Thursday, November 5, 2015

Blue Dress

Looking Good!
Thursday's Recap - 

At Wyndermere, Nikolas tries to get Laura to come to Liz and Jake's wedding, but Laura refuses. Hayden interrupts and overhears Laura say Jake and Liz's relationship is based on a lie. Hayden mentions that Jake broke into Wyndermere looking for answers, which upsets Laura. In private, Laura tells Nikolas she doesn't trust Hayden. Then she leaves and won't tell Nikolas where she's going. Later Hayden impresses Nikolas with her dress for the wedding and asks him to zip her up. She talks about how much she's looking forward to the wedding and they leave. 

At the hospital, Sonny asks Patrick about the chances of him walking again. Patrick says time will tell. Then Sam comes in dressed for the wedding and Sonny tells Sam she looks elegant. Sam tells Sonny she's engaged to Patrick now. Meanwhile Jake is frustrated in the hallway about not connecting with Carly. Sam comes out to talk to him and they run into Ric. Both Ric and Jake tell Sam how good she looks. Then Ric goes to see Sonny and after Jake tells Sam about not being able to reach Carly. He's worried and wants to look for her. Sam gets Anna to track Carly's cell phone and they get a location. Then Jake takes off to find Carly and asks Sam to tell Liz he'll get to the wedding asap.

Michael comes to Liz's house while Sabrina, Felix and Epiphany are there helping Liz. He tell her Jake was looking for Carly at the hospital. Later everyone gives Liz wedding gifts for something new, borrowed and blue since she got something old when she got the necklace from Audrey. Felix gives Liz shoes from Cartoolo's "blue" line (not sure if I spelled that right), Sabrina gives her a set of champagne glasses for something new and Epiphany gives her a little clutch bag for something borrowed. Liz thanks all of them for their friendship. After Laura stops by and speaks to Liz in private. Laura urges Liz to tell Jake the truth before he finds out on his own. Laura tells Liz she loves her and Liz should trust in her love for Jake. Liz is clearly moved by Laura's words, but then leaves for the wedding when Patrick arrives.

Ric and Sonny talk in his hospital room about Avery's court case. Ric thinks Ava won't have any character witnesses, which is good for them. Ric calls in a favor to the judge and gets Avery's court date moved up. Meanwhile Ava tries to make plans to get out of town at The Floating Rib, but Scotty stops her. Scotty thinks she should make a deal with Sonny over Avery so everyone wins. Ava refuses and says she won't let Sonny and "the bitch" Carly raise her daughter. Later Ava learns about the custody hearing being moved up and storms off to the hospital. Sonny and Ava get into an argument and Sonny says he's going to get Avery back. He also says Carly is Avery's true mother. Ava tries to attack Sonny, but Scotty and Sonny's guards stop her. After Scotty scolds Ava for losing her cool, but Ava thinks she needs a better lawyer.

Carly gets a call through to Jake from the site of her car accident, but ends up dropping her phone in a puddle. She pulls it out of the puddle, but then she trips, falls into a ditch and passes out. Meanwhile at the church, the wedding party starts to gather. Liz gives Patrick a big hug and thanks him for being her friend. Nearby Michael wonders where Carly is. Then Sam arrives and she and Patrick have a moment alone. Patrick says they need to set a date for their wedding asap. After Hayden and Nikolas walk in. Sam accuses Nikolas of losing himself and Hayden sneaks off. Then Nikolas gets a call from Laura and she asks Nikolas to talk Liz into telling the truth. Hayden walks into Liz's dressing room and says she wouldn't miss her wedding for the world. Back at the scene of the car accident, Jake finds Carly and she calls him Jason!

End of show!

Sam did look great, I loved her dress! I also love the way Liz had her hair done, but her wedding dress was a little too princessy for my taste.

Have a great night!

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