Thursday, October 1, 2015

Wrecking Ball

Everybody wants me!
Here's What Happened - 

Maxie questions Dillon at The Haunted Star about who he was talking to himself about. At first Maxie thinks it must be about Valerie, but Dillon says he was just running lines for the movie. Later preparations for the film begin and Dillon's intern annoys Maxie. When filming starts, Dillon imagines Lulu on top of him instead of Maxie. It freaks him out so he calls cut. After Maxie suggests they start shooting an easier scene or maybe he should cast someone he wants to have sex with. Later they start running lines for a different scene and Dillon starts imagining Lulu again. He accidentally slips and says Lulu's name out loud. Maxie realizes that he still has feelings for Lulu and gets Dillon to admit it. Maxie tells him that Lulu loves Dante and suggests Dillon date someone else to get his mind off her. He says Valerie was supposed to distract him, but it didn't work out. Then he asks Maxie to keep quiet about his feelings and she promises she will. 

Sam gets a visit from Anna at Patrick's house. Anna wants Sam's help to find out who shot Sonny. Anna tells Sam that she knows Carlos isn't responsible. Sam asks what she knows, but Anna explains to Sam that she can't reveal her secret. She asks Sam to trust her so Sam agrees to help. Later they talk about Sam's relationship with Patrick. Anna notes how happy Patrick and Emma seem and thanks Sam. After Sam tells Anna about Patrick's proposal and asks if she'd care if Sam married Patrick. Anna is very supportive and advises Sam to go for it. 

Ava storms into Sonny's house demanding to take Avery. Morgan tries to stop Ava, but Ava has a police escort who blocks him. Morgan refers to Ava as a wrecking ball. Then Michael and Ava have words and he promises that Ava will get what's coming to her. Carly decides to hand Avery over to the officer to keep the peace. Everyone says goodbye to Avery and the officer gives Avery to Ava. Before Ava leaves, Carly tells her to have Avery visit Sonny. Then Ava leaves and after Morgan gets worked up. Carly tells her sons that sometimes you have lose the battle to win the war. Later Morgan threatens Ric over the phone to do something to keep Ava away or he'll kick his ass.

Paul reviews the file Sloane gave him about Anna killing Carlos in his office at the PCPD. Then Nathan comes in and Paul asks him about Anna. He wonders if Anna has changed since he last knew her. Nathan says he trusts Anna and she always gets the job done. After they talk about Carlos and Nathan says he doesn't think Carlos shot Sonny. Nathan thinks Ava is lying. Paul tells him to find Carlos so they can prove it one way or the other. Meanwhile, Ava takes Avery back to her apartment and later gets a visit from Paul. He asks to hold Avery, but Ava is reluctant. Paul assures her that he missed out on Dillon's life so Ava should be happy that he's sympathetic to her parental situation. Then he says they need to get rid of Anna, because she knows too much. 

Valerie tells Dante that she can't stop thinking about him at GH and Lulu hears her. Valerie tells Lulu she just came to check on Dante and brought him coffee. Valerie feels uncomfortable so she decides to leave. She heads to the police station and runs into Nathan. He notices that something is wrong and Valerie confides in Nathan that she told Dante about her feelings. Nathan advises her to find someone else to care about before she destroys herself. At the end, Maxie goes to see Nathan at the station and tells him her sex scene was a bust. 

Back at GH, Patrick comes to talk to Dante and Lulu about Sonny's surgery. Carly, Michael and Morgan join them and Patrick tells everyone that the surgery was complicated. He thinks until Sonny wakes up, they won't know what his prognosis is. Patrick advises them to all rally around Sonny and give him support. Morgan worries that Sonny won't wake up. After Patrick heads home and Sam has a surprise for him. Over at The Haunted Star, Valerie shows up and attempts to seduce Dillon. 

End of show!

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