Thursday, October 8, 2015

Pregnancy Test

Today's Show - 

Julian and Alexis skip breakfast for sex in his hotel room. Then he gives her a photo album that Molly helped him put together of their family. Alexis is very touched and asks Julian to move in with her. Julian worries that Molly might not approve, but Alexis thinks Molly will come around. After Paul calls Alexis and tells her that he's dropping the charges against Julian. Of course, Alexis and Julian are thrilled and prepare to move in together. 

Dante and Lulu talk at the hospital about Sonny's health. Then he brings up wanting to have another baby and they agree to get the process started. After Dante runs into Olivia and he tells her that he plans on having another baby. Then Olivia shares with Dante that she's having second thoughts and wants to bring baby Leo to Port Charles. Olivia hopes that Julian is truly out of the mob now. At the end, Julian runs into Olivia in the hallway of the hotel holding a baby. 

Paul gets a visit from Tracy in his office. She wants to know if he spoke with Michael. Paul says he hasn't spoken to Michael yet but he will. Meanwhile, Michael hears Sabrina on the phone with Felix talking about pregnancy stuff at Kelly's. However Sabrina makes an excuse and changes the subject. Then they run into Valerie and Sabrina mistakes Valerie's paper bag of candy as her paper bag with the pregnancy test inside and takes it. After Michael heads to see Paul in his office. Paul asks Michael if he's planning on giving into his Corinthos instincts and joining the mob. Paul warns him that he's not backing down from organized crime.

Dillon promises Valerie over the phone that he won't say anything about her sleeping with Dante, despite the fact that he hates lying to Lulu. Meanwhile at the Haunted Star, his film intern edits the video on his camera where Valerie admits to sleeping with Dante for his personal behind the scenes documentary. Later Nathan takes a moment to grill Dillon about the working conditions on the set. Maxie asks Nathan to stop and later explains to Dillon that Nathan doesn't like their sex scene.

Later they start filming for another scene where Dillon's character has to say I love you and Lulu interrupts. Dillon gets upsets and yells at Lulu for taking him out of the moment and storms off. After Maxie tells Lulu that Dillon's in love with her. Meanwhile Dillon heads to Paul's office and asks him to get Nathan off his back. Then Dillon vents about his unrequited feelings. Meanwhile Nathan runs into Valerie outside of Kelly's and she drops her paper bag. She hurries off to work and forgets it. Nathan picks it up and sees Sabrina's pregnancy test, but thinks it's Valerie's. Nathan calls Dante and ends up giving him the test.

Over at Sabrina's place, she acquires another test and promises Felix over the phone that she will take it right away. Then Tracy stops by for a visit and tells Sabrina to tell Michael to get his head on straight. Michael walks in right then and orders Tracy to leave. Before Tracy walks out, Michael tells Tracy to mind her business and shuts the door in her face. Back at the police station, Dante approaches Valerie and demands to know about the pregnancy test.

End of show!

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