Friday, October 23, 2015

Jake's True Face

Today's Show - 

Spinelli visits Sonny at the hospital and brings a Bocce ball as a wedding gift. Spinelli stumbles on the topic of Sonny's walking condition so Carly takes Spinelli outside. Once alone, Spinelli reveals that he's investigating Jake's true identity. Meanwhile Michael talks to Sonny alone in his hospital room. Sonny reminds Michael to stay away from his business. Michael promises he will and says their family is only going to get bigger.

Paul gets a visit from Sabrina in his office asking about Carlos' body. She says Carlos' parents want to bury him. Paul says he's sympathetic, but says there was a mix up and Carlos was cremated. Sabrina is devastated. Meanwhile Anna goes to the morgue at GH looking for Carlos and Jordan sees her. Anna comes clean and says she wanted to see Carlos body for closure. Jordan decides to let Anna have a peak, but when they look in his morgue drawer they find the body missing. Later they learn Carlos was cremated.

Anna runs into Sabrina as she's picking up Carlos' ashes at the morgue. Sabrina says Carlos didn't deserve to die. After Anna asks the morgue director to let her see Carlos autopsy report and he agrees. Meanwhile Jordan goes to Paul's office and grills him for cremating Carlos. She says he destroyed evidence. Paul assures her that he wasn't trying to disrupt the case and the autopsy report should be enough. Meanwhile Sabrina heads to GH and runs into Felix. He senses that something is wrong. Felix wonders if Carlos might be the father of her baby, but Michael interrupts before she can answer. Michael asks Sabrina to come with him somewhere. 

Liz wakes up with Jake in bed and they see little Jake watching them. He coldly says, "Grandma's here," and walks away. In private, Liz says little Jake seems off. Later Liz and big Jake head out for work leaving Laura to babysit. After Cameron scares little Jake with a Halloween mask and little Jake pushes him. However when Laura asks what happened, little Jake says Cameron fell. In private Laura asks Cameron if Jake pushed him, but all Cam will say is that it was an accident. 

At GH, Epiphany and Felix set up a surprise bridal shower for Elizabeth. Dr. Obrecht gets bossy about the affair. Later Liz comes to the hospital and gets surprised by the party. She gets plenty of gifts and a warm toast from Epiphany. Liz thanks them. Meanwhile Jake runs into Carly and they get into a conversation about his unknown past. He worries that his past is dangerous and will come back to bite him at some point. Carly tells him to let it go so he can be happy for the man he is now. After Jake asks Carly to stand up with him at his wedding. Carly is touched, says yes and tells him she's going to plan a bachelor party.

Sam tells Patrick at their house that she's trying to find out Jake's true face. Patrick hopes she will get to the bottom of Jake's mystery soon so they can concentrate on their wedding. Later Patrick surprises Sam with a giant engagement ring. Sam is overwhelmed and says how happy she is. Then Patrick heads off to work. When he arrives, Liz asks him to stand up with her at her wedding. Patrick tells her he'd be honored. Meanwhile Spinelli visits Sam and they start working on rebuilding a computer generated image of Jake's old face.

At the end, Anna learns Carlos' autopsy report doesn't show the correct amount of times she shot him. She wonders if the body wasn't really Carlos. Over at the hospital, Michael brings Sabrina to see Carly and Sonny and tells them she's pregnant. Dr. O finds out someone hacked into the hospital mainframe. Later Jordan arrests Spinelli. Meanwhile Liz and Jake go home. Laura asks to talk to Liz in private about little Jake as big Jake tries to talk to him man to man. Little Jake ends up telling Jake that he knows he's his real father. 

End of show!

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