Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Limp Legs

No wedding until I'm on my feet!
Here's What Happened - 

Tracy overhears Paul on a suspicious phone call at the Quartermaine's. She asks Paul about it and he says he's investigating Carlos. Tracy rants about how no one should trust Ava's word on anything. Then she brings up Michael going to the five families meeting and says she hopes Sonny lives so Michael stays out of the mob. Paul assures her that he plans on ending the mob violence in Port Charles. Tracy hopes Paul succeeds and tells Paul to watch his back, especially where Ava is concerned. 

Nina turns down Franco's suggestion for Kiki to live with them at Silas's place. Kiki and Nina agree they don't like each other and Kiki walks out. In private, Franco pleads with Nina to buy Silas's apartment and let them all live together. She agrees to buy the apartment, but doesn't want Kiki to stay with them. Franco manages to change her mind and assures Nina that their relationship won't suffer from it. 

Julian takes Ava and Avery out to eat at The Floating Rib. He senses that Ava is tense and asks what's wrong. Ava expresses that it's difficult to juggle the "business" and motherhood. Then Kiki walks in so Ava tries to talk to her. Ava apologizes for hurting her and asks Kiki to say hello to Avery and Julian. Kiki doesn't want to hear it and storms out. She heads back to Silas's place where Nina tells Kiki to stay with them afterall. Kiki gets choked up and cries in Franco's arms. 

Liz sees Jake looking at her phone at Kelly's. He explains that he wanted to know who called and upset her. Then Sam and Patrick walk in and tell them their engaged. Liz is thrilled to hear it. After Patrick and Liz are called to the hospital, which leaves Jake and Sam alone. Jake asks Sam to find out who called Liz. Sam checks it out and finds that the call came from Wyndermere. Jake deduces that Hayden likely called Liz and says he wants to find out why. Later Jake heads to the hospital and asks Liz why Hayden called her. 

Laura catches Nikolas kissing Hayden at Wyndermere. Laura thinks Hayden's memory loss is convenient, but Hayden insists her memory issues are real. Nik gets a call from Liz and leaves Laura and Hayden alone. In private Hayden asks if Laura is upset with Nikolas over Jake. Laura assures her there is no problem and convinces Hayden to stay at Wyndermere. Meanwhile Nik tells Liz that Hayden is getting curious about her memories and Laura's back in town. Liz asks Nik to keep Laura and Hayden from comparing notes. Later Laura and Nikolas talk alone and Nikolas explains that he has feelings for Hayden. Laura thinks that will be a problem since he tried to have Hayden killed. 

Carly sits by Sonny's bedside and waits for him to wake up at GH. She wills him to open his eyes and he does. After she explains that he had an embolism, but all Sonny cares about is Avery. Then Patrick comes to check on Sonny and asks for a moment alone. Carly steps out and after Patrick does some simple tests and determines that Sonny doesn't have feeling in his legs. Patrick brings Carly into the room and explains that Sonny is experiencing paralysis. Patrick tells them he doesn't know how long it will last. After Carly wants to get married right away, but Sonny refuses until he can walk again!

End of show!

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