Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Wedding Surprise

Here's What Happened - 

Franco tries to bait Nathan into allowing him to visit Kiki at the PCPD. Nina stops Nathan from getting upset asks as his sister if they can visit Kiki. Nathan agrees and goes to get Kiki. Nina takes a moment alone with Franco and wonders why he's staying loyal to Kiki. Then Kiki comes out with Nathan and tells Franco to leave. Nathan says Kiki is being charged with assault and has to appear before the judge. In private, Nina tells Nathan she's living with Kiki and Franco and she bought an apartment. Nathan worries it's not a good idea, but Nina says she has to look out for Kiki, because Franco cares about her. She asks Nathan to help her get the charges dropped against Kiki. 

In the interrogation room, Franco and Kiki argue but he manages to convince her to allow him to help her. Then Nathan comes in with Nina and says Kiki is free to go. After Kiki, Franco and Nina go home and Kiki acts snotty. Once alone, Franco thanks Nina for helping Kiki and they have a flirty conversation about sex. Meanwhile Kiki listens to a voice message from Morgan about how much he cares about her and it makes her grab a bottle of vodka. 

Morgan and Michael go to visit Sonny at the hospital. Sonny tells them that he spoke with Max and he knows that Michael met with the five families. Sonny gets angry and accuses Michael of wanting control of the business. Michael explains that's not the case and he only went, because Ric needed to focus on Avery and someone needed to protect Sonny's territory. Sonny tells Michael he doesn't want him anywhere near the business no matter what. 

Alexis meets Julian at the Metro Court and he tells her he's thinking about Leo. Julian also mentions that Olivia adopted a baby. Alexis finds the news to be unusual. Meanwhile Olivia brings baby Leo over to Dante's apartment for a visit. Dante worries that it's not smart to bring Leo out and about. Olivia tells him that she told Julian she adopted a baby as a cover story. Dante thinks Leo could start to look like Julian as he gets older. 

Later Olivia takes Leo to the Metro Court and Alexis asks to hold him. Alexis asks a few questions about the adoption and about Ned's involvement. Olivia has a few questions for her about Julian being in the mob or not. Alexis says he's moving in with her, because she believes he's out of the business. Olivia says she wouldn't bet on that. At the end, Alexis takes one of Leo pacifiers off the bar and hides it in her purse.

Sabrina leaves a message for Carlos pleading with him to let her know if he's okay from the chapel at GH. Felix joins her and Sabrina tells him she's pregnant. Felix can tell that Sabrina isn't that excited. She says she hasn't told Michael yet, because she's keeps thinking of Gabriel. Sabrina gets emotional talking about how things fell apart with Patrick and Emma got hurt. She worries the same thing will happen if she starts building a family with Michael. Felix promises her it will be okay and she'll make a wonderful mother. He promises not to say anything, but advises her to tell Michael soon. 

Carly talks to Lucas at the hospital about Sonny's condition. Lucas tries to assure Carly that Sonny will be okay, especially with her by his side. After Carly tells Lucas she plans on checking Sonny out so they can get married and then she'll return him to the hospital. Lucas thinks it's a bad idea, but Carly asks him to back her on this. After Carly walks into Sonny's room as he's scolding Michael and Morgan. Michael tells Sonny about Ava taking over the business and naming Carlos as the shooter. Morgan insists that Julian is behind this and Michael agrees. 

Then Lucas comes in and says it's too dangerous for Sonny to leave the hospital now. Carly ends up agreeing after hearing him out, but Sonny says he needs to get out of the hospital. Carly says she won't support him leaving if it's dangerous to his health. Later Dante comes to the hospital and Sonny asks the boys to help him with something. At the end, Sonny has Carly take him to the chapel where the boys are waiting to have a surprise wedding for them!

End of show!

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