Wednesday, November 18, 2015


I'm going after Jason!
Here's What Happened - 

Jason goes to see Spinelli in Portland for answers about Helena. Spinelli gets on his laptop and starts scanning the computers on Cassadine Island. Spinelli is happy to help him and tells him about all the great things Jason did for him in the past. Spinelli assures him that he doesn't have to be anything he doesn't want to be and advises Jason to, "Be Yourself!" Jason says Sam deserves her husband and he loves Elizabeth, but no matter what he does somebody gets hurt. Later Spinelli finds a location for Helena. He programs it into Jason's phone and transfers money to him from Jason's old off shore accounts. Jason thanks him and takes off to confront Helena. 

Dante admonishes Valerie at the PCPD for her reckless, but effective behavior during their stake out. Later Valerie sends Dante an email thanking him for the night before. After Michael comes to see Dante to talk about getting Nik out of ELQ. Meanwhile Lulu tells Maxie at the Metro Court that she saw Valerie in the car with Dante with her head on his shoulder the night before. Maxie says she can read Dante's email with software Spinelli put on her computer. When she does, they see the email that Valerie sent to Dante. Later Lulu goes to the station to confront Dante about his night with Valerie and her email. Dante explains he was on a stake out and thinks Lulu is overreacting. He says maybe they really are over. Back at the Metro Court, Valerie goes for breakfast and Maxie tells her off for emailing Dante. 

Sam tells Patrick at their house that Jason left town for answers and she wants to help him. Patrick is upset that she's choosing to leave and says if she leaves it could be the end for them. Then he walks out and after Sam thinks about Jason and Patrick both while we get flashbacks. Later Liz comes by all worried about Jason and Sam informs her that she's going after Jason. Liz tells Sam to respect her relationship, because she loves Jason. Sam thinks Liz has created something in her head and she intends to help Jason whether Liz likes it or not. Then she kicks Liz out.

Liz goes to the Quartermaine's and asks Sabrina and Michael if they've seen Jason. Michael is excited about an upcoming doctor appointment for the baby and tells Sabrina he'll meet up with her after. Once alone, Liz and Sabrina talk about Liz's fear that Jason won't come back to her. Later Sabrina heads to GH, but cancels her appointment. After Sabrina runs into Anna and asks if there is any progress on Carlos' killer. Anna gets nervous, promises to keep her posted and then heads off. At the end, Michael comes to the hospital and learns that Sabrina cancelled her appointment. Meanwhile Patrick sees Sabrina and apologizes to her for what happened between them when Robin came back.

Anna runs into Dr. Maddox at The Metro Court. He notices that she has St. John Wart with her and suggests that she's self medicating. Later Anna heads to GH to talk to Patrick about Emma's kidnapping attempt. Patrick assures her that Emma will be protected. Then Patrick confides in Anna about his concerns regarding Sam since Jason came back. Anna advises Patrick to trust Sam and let her do what she needs to do. Later Sam calls Patrick to tell him she loves him, but needs to help Jason. Patrick says he trusts her and wishes her well. Meanwhile, Anna goes to Dr. Maddox's office and says she needs help. 

At the end, Liz returns to Sam's place and tells her she wants to come along on the search for Jason. Then Spinelli calls Sam to tell her that Jason is headed to Cassadine Island!

End of show!

So Anna is a druggie for taking St. John's Wart...come on that's so silly!

Have a great night!

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