Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Moving Out

Here's What Happened - 

Olivia finds Lulu at The Haunted Star and Lulu tells her about what happened at the Halloween party. Olivia can't believe Dante cheated, but asks Lulu not to make any hasty decisions about her marriage. Meanwhile Dante finds his apartment empty, but then Valerie stops by. She tells Dante that Dillon played the video on purpose. Dante says its all his fault and he can't blame Dillon. Valerie thinks all the gossip will ruin her career. Dante tries to give her encouragement. Then Lulu walks in and sees him put his arm around Valerie. Lulu gets pissed and later calls Valerie a whore. Valerie tries to apologize, but tells Lulu she holds some responsibility for lying to Dante. Lulu doesn't want to hear it so Dante asks Valerie to give them some time alone. After Lulu tells Dante she's moving out with Rocco. Then she packs her bags and walks out. Over at The Haunted Star, Valerie thinks about what she did and cries. 

Kiki wakes up with a hang over and finds Morgan waiting there. He gives her water and aspirin. Morgan says they have to talk about what happened the night before, but then Franco walks out and interrupts. Franco assumes that Morgan upset Kiki somehow. Kiki tells Franco she got herself drunk and it's not Morgan's fault. Franco walks out and after Morgan tells Kiki he found her passed out in Franco's car on the side of the road last night. Then Franco storms back in and says someone side swiped his car in the garage. In private Morgan tells Kiki that she is the one who really wrecked Franco's car. Kiki doesn't remember much so Morgan gives her a lecture on drinking and driving. Then Kiki has a memory flash of driving, but keeps quiet about it. At the end, Franco warns Morgan not to hurt Kiki and after Kiki lays in Franco's lap for comfort. (that was awkward)

Michael and Sabrina visit Sonny at the hospital. Sonny wonders where Carly has been, but Sabrina thinks she's busy helping Jake with the wedding. After Sabrina leaves to help Elizabeth and once alone, Michael tells Sonny that Sabrina's doesn't want to get married. Sonny thinks Sabrina is afraid to marry him, because of Sonny's business. Michael says that's definitely that the case. Later Olivia storms in and tells Michael and Sonny about what happened with Dante and Lulu at the Halloween party. Sonny tells them that Dante told him and he was the one who advised Dante to come clean. Olivia gets upset and says some lies are worth keeping secret. 

Liz wakes up to find a red rose and a letter from Jake reminding her it's their wedding day and asking her to come downstairs to make pancakes. However when Liz comes down she sees Jake giving the boys a run down of how the wedding will play out. Later Epiphany, Felix and Sabrina arrive to help Elizabeth get ready. Jake listens to his voice mail and hears Carly's urgent message. He gets dressed in his tuxedo and leaves the house so Liz can get ready in private. Then he tries to call Carly back, but gets her voice mail. Meanwhile Carly lays unconscious in her car, which is smashed up on the side of the road. She wakes up, but finds that she's trapped inside. Later Carly cuts her seat belt loose and reaches for her cell phone. Meanwhile Jake stops by the hospital looking for Carly and talks to Michael. At the end, Carly manages to get herself out of the car, but her legs are weak and she falls. She decides to call Jake for help. 

End of show!

Have a great night!

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