Monday, November 23, 2015

Carlos Lives!

We almost made it!
Here's What Happened - 

Anna talks to Dr. Maddox at GH and he guesses that her trouble has something to do with the man who killed Duke. Anna talks about the true love she experienced with Duke and all the ups and downs they had. Anna recounts Duke's final moments and how they almost ran away together. She blames Julian for Duke's death, not Carlos. However she explains that she lost sight of that and killed Carlos anyway. After Dr. Maddox says he will keep her secret and that he wants to treat her. Then she explains that someone else knows she killed Carlos and is blackmailing her. At the end, Anna goes to the docks again and sees Carlos. When she goes to investigate she finds Carlos' necklace.

Michael asks Sabrina why she cancelled her Doctor's appointment at her apartment. Sabrina explains that she's still afraid of losing the baby, but Michael thinks it has something to do with him. He promises to be there for her and to always put her and the baby first. Sabrina is touched and says she loves him. She almost tells him about Carlos, but then Michael gets called away to help Morgan. After Felix and Sabrina talk alone and Sabrina says she wants to tell Michael the truth. At the end, Sabrina gets a knock on the door and when she answers, it's Carlos!

Carly tells Sonny at the gym that she thinks Morgan is in trouble. Then Michael meets up with them and Carly and Michael leave to help Morgan. Sonny has to stay behind. Epiphany knows it's hard for him not to go with them and tries to give him encouragement. She talks about her son and says she understands how he feels. Sonny worries that he's hurt Morgan by passing down mental health issues. He talks about being bi polar and says Morgan is going to have to learn to live with this. 

Helena tells Jason, Nikolas, Sam and Elizabeth on Cassadine Island that she had Jason conditioned, but his memory loss is from the car accident. Jason asks who else knew about his true identity. Liz tries to convince Jason not to listen to Helena so Helena accuses Liz of living a charade. Then she advises Jason to find a worthy goal to focus on. Helena is about to tell Jason who else knew about him when she starts to lose the ability to speak. Liz tries to save her, but Helena ultimately dies. After Jason asks why Nik is upset when he's the reason Helena died. He thinks Nikolas had Helena poisoned and ends up attacking Nik. At the end, Liz, Jason and Sam decide to go home while Nik says an awkward goodbye to Helena.

At the cabin, Morgan heads out with a shot gun leaving Kiki terrified he's going to get hurt. She hears a gun shot and then Morgan comes back in saying he shot a branch. Kiki freaks out and calls Michael for help. After Morgan sees her on the phone and asks who she called. He looks at her phone and sees she called Michael. Kiki explains that the gun he's holding is making her nervous and asks for him to put it down. He continues to act manic and starts to try to make out with her. Then Michael, Carly and Max show up. Carly tries to reason with Morgan, but he manically rants and refuses to get help. Morgan tries to run away, but Max and Morgan have to restrain him. At the end, they drag him off to the hospital while Morgan screams that he hates them!

End of show!

Is Helena really dead?

Have a great night!

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