Monday, November 2, 2015

Facial Recognition

Monday's Recap - 

Jake thanks Sam at The Floating Rib for being his friend and they hug. Then Hayden and Nikolas walk in and Hayden tells them she'll be at Jake's wedding. Jake tells her to just stay home, but Hayden claims she admires him and wants to be there. Jake reluctantly allows it and then leaves with Sam. After Nikolas and Hayden sit down for dinner and Nikolas tells her he's impressed with how she handled Jake. Later they agree that they never know if each other is telling the truth. Hayden says she likes it that he keeps her on her toes. Then she asks if he's ready to move forward with their relationship. 

Olivia runs into Carly and they talk about Julian being Leo's father at GH. They agree to meet up in Sonny's room, but Carly has to grab Spinelli's computer first. When she does, Carly notices Jason's face on the screen. She immediately leaves a message for Spinelli in shock. Meanwhile Olivia and Sonny talk about Leo in his hospital room. She says it made her think about keeping Sonny from Dante while he was growing up and she apologizes. Sonny tells Olivia he thinks she made the right choice and he's grateful to have a relationship with Dante now. After Sonny makes a comment that Olivia shouldn't put Dante on a pedestal. 

Patrick asks Elizabeth at the hospital if she's having cold feet. He tells her maybe she shouldn't go through with the wedding, but Liz says Jake is the love of her life. (What about Lucky? Sigh!) Liz says she's earned it and deserves to be happy. Later Carly runs into Liz and Patrick right as Sam and Jake step off the hospital elevators. Carly stares at Jake in confusion, but quickly walks away when Jake asks what's wrong. After Sam tells Liz how fun it was to see Jake sing Karaoke. Meanwhile Carly makes a call to a private lab to run a DNA test on Jake. Then she runs to tell Sonny she has an errand to run. After Carly gets Jake to drink from a water bottle to get a sample of his DNA. 

Andy the intern mixes Valerie saying she slept with Dante at the party with Dillon's sizzle reel. Dillon tries to stop it, but Lulu tells him she wants to hear it. Lulu jumps to the conclusion that Valerie was lying and makes a big scene. However Dante comes clean and admits he had sex with Valerie. Nathan decides to shut the party down when Maxie gets upset. After Lulu demands answers from Valerie and Dante about their night together. She surmises that Dante had sex with Valerie in their apartment and Valerie tells her it happened when she was out of town with Dillon. Lulu ends up storming out and Dante goes after her. 

Darby and Morgan decide to have sex in the bedroom at the Haunted Star. Then they talk about how good in bed they are together. After Morgan finds the party empty and Kiki tells him what happened. Darby comes out and tells Kiki that Morgan was just busy with her. Meanwhile Valerie wants Dillon to fire Andy for the mix up. Nearby Maxie tells Nathan she's worried about Lulu, but Nathan tells her to leave Dante and Lulu alone. Maxie figures out that Nathan already knew the truth. Down on the docks, Dante catches up with Lulu and she smacks him across the face!

End of show!

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