Monday, October 26, 2015

Legal Ease

No more hacking!
Here's What Happened - 

Diane arrives at the PCPD to help Spinelli out of legal trouble. Jordan says that Spinelli is facing state and federal charges for hacking into the hospital's mainframe. Diane asks to see Spinelli in the interrogation room. Jordan says okay, but takes Spinelli to be processed first. In private, Sam tells Diane about their search for Jake's true identity. Diane notices her engagement ring and thinks Sam might be chasing the adrenaline she had with Jason by helping Jake. She suggests that Patrick is too sedate for Sam. Later Spinelli and Diane talk alone and Diane says she knows he's guilty. However Diane manages to work her magic and after Jordan tells Spinelli he's free to go. At the end, Diane tells Spinelli to stop hacking. He says he will once he knows who Jake is. 

Liz walks into her house as little Jake is telling big Jake that he knows he's his real father. She asks big Jake to get cookies and once alone, little Jake tells Liz he heard her talking to Laura about how big Jake is his real father. Later Liz tells big Jake that little Jake might need therapy. After Jake calls Sam and asks her to meet him on the docks. Meanwhile Liz tries to talk to little Jake again back at the house. Little Jake wonders if big Jake knows he's his real father. Liz says it's complicated, but once they're married he will be his father. 

Lulu and Dante go to the hospital to find out about their embryo. Dante tells Lulu that he's considering taking a desk job, if need be, to keep them all safe. Later Doctor Kelly Lee (nice to see her) tells them that their embryo might not be viable. She explains the chances are 1 in 5 that it will work given they only have one embryo and it's been so long since it was frozen. After Lulu and Dante talk in private. He thinks maybe the risk isn't worth it. Lulu gets emotional and says she wants to risk it. She thinks they can beat the odds so Dante says okay. They decide to start the process after Halloween.

Michael tells Carly and Sonny in his hospital room that he and Sabrina are having a baby. Sonny asks for a minute alone with Michael so Sabrina and Carly step outside. Once alone, Sonny tells Michael to marry Sabrina. Meanwhile Carly tells Sabrina outside not to rush into anything. Later Sonny and Carly talk alone. Sonny tells Carly that he advised Michael to marry Sabrina. Carly gets upset and thinks that Michael doesn't really love Sabrina and Sabrina doesn't really love Michael either. Sonny says it's not up to her. Then he teases her about being a grandmother. Meanwhile over at the Quartermaine's, Sabrina thanks Michael for being so supportive of her unplanned pregnancy. Michael ends up asking her to marry him, but Sabrina says no.  

On the docks, Jake apologizes to Sam for yelling at her and Spinelli to stop the investigating the other day. She tells him not to worry about it. Then he tells Sam that little Jake is certain he's his real father. Jake says the experience made him worry about his past and wonder if it could come back to hurt him. Sam tells him she thinks he's a good man, but regardless she never stopped looking into his past. She explains that Spinelli got arrested for hacking into the hospital for his medical records. Then Jake says if the truth is as bad as he thinks, he's going to walk away from Elizabeth. Sam promises they'll find out who he is by the time he marries Elizabeth.

End of show!

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