her suspicions go. Patrick gets upset and they have a fight. Patrick ends up smashing the roses into the wall. He freaks out saying she's never going to commit to him and then says it's over between them. Then Jason knocks on the door. Patrick storms off in anger at the sight of him. At the end, Jason apologizes for snapping at Sam earlier and asks what her problem with Elizabeth is. Sam tells him that Liz has known for months who he really is. 

End of show!

Have a great night!

Monday, December 7, 2015

You Stole Jason's Life!

Back off!
Monday's Recap - 

At Kelly's, Jason runs into Carly and she tries to talk to him about trying to get his memory back. Jason says she needs to accept him for the man he is now, but Carly pleads with him not to move forward with Liz. Jason gets upset and snaps at Carly to leave Liz alone. Carly agrees, but asks if he feels more alive with Liz or Sam. Then she says it's a mistake to marry Liz and he needs to take a deep breath and think about his actions. Later Carly heads to the hospital and vents to Sonny about how bad Liz is for Jason. Sonny says he wishes Jason would come now more than ever.

Sam goes to Liz's house and confronts Liz about little Jake's secret. Sam calls Liz a bitch and claims that Laura confirmed Liz knew for months that Jake was really Jason. Liz gets nervous, but denies it. Sam tells her off and reminds Liz about their encounter in the chapel months before when she found Liz in tears over Jason's marriage proposal. Sam accuses Liz of stealing Jason's life, but Liz gets defensive and says there is no way in hell anyone is taking Jason from her. Then Jason comes home as the girls are arguing.

Mac and Anna talk on the docks. Anna says she thinks that Sloane might be dead at Paul's hand. Mac recalls that Paul was involved in the mob years ago, but he thinks they need to find Carlos. Anna wonders why Paul came back to Port Charles so they agree to work together to find out. Meanwhile Paul investigate's Sloane's apartment and realizes it was recently searched. The landlord walks in and Paul tells him he's investigating a possible break in. He asks the landlord if he noticed anyone around the building. The man tells Paul he noticed a man lurking around, but didn't know who he was. Paul asks him to keep quiet about their conversation in exchange for money to cover the back rent for Kyle's apartment. 

Ava gets a visit from Sonny and his men at her art gallery asking if she knows Raj. Julian shows up and Sonny warns them that Raj is dealing in military weapons and he's on the NSA's blacklist. Sonny tells Ava he doesn't want Avery exposed to this. Ava gets nasty and denies it, but Sonny doesn't believe her. Later Julian and Ava speak alone and Julian asks if she's really running guns with Raj. However Ava continues to deny it. Julian wonders who the new man in her life is, but Ava is reluctant to tell him that as well. At the end, Julian warns her not to underestimate Sonny.

Patrick talks to Epiphany at the hospital about his relationship with Sam. Patrick expresses doubts about Sam's ability to be objective where Jason is concerned. Epiphany advises Patrick to show Sam how much he loves her and fight for his relationship. After Patrick orders roses for Sam. Meanwhile over at Liz's house, Sam threatens Liz to tell Jason the truth or she says she will!

End of show!

Have a great night!

Friday, December 4, 2015

Mac Sighting

Nice to see you!
Today's Show - 

At the PCPD, Paul asks Jordan where Anna is. Paul also says he's not keeping anything from her. Jordan tells him she'll let Anna know he's looking for her if she sees her. Meanwhile Anna tries to break into the apartment of Kyle Sloane, but she's stopped by Mac. He tells her that he and Felicia are worried about her so he followed her. Anna confesses to Mac that she thinks Kyle faked Carlos' death. Mac decides to help her break in and they search Sloane's apartment together. They wonder whose body was identified as Carlos if Carlos is really alive. Later Anna finds a cell phone, calls the last number on it and it rings to Paul's phone. 

Sabrina tells Carlos to leave Port Charles on the docks, but Carlos says he wants Sabrina to come with him. She refuses and she says wants Michael to raise the baby with her. Carlos tells her that's not going to happen. Sabrina gets upset and starts yelling at Carlos that he's living in a fantasy. She tells Carlos to let her go, but he grabs Sabrina in anger and refuses. Meanwhile Paul lurks nearby and watches them. After in private, Paul advises Carlos to avoid anymore run ins with Anna. 

Jason shows Elizabeth affection at their place. Then Liz says she's worried about little Jake and she thanks Jason for loving her. After Liz leaves so Jason can have a meeting with his lawyer. Later Diane stops by and assists with his legal issues. Diane shows him his extensive list of finances and suggests that he shouldn't divorce Sam until he's taken the time to get used to being Jason Morgan. However he gets defensive and tells Diane to get the divorce done asap. Then Jason says he wants to financially take of Sam and Danny as well as Liz and her boys. 

Hayden receives a call from Curtis at Wyndermere so she leaves to meet up with him. After Laura approaches Nikolas and they talk about Sam's suspicions. Nikolas hopes that Sam will move on, but Laura thinks that Sam is determined and warns him his secret will likely blow up. Later Elizabeth walks in and asks if Sam knows yet. Nik and Laura advise Liz to stay calm for the time being. Elizabeth worries that she's cursed by Helena, but Laura says they all made their own choices and they'll have to pay for them. Nikolas tries to calm her nerves and hopes the whole thing can be put to bed. 

Sam meets up with Alexis at Kelly's and they discuss Sam divorcing Jason. She shares her suspicions about Elizabeth and Nikolas knowing that Jake was Jason for awhile. However Sam says she wants to divorce Jason quickly so she's not tempted to do anything rash. Alexis wonders if this is affecting her relationship with Patrick. Alexis also wonders if Sam is jealous that Jason is in love with Elizabeth. 

Outside of Kelly's, Hayden meets up with Curtis and they have a chat. He shows her evidence that Nikolas tried to kill her. Later Hayden returns to Wyndermere and has trouble pretending not to be upset. Back at Kelly's Jordan notices Curtis and appears to recognize him. Nearby Jason comes into Kelly's as Alexis is leaving. He tells her that he talked to Diane about divorcing Sam. Meanwhile Liz goes home and sees a sweet note from Jason, which brings her hope about their future. However at the end, Sam knocks on the door. 

End of show!

About ten minutes of show was interrupted by the news today so I missed a couple of things.

Have a great weekend!

P.S. What do you think about Jason Thompson leaving GH for Y&R? Read here --> JASON THOMPSON IS Y&R'S NEW BILLY Personally, I can understand his wanting to try new things and/or make more money, but it seems a little soon and insensitive to his GH fan base.

Thursday, December 3, 2015


Thursday's Recap - 

Sorry I'm too behind with work to get my recap done. Sad that Jason Thompson is leaving GH too.

Have a great night!

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Letting Go

Do you know the secret?
Here's What Happened - 

At Crimson, Julian walks in on Nina making out with Franco during her lunch break. Franco decides to leave and after Julian warns Nina that if she doesn't fix the magazine he's going to replace her. Later Nina asks Maxie for help so Maxie decides to give Nina a makeover. Maxie brings in a fashion specialist and they transform Nina into a fashionista. Nina cries at the sight of herself in the mirror. She confides in Maxie that she lived in her mother's shadow for years and she doesn't want to be crazy anymore. She thanks Maxie for transforming her and they agree to turn Crimson around. 

In the Metro Court restaurant, Franco confronts Julian about him giving Nina a job. Franco thinks its weird that he hired a person with no work experience or any fashion experience. He suggests that Julian has an ulterior motive and he warns Julian that if he hurts Nina, he'll hurt him back. Later Julian returns to Crimson and Nina tells him she needs more money to turn Crimson around. Julian says he can't do that and they'll need to raise funds some other way. After Nina tells Maxie an idea to make Crimson successful and says she's going to put in her own money to make it happen. Back at the Metro Court, Julian meets up with Alexis and expresses some concern about Nina running Crimson.

Carly stops Liz at GH to tell her to let Jason go. Carly accuses Elizabeth of trying to trap Jason. Carly also thinks Jason needs danger and that he'll seek it out. Liz warns Carly that she knows she loves Jason and if she has anything to do with hit, Carly will not get him back. Then Liz walks away, but Carly goes after her and they keep fighting. Carly says Liz is a manipulator and Jason only loves Liz, because he doesn't remember Sam. Liz says there is nothing Carly can do about her relationship with Jason. Carly thinks the second Jason remembers who he is, he's going to walk away from Liz. 

Patrick runs into Jason in the hospital and remarks that he's happy Jason decided to divorce Sam. Jason reminds him that he has a child with Sam and considers her a friend so he will be in her life. Jason also tells Patrick that if he feels threatened, it's his problem. Then he walks away. After Patrick and Liz talk at the Nurses' station about their encounters with Jason and Carly. Nearby Carly runs into Franco when he arrives for work. She warns Franco to stay away from Morgan. Then Carly tells him that his life with Nina will eventually come crashing down around him.

Laura goes to Sam's place at Sam's behest and Sam asks if they can talk in private. She tells Laura that little Jake said Elizabeth and her are keeping a secret about Jason. Laura plays dumb and says she'll let Liz and Jason figure it out. Sam gets suspicious and asks if Laura knew Jake was really Jason for awhile. Then Jason knocks on the door to pick up little Jake and he notices tension between Sam and Laura. He asks if everything is okay so Laura is quick to smooth things over. Then she leaves and after little Jake goes home with Jason. 

Nikolas tells Alexis at Wyndermere that Helena is truly dead. Alexis rejoices, but then she notices Nikolas seems upset. Alexis warns him that it appears he's taking on some of Helena's ruthlessness. After they talk about Sam and what happened on Cassadine Island before Helena died. They agree Sam is better with Patrick, but Alexis says they don't get to decide that for Sam. Later Laura comes to tell Nik that Sam is close to figuring everything out. 

At the end, Alexis meets up with Patrick and they go to see Sam together. Patrick says he called Alexis to represent Sam in her divorce from Jason. Sam gets upset so Alexis leaves. Then Sam tells Patrick she'll get divorced when she's ready to. Patrick asks why she's stalling. Meanwhile Jason goes home with little Jake and vents about his memory issues. Liz gives him her engagement ring and says she's letting him go. 

End of show!

Have a great night!