Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Truth Teller

I'm gonna tell Lulu!
Tuesday's Recap - 

Emma shows Anna her Halloween costume at Anna's place. Then they get a spooky visit from Paul with a skeleton mask on. Anna tells Emma to go upstairs and in private Paul says he wants to talk about Carlos. He asks about Anna's attempt to see Carlos' body at the morgue. Anna explains that she needed closure, but Paul doesn't buy it. He tells her she's not the commissioner anymore and he wants to know what she's really up to. Anna finally tells him she doesn't think the body they found was really Carlos. At the end Anna kicks Paul out, but he promises he'll be in touch.

Sabrina turns Michael's marriage proposal down at the Quartermaine's. She explains that it's too soon for them to get married and she doesn't want him to feel dragged into it. Michael says he would have asked her to marry him eventually anyway and he loves her. Sabrina suggests they try living together first. Then Tracy and Monica walk in arguing about little Danny playing with Tracy's support hose. Tracy blurts out that Sabrina is pregnant and Michael confirms it. Monica is overjoyed to hear the news. Tracy starts making snipes about Michael involving himself in the mob. Michael denies it, but Sabrina is overwhelmed and steps outside. At the end, Monica makes a toast with Tracy and says her family lives on.

Hayden and Nikolas enjoy dinner at The Floating Rib and he calls Hayden his girlfriend. Then Sam walks in and Nikolas gives her attitude. He asks how Sam could break into his house and hack into his computer. Sam says his running a DNA test on Jake is just as bad, but Jake no longer wants to find out who he is so Nik is off the hook. Later Hayden and Nikolas talk in private and they wonder who will sit with Nikolas at Liz and Jake's wedding. Hayden asks to go with him and Nikolas agrees. At the end, Hayden jokes that maybe her memory will return at the wedding.

Olivia finds Dante and Lulu at the hospital and tells that she's going to allow Julian in Leo's life. Then Olivia gushes about what a good man Dante is and how loving Lulu is. She asks them to be Leo's god parents. Lulu says of course, but Dante seems somber. Meanwhile Alexis shows Julian how to change Leo's diaper at their new house. Julian apologizes for Leo changing everything between them, but Alexis says watching him with Leo makes her love him more. 

Lucas get a text message from Julian to meet him at his new house at GH so Lucas heads over. When he arrives Sam is there too and Alexis tells them about the new house. Then Sam shows them her engagement ring. After Julian comes out with Leo and explains that he and Olivia are trying to make peace in order to raise Leo together. Later Olivia stops by and apologizes to Sam and Lucas for lying. They forgive her. At the end, Sam gets a text from Spinelli saying he's close to finding out who Jake is. 

Maxie brings Dillon a check for his film at The Haunted Star, but refuses to give it to him until he tells her what he knows about Dante. Dillon says he'll tell her after he shows her some of the footage they shot for the movie. Maxie gets distracted about the way her hair looks on camera. Later Dante and Lulu arrive and Dante sees Dillon looking at footage he took of Lulu. Nearby Maxie tells Lulu that Dillon confirmed that he has something on Dante. At the end, Dante gives Dillon grief for looking at Lulu's picture so Dillon threatens to tell Lulu the truth. 

End of show!

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