Monday, November 9, 2015

I'm Jason...Jason Morgan!

Oh shit!
Today's show - 

At the courthouse, Ava taunts Sonny about being in a wheelchair and Carly's mysterious absence. Ric tells Sonny not to lose his cool while Morgan and Michael stand with Sonny. Then Ava steps aside with Julian and he suggests that Ava make a deal with Sonny, but Ava thinks Sonny will never let her see Avery. Later court begins and Kiki makes a surprise appearance. After Morgan is the first person to take the stand and he gushes about Sonny as a parent. Scotty tries to trip Morgan up and Ava and Sonny end up arguing with each other. Later Michael takes the stand and he also starts gushing about Sonny, but Scotty brings up Michael's own custody battle to take Avery from Sonny. Then Scotty asks about Michael changing his name to Quartermaine. Michael tells the court that he just wanted to hurt Sonny, but he couldn't see it through. 

Anna goes to see Paul in his office and they talk about Ava, Carlos and the games Paul has been playing. Anna says he oozes innuendo and blackmail. Then she threatens to turn herself in, but Paul waves a picture of Emma in front of her and suggests that Anna will disappoint her. Anna thinks Paul is threatening Emma in some way, but Paul insists that's not the case. He says he loves kids and doesn't want Anna to go to prison for a justifiable homicide, such as killing Carlos. Paul says he understands why Anna killed Carlos and doesn't want her to be punished for someone like him. At the end, Paul says he wants to work with Anna.

Over at the church, Jake shows up with Carly and tells Liz he knows who he is now. Sam notices Carly has Spinelli's computer and asks what's going on. Jake says, "I'm Jason...Jason Morgan!" Liz pretends this is the first she's heard of it while Carly shows everyone Spinelli's facial recognition software. Sam doesn't believe it, but then Carly shows Sam the DNA test she had done. After Sam gets emotional and can't believe it. She remembers that Danny used to run up to him every time he saw Jake. She asks if he remembers their life together, but Jason says no he doesn't remember or feel like he's Jason. Sam gets upset and storms out of the church. 

After Jason angrily says someone stole his life from him, which prompts him to grab Nikolas and put him in a choke hold. Once Jason let's go, Nikolas swears he doesn't have any answers for him about what Helena did to him. Nikolas tries to laugh off the accusations, but Sam says if he did really know he was Jason all along she'll never forgive him. Then Nikolas leaves with Hayden. Liz pleads with Jason that things can still work out as planned between them, but Jason says he needs time to figure things out. Then he storms out and Liz goes after him. Carly wants to go after Jason too, but Lucas tells her Sonny needs her at the courthouse.

Back at the courthouse, Kiki takes the stand and ends up testifying against Ava. She says Ava is a cheater and a murderer. Then the judge calls for a break and Sonny thanks Kiki for her testimony. Kiki hugs Sonny in front of Ava and then walks out. After Ava gives Sonny a piece of her mind in private. She suggests that he's too weak now to take care of Avery being that he's in a wheelchair. She also says that Carly won't want him anymore either. Sonny grabs Ava's arm and threatens to shoot her. Right then Carly walks in.

At Wyndermere, Hayden asks if Nikolas is worried about Jason discovering the truth that he and Liz have known for months who Jake really was. Back at the church, Patrick and Sam talk in private. She asks if Patrick thinks the DNA test was for real and he answers yes. Then Sam tells Patrick that Jason is really her husband. Meanwhile Liz finds Jason at his bridge and she tells him she's sorry!

End of show!

Will Liz finally tell the truth?

Have a great night!

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