Monday, November 30, 2015

Keeping Secrets

No regrets!
Monday's Recap - 

Ava brings Avery to the hospital so Sonny can visit with her. Then the court supervisor shows up to accompany Sonny on his visit. Carly and Ava exchange a few words, but then Ava leaves Avery alone with them. After Carly asks the court supervisor if Sonny can have a little space so she agrees to wait outside. Then Carly leaves to see Morgan giving Sonny alone time with Avery. In private, Sonny sings "Beautiful Dreamer" to her and Avery eats it up. Meanwhile Ava heads to her art gallery and finds Paul there with an associate named Raj. They have a shipment there that Paul wants Ava to oversee. Ava asks Paul in private what the shipment contains, but Paul won't say. Later Paul goes to see Sonny at the hospital and gets Sonny extra time with Avery from the supervisor. Then Paul warns Sonny that he's different than all the previous DA's. Back at the gallery, curiosity takes over and Ave peeks into the shipment. She finds a ton of automatic weapons. 

Jake surprises Liz at GH and she asks about him divorcing Sam. Meanwhile Sam thinks about overhearing little Jake telling Danny that he knows a secret about Jason at home. Then Patrick leaves for work and they make plans to make love when he gets back. After she calls Jason to ask if little Jake can come play with Danny. Later Patrick goes to work and Liz tells him that Jason is going to speak with Diane about divorcing Sam. Patrick tells Liz that he's not sure Sam really wants that. Meanwhile Jason brings little Jake to see Danny and he tells Sam he'll be filing for divorce. Sam agrees that it's probably the right move. Later Sam watches the boys alone and tries to get little Jake to tell her his secret. He's hesitant to say so Sam backs off.  

Nikolas tells Laura at Wyndermere that Helena is dead and says it's surprising how it has sadden him. Laura says at least now Helena can't blow his secret with Elizabeth. Then they start talking about Hayden and Laura worries that Nik's feelings for Hayden are clouding his judgement. Laura uses Britt as an example and also says she doesn't want Spencer to get attached to another destructive woman. Nikolas says he cares about Hayden, but his eyes are wide open. 

Hayden goes to the Haunted Star and meets up with Shawn's friend Curtis. He asks how he can help her so Hayden asks Curtis to get evidence on who shot her. She offers to pay him handsomely in exchange and advises him to look for the bullet. Later Laura goes to the Haunted Star and we hear her internal thoughts about Helena as she orders a drink. Laura feels determined to bring Nikolas back to the right side of things so Helena doesn't get the her wish for him to be ruthless. Meanwhile Hayden goes back to Wyndermere and shares a kiss with Nikolas. They remark on how much they both missed each other while he was away. 

Valerie and Dante wake up in bed together at his apartment and agree they don't regret sleeping together again. Later Lulu knocks on the door and attempts to talk to Dante about their marriage. However she sees Valerie in a towel inside and gets angry. Valerie goes to get dressed in the bathroom and Lulu and Dante get into an argument. Dante acts cold toward Lulu. She tells him that she came over to try to work things out and asks what he was thinking. Then Valerie comes back out, defends Dante and blames Lulu for destroying her own marriage. At the end, Dante hands Lulu the signed separation papers.

Jason goes back to General Hospital and runs into Carly. She asks if he's going to reclaim his past, but Jason answers that there is nothing to reclaim. Carly thinks that's a terrible idea and says Elizabeth is wrong for him. She accuses him of hiding from being the real Jason Morgan. However he tells Carly that this is who is he now and she needs to get used to it. At the end, Carly corners Elizabeth and tells her to let Jason go. Nearby Patrick and Jason have a tense run in. Back at Patrick's place, Sam tries another approach and calls Laura to come over.

End of show!

Avery just might be the cutest baby ever!

Have a great night!

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