Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Marital Woes

Today's Show - 

Nina and Franco talk before heading out to their new jobs. Nina is nervous about starting at Crimson and Franco has his psych evaluation at GH. Kiki teases Nina while they talk. After Franco tells Kiki to stop insulting Nina. He nicely advises her to get a job and get her act together. Later Morgan comes to visit Kiki when she's alone and she tells him she needs a job. Morgan asks what experience Kiki has and suggests that she could be waitress at The Metro Court. Then Nathan comes over looking for Franco. Kiki tells him to look in the hospital. At the end, Kiki goes to the Metro Court and asks Olivia for a job.

Over at GH, Dr. Obrecht introduces Franco to Dr. Andre Maddox for his evaluation. They go into Dr. Maddox's office and Dr. Maddox reviews Franco's files. Franco is quick to say the tumor he had is why he did so many bad things in the past, but Dr. Maddox says he's concerned about what Franco did after his Halloween wedding debacle with Carly. Then they talk about his relationship with Nina and Franco says he wants a job to prove to Nina that he's worthy of her. Dr. Maddox thinks Franco is trying too hard to say the right things. Later Dr. Obrecht bursts in wanting to know if Franco passed. She then gives Franco his job back without listening to Dr. Maddox's concerns.

Lulu interrupts Alexis and Julian during their dinner at the Metro Court to ask Alexis to represent her. Then Olivia comes over to tell Julian that Leo said his first word. Alexis dismisses it by saying Leo is too young to talk. After Julian heads off to Crimson and Alexis leaves for work. Then Lulu talks to Olivia at the bar and Olivia tells Lulu that Dante will always help her with Rocco. Later Alexis returns and apologizes to Olivia for blowing off her comment about Leo earlier. Then she invites Olivia and Leo to Thanksgiving dinner. 

Over at Crimson, Lulu stops by to see Maxie and Maxie tells her how excited she is to be back. Lulu thinks Nina won't make it as the CEO. Right then Nina walks in and hears Lulu talking about her. Maxie introduces them and Nina tells Lulu she's welcome anytime. Then Lulu leaves and after Maxie hands Nina a book of Crimson's current status reports. Nina is overwhelmed and asks Maxie what she thinks they need to do. Maxie thinks they need a complete re-branding of themselves. Later Julian comes by and tells Nina not to spend much money and suggests she focus on social media marketing. At the end, Nina tells Maxie in private that she doesn't know what to do. Maxie says she will help her and that Nina needs to be the face of Crimson.

Nathan brings Dante food to his car during a stake out. Dante tells him he's waiting for a newbie to do a ride along so Nathan heads off. After Valerie shows up as the newbie and they talk about the case Dante's working on. Then Dante tells Valerie that his embryo plans with Lulu are on hold. Later Lulu calls Dante to tell him that he can visit Rocco. At the end, Valerie falls asleep on Dante's shoulder and Lulu sees them. 

Carly and Sonny argue at their house. Sonny dares to end their marriage so Carly threatens to walk out. Then she realizes that he's trying to push her away before things get really difficult for him. Sonny finally softens and apologizes. Carly tells him he has to stop taking his anger out on her, but she's not going anywhere. Then Epiphany stops by to do physical therapy. She tells Carly to leave so she can work with him alone. Once alone, Epiphany takes control and let's Sonny know he has to do exactly what she tells him. She makes him uses weights, but Sonny tries to overdue it when Epiphany leaves.

Ava tells Paul at her apartment that she won't be his whore. Paul clarifies that he thinks Ava should get back at Morgan, but not sleep with him. Paul wonders if Ava's cool feet are about her feelings toward Morgan. Ava gets insulted and slaps Paul across the face. Then she insists she can get the job done. Later Carly stops by so Paul hides. Ava and Carly discuss Avery and Carly tells her she in for the fight of her life. Then Carly sees the box of Avery's things that Morgan brought over and gets upset that Morgan came to see Ava. She's quick to warn Ava off from seeing Morgan and walks out. After Ava rants to Paul that she's going to claim what is hers. Paul likes what he hears and they start making out. At the end, Carly calls Morgan to the hospital and pushes him to see a doctor. Nearby, Nathan shows up and arrests Franco for Carly's accident. 

End of show!

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