Thursday, October 15, 2015

I've Got It!

"Tis I, the Jackal!"
Thursday's Recap - 

Patrick examines Sam's ankle at the hospital and asks how it happened. She explains to him that Jake asked for her help to find out who he really is. Patrick asks her to be safe. Meanwhile, Liz comes home and tells Jake she needs his undivided attention and they head upstairs. Later Liz returns to work while Jake stays home. Then Sam comes over and they work on finding out who he is. She tells Jake she has a secret weapon and then Spinelli knocks on the door. Spinelli goes to work on the computer. While waiting to break some computer code, Spinelli tells Sam how happy he is for her that she's getting married to Patrick. They briefly talk about Jason and after Spinelli gains access and searches on Jake Doe.

Maxie comes home to Nathan and a glass of wine. Maxie says she had a bad day and accused Valerie of being pregnant. They get into a conversation about Dillon. Nathan worries that Dillon has feelings for Maxie, but she tells him that Dillon is really in love with Lulu. After Maxie wants Nathan to tell her what secret he's been keeping. She tries to convince him that he can trust her, but Nathan says he can't tell her. He tells her that he wants to focus on them, not everyone else. Maxie agrees and they make out.

Lulu is excited about her fertility news at the hospital. She goes into the chapel and thanks god for making it possible for her to have another baby. Meanwhile Dante takes Dillon into the interrogation room at the PCPD and warns him stay away from Lulu. Dillon accuses Dante of using Valerie and let's Dante know that he knows Dante slept with Valerie. Dante tells him that he loves Lulu and he regrets it. Dante asks why Dillon hasn't told Lulu yet. Dillon says he doesn't want to hurt Valerie or Lulu. He also says he trusts that someday Lulu will find out anyway.

Nikolas wants to wait with Hayden at GH while she waits for her MRI test results. However she tells him she wants to see Patrick alone. Nikolas gets nervous and heads to the chapel. He sees Lulu there and they talk about Hayden. Nik says he hopes Hayden doesn't get her memory back, because he genuinely likes her now. However he promises Lulu that he'll get rid of Hayden if she hurts anyone he loves. After Nikolas remarks how happy Lulu seems and hopes nothing brings her down. At the end, Lulu heads to the PCPD and tells Dante she's good to go to have another child. 

Hayden goes into her appointment with Patrick and Liz assists. Liz and Hayden have a conversation and Hayden asks for Liz's help her get her memories back. Then Patrick tells Hayden based on her test results, she should have gotten her memory back already. Liz listens with concern as Patrick tells Hayden to see Kevin Collins to be hypnotized. Hayden says the idea gives her anxiety and she'll have think about it. At the end, Liz accuses Hayden of lying about her memory once they're alone. Back at Liz's house, Spinelli thinks he found out what Jake wants to know. 

End of show!

It was great to see Spinelli today! Sam had quite the boob top on today too! lol

Have a great night!

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