Friday, October 2, 2015

Yes Patrick, I'll Marry You

Party Pooper!
Today's Show - 

Nathan questions Maxie at The Floating Rib about her sex scene with Dillon. Maxie tells him, in a long winded way, that she can't give him any details. Nathan gets upset and wants to know what she's keeping from him. However Maxie asks if he'd keep a secret from her if a friend asked him to. Nathan answers yes. Then Maxie asks if he is keeping something from her. Nathan answers yes again. Maxie tries to get details out of him about what the secret is, but Nathan won't budge. At the end, they agree to respect their mutual secrets and decide to head home for some romance. 

Valerie and Dillon make out at The Haunted Star until his intern, Andy, bursts in. He apologizes for being over enthusiastic and asks to charge his camera in the room. Dillon allows it so the intern sets up the camera. Then he leaves. After the distraction makes Valerie think twice. She tells Dillon she's been using him to get over Dante. Dillon ends up admitting that he's got the hots for Lulu and was using her too. They end up commiserating over their crushes. Dillon senses that something more than a kiss happened between her and Dante. Valerie admits that she slept with Dante. Dillon is understanding and they promise to keep each other's secrets. Unbeknownst to them, the intern's camera filmed their whole conversation.

Lulu and Dante discuss his fears about Sonny at their apartment. Dante says he's also worried about the possibly of Morgan being bipolar and Michael getting into the mob. Dante thinks he should step in for Michael and solve the custody issue with Avery. He gets upset talking about it. Lulu says she needs him to let her help him. She tells him to take off his shirt and lay on the bed. Lulu ends up giving Dante a nice back rub, which puts him to sleep. Later he wakes up and worries about the future. Lulu promises him he won't lose her. 

Nina and Franco go to Silas' apartment and find Kiki there with a realtor named Babs. The realtor tells Kiki to lower the price and then heads off. After they notice Kiki is still in her sweats so Kiki explains she found a new job with an investment company and has been really busy. Then they ask why she's decided to live at Silas' apartment. Kiki says she has to stay there until she sells the place or gets some cash. Franco worries about her. After he and Nina talk in private about moving in together. Franco is concerned, because he doesn't have much money, but Nina tells him not to worry since she has so much. Later they leave and Franco tells Nina he thinks something is off with Kiki. Meanwhile Kiki goes the bar to drink and tells the bartender she doesn't have a home. 

Sam sets up a romantic scene with candles and champagne at Patrick's house and shows him an actual sign that says she'll marry him. Patrick loves it and they kiss. Then they have a toast to their future together. After Patrick gets down on one knee and makes a sweet official proposal. He gives her a temporary lollipop ring. Sam loves it and then they discuss when to tell the kids. At the end, they're relaxing and enjoying each other when someone knocks on the door. Sam goes to open it and it's Laura!

End of show!

Will Laura tell Sam the truth?

Have a great weekend!

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