Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Sabrina, is that my baby?

Let's leave Port Charles!
Today's Show - 

Over at GH, Bobby meets up with Dante and Michael to talk about Morgan. Bobby says they need to make plans for Thanksgiving and then heads off to take care of the details. After Dante and Michael talk in private about Dante's marital problems. Meanwhile Carly and Sonny sit with Morgan in his hospital room until Dr. Maddox comes in. Carly and Sonny step outside so Dr. Maddox can talk to Morgan alone. In private, Dr. Maddox tells Morgan they need to evaluate him for awhile to know how best to treat him. 

In the hospital hallway, Kristina comes to chat with Sonny, Dante, Michael and Carly. Later Dr. Maddox comes to tell Carly and Sonny that he'll need to observe Morgan for while to know what's going on with him. After Carly and Sonny go to talk to Morgan again. Morgan asks Carly to help get Kiki out of jail. Carly leaves to see what she can do and once alone, Sonny wants to have a man to man talk with Morgan. He asks Morgan how he's really feeling. Morgan is worried that he's bi polar and isn't sure how he's going to deal with it. Sonny promises him it will be okay and they'll get through it as a family. 

Carlos makes breakfast for Sabrina at her apartment and she asks how he managed to survive. Carlos tells her that he didn't shoot Sonny and that he ended up faking his own death when the opportunity arose. Then Carlos asks smiling at her stomach, "Sabrina is that my baby?" She's quick to tell him that the baby is Michael's, but Carlos doesn't believe her. Carlos wants to leave the country with Sabrina and promises to give her a great life. Then Michael knocks on the door looking to pick Sabrina up for Thanksgiving. Sabrina insists that Michael is the father and orders Carlos to hide. Then she answers the door and asks Michael to meet her with the car downstairs. Michael agrees and after Sabrina tells Carlos to be gone by the morning. Then she walks out to meet Michael. Once alone, Carlos says out loud that he's not going anywhere. 

Paul gets a text message while at Ava's apartment that Kiki was arrested. Ava begs him to help Kiki somehow, but Paul thinks if he does it will expose their relationship. Meanwhile at the PCPD, Nathan gets Kiki situated in the interrogation room. Then he steps outside and Jordan tells him she's going to handle Kiki's case personally. Later Paul and Ava arrive and Ava wants to help Kiki. However, Kiki refuses to take aid from her. Then Carly shows up and wants to drop the charges against Kiki. Jordan and Paul agree and Paul has the charges dropped. After Kiki thanks Carly and Carly offers to take Kiki to visit Morgan at the hospital. Kiki agrees and they leave together while Ava watches in disgust. Later Ava reconvenes with Paul at her apartment and thanks him for helping Kiki. Paul says he did to impress Carly so no one suspects he's after Sonny's territory. After Ava offers to let Paul join her for Thanksgiving, but Paul says he's got plans with Dillon. 

Maxie accompanies Lulu to her apartment to pick up more clothes while Dante isn't home. Lulu sees family pictures and gets emotional. Then she finds a lipstick in the bathroom and assumes it's Valerie's. However Maxie recognizes it as a gift she gave Lulu. Then Dante comes home and notices that Lulu brought over separation papers. Maxie tries to reason with them, but Lulu asks her to leave so she can talk to Dante alone. Once in private, Dante asks how he can earn Lulu's trust again. Lulu says they blew up big time and she doesn't know how to fix it. Meanwhile Maxie heads to the PCPD and chats with Nathan about visiting Georgie for the holiday. At the end, they leave for Portland. 

Sam comes home to Patrick and tells him that Helena died. She explains that spending time with Jason made her realize that her Jason died and he isn't her husband anymore. Then Sam assures Patrick he's not her second choice, says she loves him and asks if he'll still marry her. Patrick tells her yes he still wants to marry her and they kiss. At the end, they prepare to have Thanksgiving together, but Patrick looks a little unsure when Sam steps away to freshen up. 

Carly brings Kiki to visit Morgan at GH and they invite her to join them for Thanksgiving. Then Bobby walks in with bags of food for the holiday. After Michael and Sabrina along with Kristina join them for the holiday meal in Morgan's hospital room. Sonny is touched and makes a toast. He wishes that Dante and Lulu can fix their marriage and hopes they will join them next year. Then Sonny thanks Carly for marrying him, thanks Bobby for tolerating him, thanks Michael for coming home and Sabrina for the baby. He also thanks Kristina for coming him and being wonderful and then thanks Morgan for facing his problems. Finally they all toast to a Happy Thanksgiving!

End of show!

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