Wednesday, November 25, 2015

It's Thanksgiving in Port Charles!

I know a secret!
Wednesday's Recap - 

Sam, Patrick, Emma, Anna and Danny are joined by Dr. Maddox at the Drake's for Thanksgiving. Anna looks uncomfortable and Emma quickly lets Dr. Maddox know that Anna is her grandma and single. Later they all sit down to dinner and Emma tells a story about ghosts. After Dr. Maddox talks to Anna in private and he tells her he didn't know he was going to be having dinner with a patient. Then Anna shows him the necklace she found on the docks. She tells him she's starting to suspect that Carlos is alive. Dr. Maddox offers to help listen if she needs him. 

At the Quartermaine's, Tracy and Monica talk about Edward, Lila and Jason's return. Then Paul and Dillon come in and tell them they are cooking dinner for the family. Paul let's them know he's frying the turkey. Tracy notes that Paul came home late last night and in private Dillon asks if it would bother Tracy if Paul was dating someone. Tracy tells him no. Later Dillon tells Tracy and Paul that he's going to back to Los Angeles. Meanwhile in the foyer, Michael and Sabrina come over and Michael says he hopes Jason shows up so he can tell him about the baby. Monica gets choked up talking about Jason and then Jason rings the doorbell with little Jake and Liz. Monica is thrilled to see him and Michael tells Jason he's going to be a father. Jason congratulates him and Jason tells Michael that Helena is dead. Hearing that makes little Jake upset and he breaks a figurine on an accent table. After Sam stops by with Patrick and Danny to visit Monica. 

Ava sits with Avery at the Metro Court and says out loud that she's surprised that Julian didn't invite her for dinner. Meanwhile Alexis asks Molly to give Julian a break at their new house. Kristina joins in and then Julian arrives with Olivia and Leo. Olivia made a lot of Italian food, which makes Alexis nervous since she already had dinner planned. Then Ava knocks on the door and surprises them. Olivia freaks out, but Kristina manages to smooth it over by asking to spend time with Avery. Later Julian spends time alone with Molly, Kristina, Leo and Avery while Alexis struggles to deal with Olivia and Ava in the dinning room. After everyone starts eating and Molly asks Kristina if she's going to stay in Port Charles. Nearby Alexis tells Olivia that Lulu had her draw up a separation agreement. Then Ava finds receipt for the food and outs Alexis for passing off a catered meal as home cooked. At the end, Ava gets a call from Paul reminding her that a shipment is coming in tomorrow. At the end, they all sit down for dinner and everyone holds hands while Olivia says a prayer. 

Lulu meets Laura at The Metro Court for Thanksgiving dinner with Rocco. Laura says she was hoping Lulu and Dante patched things up. Lulu says she can't trust Dante, but she still loves him. Laura asks why she's asking Dante for a separation, if it's not what she wants. Laura thinks if Dante and Lulu can agree to work things out together they can fix things. Lulu decides that she wants to try and fight for her marriage. Meanwhile Dante gets a visit from Valerie at his apartment with food for him. His has the football game on and Valerie gets excited by it. Dante offers to let her stay to watch the game. Later she notices the separation agreement on the counter. Dante decides to sign the papers in front of her. After Valerie spontaneously kisses Dante when her team wins the football game. At the end, Valerie and Dante end up taking their clothes off. 

Back at the Q's, little Jake and Danny play together while Patrick chats with Jason. Patrick tells Jason he's going to marry Sam and says it's best if everyone moves on. Nearby Sabrina gets a text message from Carlos and Liz tries to talk to Sam. Elizabeth wants to know if her and Sam can make peace, but Sam says she doesn't know yet. Then Sam overhears little Jake telling Danny that his mommy knows a secret about Jason. Right then the power goes out, because Paul's turkey fryer blew a fuse. Jason makes a comment that they can always get a pizza and everyone looks shocked. At the end, the pizza arrives and Monica asks if Jason remembers the family tradition, but he says no. Then Michael gives a toast welcoming Jason home and everyone sings together. However Sam looks at Jason and Liz with suspicion. 

End of show!

P.S. 11/26/2015 - GH will be a repeat of Liz & Jake's wedding.

11/272015 - GH is preempted.

Have a wonderful holiday everyone!

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