Friday, November 20, 2015

You Might Not Like The Truth

I'll tell you everything!
Friday's Recap - 

Nina tells Nathan at the PCPD that Kiki is the one who hit Carly, not Franco. Then Franco tries to dissuade Nathan from believing her, but Nathan decides to check into it. While waiting, Franco expresses frustration with Nina and tells her she needs to accept that he loves Kiki. After Nathan gets video footage of Kiki driving and he releases Franco. Meanwhile Carly asks Patrick at GH what he knows about Dr. Maddox. She senses he's upset so Patrick explains to her that Sam went to Cassadine Island to find Jason. Patrick wonders where this is going to leave his relationship with Sam. After Carly gets a call from Nathan looking for Morgan. Carly goes storming off to the PCPD and when she gets there, Nathan tells her that Kiki is the one who ran her over. 

Morgan brings Kiki to Sonny's cabin. He wants to go fishing, but Kiki reminds him it's cold out. Morgan gets manic and tells her he plans on moving in there for the winter. Kiki doesn't want to stay, but Morgan insists this is a chance for them both to start over. He manages to convince her to stay so they end up playing a card game that involves striping and alcohol. Morgan ends up taking a polar bear plunge outside and then Kiki gets a call from Franco. He warns her that the police are after her. Then Morgan gets a text message from Carly saying the cops are looking for Kiki. Morgan decides to delete the message. After Kiki panics and wants to go back to Port Charles. Morgan wants to head off to Canada and let's it slip that the cabin isn't even Sonny's. At the end, Morgan freaks out that someone is outside and readies a shot gun saying he's going to protect her. 

Back at the PCPD, Nathan lectures Franco for tipping Kiki off. Franco gets upset with Nina again and says he wanted to take the blame so Kiki didn't get in trouble. Franco doesn't think Nina is sorry for hurting Kiki. Nina wonders if he's going to break up with her now. He tells her that's not the case and says they're just having a fight. Nina says she always worried about Silas leaving her when they were married. Franco assures her he's not Silas and says he loves her. At the end, Nina tells Franco she really is sorry for Kiki and hopes everything will work out for the better. 

Epiphany tells Sonny at the gym that he's not going anywhere. However Sonny doesn't want to work out in front of all the bipedal boxers. Epiphany pushes him to use the weights and after gives him boxing gloves. Later Patrick comes to the gym to try boxing for the first time. Sonny offers to help him since Patrick saved his life. Sonny guesses that Patrick is upset with Jason and decides to give him advice on boxing/life. At the end, Epiphany tells Sonny he did good with his therapy and his conversation with Patrick. Then Carly shows up and tells Sonny that Kiki and Morgan are hiding out together. Back at the hospital, Patrick leaves a sweet message for Sam. 

On Cassadine Island, Helena tells Elizabeth, Nikolas, Sam and Jason that she's ready to tell them everything. However she warns Jason that he might not like the truth. Elizabeth gets nervous while Sam becomes impatient. Helena makes cracks at both of them and then tells Jason she saved his life. She explains that she rescued Jason from the water after Faison shot him and then Victor took it from there. Sam gets angry and tells Helena she will dance on her grave. Helena puts a curse of unhappiness on Sam in response. Nikolas tells Helena to stop it, but Helena says what's done is done. Liz wants to leave, but then Helena says she's the one who took Jason's memory away. Sam wants to know if Helena can undo it and Jason demands to know how she did it!

End of show!

Good show today! GH has been getting better lately. I hope they keep it up; still a lot of work to do!

Have a great weekend!

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