Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Jason Came Back to Us

Here's What Happened - 

Carly walks into the courtroom just as Sonny is threatening to kill Ava. Carly, Michael, Kiki and Morgan run over to Sonny and stop him. Then Ric and Scotty walk in right as Sonny tosses a notebook at Ava. She asks Kiki to stand up for her, but Kiki won't help Ava. After Carly explains that she was in a car accident as Kiki listens carefully. In private, Kiki tells Morgan she thinks she might have run Carly off the road. Morgan tells her to forget about it. Ric gives Carly grief for missing the hearing, but then the judge returns before Carly can explain about Jason. Later court resumes and Scotty plays a recording of the confrontation that Ava and Sonny had earlier. The judge decides to give Ava stole custody and allows Sonny visitation. At the end, Sonny blames Carly for him losing custody of Avery. Carly tries to tell him about Jason, but Sonny doesn't want to hear it. After Carly tells Michael that Jake is really Jason and says, "Jason came back to us!"

At Wyndermere, Hayden advises Nikolas to come clean about everything he knows. She tells him she was watching him at the church and he didn't look surprised to learn that Jake is Jason. Hayden admits that her memory started to return a while ago, but claims she doesn't want to spoil their mutual attraction. Nikolas accuses her of playing him and Hayden says she thinks he might be playing her too. Hayden promises she won't use anything she knows against him. At the end, Nikolas tells her he wants her right now, but Hayden says she wants to take things slow and walks out. After Hayden calls an unknown person asking to meet.

At the church, Sam tells Patrick that Jason is still her husband. Patrick says he's trying to process what that means for her and their relationship. Sam can't believe that she never recognized Jake was Jason before. Patrick promises to stand by her while she figures everything out. Sam thanks him and then Patrick says they need to find out if she's still legally married to Jason. It reminds him of when Robin came back and blew up his wedding to Sabrina. Patrick thinks Sam is already debating going back to Jason. Sam says she still loves him. Later they go home and Sam worries about what their going to tell Emma and Danny. 

Liz tells Jason at the bridge that she's sorry for not encouraging him to find out who he was. Jason says he understands that she was afraid it would tear them apart. Then Elizabeth asks if it's over between them now. He says he still loves her and that's not going to change. Liz asks if they can get married as planned. However Jason says he can't marry her until he figures about what to do about his life as Jason Morgan. Liz says Jake and Jason aren't that different and she doesn't want to give up on him. Jason tells her he's not walking away from her and agrees to go home with her. Later at the house, he promises to talk to the boys about what happened in the morning. At the end, Carly leaves a message for Jason saying she needs him. Meanwhile Sam rides Jason's motorcycle over to Elizabeth's house and gives him the keys.

End of show!

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