Monday, November 16, 2015

We Kissed

Who kissed who?
Monday's Recap - 

At Sonny's house, Carly tries to make changes to adjust life for Sonny's wheelchair, but Sonny takes offense. He cops an attitude and tells Carly she can move out if she doesn't like it. Carly walks out of the living room and then Morgan comes in. Morgan hears Sonny giving Max orders about Ava, but Morgan says he wants to be the one to deal with Ava. Sonny gets upset and tells Morgan he doesn't want him involved. After Sonny tells Max to watch Ava, but he'll be the one to ultimately confront her. Meanwhile Lucas comes over and sees that Carly is stressed. She vents to Lucas about the situation with Sonny. Lucas suggests that Carly get Sonny a physical therapist to work with him at home. At the end Carly tries to reason with Sonny, but he threatens to end their marriage if she tries to be his nursemaid. 

Ava gets a visit from Paul at her apartment. He brings her a stuffed animal with a nanny cam inside. After Ava tries to get out of working with Paul, but they end up making out. Right then Morgan starts screaming for Ava to open the door from outside. Paul hides and Ava let's Morgan in. Morgan has a box of Avery's things to give to Ava and he asks if she is taking over Julian's organization. Ava thinks Morgan is trying to play her so she kicks him out. At the end, Paul advises Ava to strike back at Morgan. 

Hayden meets up with Tracy in secret and they discuss Hayden's seduction of Nikolas at the park. Hayden says seduction takes time, but Tracy doesn't want to hear it and threatens to tell Nikolas that Hayden is double crossing him. Hayden assures Tracy that she will manage to get ELQ from Nikolas for their agreed upon fee. Meanwhile Robin watches on a tablet as Emma gets approached by a kidnapper at the park as punishment for Robin contacting Patrick. Emma freaks out when the kidnapper tries to grab her and Tracy runs over to help. Robin watches with pride. After the security guard at the compound warns Robin not to cross them again. Robin says when Jason remembers he'll want to find her and Jason will kill them. The security guard doesn't buy it and orders Robin to get back to work. 

Patrick comes home and finds Sam looking at Jason's wedding ring. Sam tells him that Jason came over and they kissed. Patrick asks who kissed who so Sam answers it was mutual. Sam explains that Jason didn't remember anything. Patrick gets upset and wonders if Sam really wants to get back with Jason. Then Patrick gets a call from Tracy about Emma and runs out. Once he gets to the park, Emma is upset about Jason's return. She explains that Spencer told her about it and Emma worries that Sam will leave like Robin did. 

Jason heads to Wyndermere and threatens Nikolas in front of Elizabeth. He thinks that Nikolas knew all along that he was Jason, but Liz tries to smooth things over. Nik advises Liz to leave them alone together so she heads out. In private, Jason tells Nikolas that he will bankrupt him if Nik doesn't tell him what he wants to know. Then Hayden walks in and tries to defend Nikolas. Nik tells Jason Helena is the only person who knows about his past. 

Back at Patrick's place, Sam get a visit from Elizabeth. Liz wants to talk about Jason and she warns Sam that Jason is her finance. She asks Sam to give Jason some space. Sam gets upset and tells Liz it's not her business. She tells Liz that Jason will remember and what happens after that is anyone's guess. Meanwhile Jason gets on his motorcycle and leaves Port Charles. 

End of show!

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