Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Money, Lies & DNA

Wednesday's Recap - 

Nathan and Dante talk about Dante's marital issues at the station. Dante tells Nathan that Dillon knows the truth. Nathan urges Dante to come clean with Lulu, especially since Maxie is breathing down his neck. Then Maxie and Lulu walk in and tell them that Lulu kicked Dillon off the Haunted Star. After Lulu asks Dante if there is any reason Dillon might have to think badly of him. Nearby Maxie tells Nathan about her crowd funding party plan to restart Dillon's film project. Nathan says he had another idea to raise money.

Nina and Franco share an intimate moment over new bed sheets in their apartment. However they're interrupted by Kiki. She makes nasty comments to Nina and they argue. Then Nina goes into the bedroom and after Franco asks Kiki what's going with her. Kiki tells him that she's upset about Morgan. Franco advises her to try and hate Morgan a little less. After Nina comes storming out and says Nathan and Maxie are coming over as their first guests. At Franco's request, Kiki decides to be nice with Nina and offers to make snacks. 

Later Nathan and Maxie arrive and Nina struggles to make awkward conversation. Franco thinks Nathan must want something. Nathan admits it and asks Nina for money for the film. Nina says she likes art and agrees to invest. Later Nathan accuses Franco of using Nina for her money. At the end, Nina offers Kiki her credit card to go out with. After Nina tells Franco it makes her happy to give people money. She feels frisky and wants to go into the bedroom, but Franco is still upset about Nathan's comment and says he needs a walk. 

Alexis tells Julian at their new house that baby Leo is still alive and that Olivia lied. Alexis shows him the DNA test results. He kicks himself for not realizing the truth sooner. Alexis convinces him to let her handle it and leaves for the PCPD. Later she arrives at the station and calls the judge asking for a court order for Olivia's baby. Nearby Dante and Lulu overhear her whole conversation. Later Dante realizes that Olivia's lies caught up to her and Lulu notes that's what lies can do. Then Nathan and Maxie show up and tell them they got some of the money they need from Nina. 

Morgan sees Olivia with a baby at the Metro Court and asks who's baby it is. She tells him it's her new adopted son. He congratulates her and says the baby will grow up to be as good as Dante. Later Julian walks in and sees Morgan with Olivia and Leo. Morgan heads out and after Julian hands Olivia the DNA test. He threatens to take Leo. Olivia gets protective and yells at him that he has no right Leo.

Sonny overhears Patrick telling Carly that he might not walk again at GH. Sonny gets angry, barges in and tells Patrick he will walk again. Then Michael shows up and helps Carly give Sonny a pep talk about his condition. Sonny doesn't want to hear it and says he wants another doctor. Patrick gives Sonny a lecture about his self image and need for power. Patrick thinks Sonny can't handle being vulnerable and weak. He tells Sonny to take responsibility and face his reality. Sonny agrees to start physical therapy and wheels himself back to his room. When he gets there, Morgan is there so Sonny asks him to get him out of there. However Carly and Michael stop them before Sonny can leave the hospital. 

End of show!

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