Friday, October 30, 2015

Haunted Star Halloween Extravaganza

Friday's Recap - 

Nina and Franco prepare to watch scary movies for Halloween at their apartment. Then Kiki comes home drunk and quickly changes into her costume for the Haunted Star party. Franco doesn't want Kiki to drive to the party intoxicated. After Ava stops by with Avery. Kiki gets upset seeing Ava and they have words. Then Kiki heads off. After Ava tells Franco she thinks Franco owes her for leaving her to die on the bridge and he should talk to Kiki on her behalf. 

Morgan dressed as Captain Morgan meets up with Darby at The Haunted Star for the big party. TJ and Molly join them. Then Maxie approaches Morgan and asks him to invest in Dillon's movie. Morgan says okay if he can have a love scene in the film with Darby. Nearby Felix brings Sabrina a glass of milk and asks where Michael is. Felix senses something is wrong so Sabrina admits Michael might not be her baby's father. She explains that she slept with Carlos the night before he was killed.

Liz and Patrick run into each other at the hospital as Liz is picking up all her wedding shower gifts. Patrick hands her a package from Vienna, which turns out to be a letter from Audrey. Liz explains that Audrey broke her ankle and can't make the wedding. Then Liz reads the letter and we get a flash of Audrey writing it to her. Audrey wishes Liz a long fruitful marriage. Included with Audrey's letter is a necklace as a good luck gift to Elizabeth. The sight makes Liz emotional as well as guilt ridden. She gets light headed and Patrick suspects she has cold feet.

Paul listens to Anna leaving a message on Sloane's phone while he hangs with Tracy at The Haunted Star party. He hears Anna saying she doesn't trust him. Paul decides he needs to investigate so he tells Tracy he's got business to attend to. Later Paul approaches Anna on the docks with Halloween mask on. When he reveals his face Anna says he looked better with the mask on. Then she accuses him of being involved with a cover up in Carlos' death. Paul then tells Anna he knows she killed Carlos, but says he's covering it up to protect her. Paul also claims he's working with Sloane to help her. Anna doesn't know what to think, but Paul says she doesn't have a choice. Later Anna thinks she sees Carlos walking around on the docks.

Dante comes to talk to Lulu at the party. He tells Nathan he wants to tell Lulu the truth. Meanwhile Lulu wants to play Andy the intern's film footage with Dillon in the back room. Dillon realizes what she's about to play and stops her by saying it's not ready to be viewed. Then Andy walks in saying he mistook Tracy's regular clothes for a Halloween costume. Lulu says she'll smooth things over and walks out. After Dillon grills Andy about the footage. Andy promises to erase it. Later Valerie goes to fix her costume in the same room. Dante walks in looking for Lulu and they have a chat. Dillon sees them and gets the idea they're fooling around again. 

Back at the party, Lulu tells Tracy about her baby making plans. Tracy doesn't think it's the best idea. Then Paul returns and asks Tracy if they can call it a night. Nearby Kiki arrives and drinks like a fish while chatting up TJ and Molly. Meanwhile Darby and Morgan head into the Haunted Star bedroom to fool around. At the end, Dillon prepares to debut his sizzle reel but Andy mixes it up and he ends up playing the conversation where Valerie admits to sleeping with Dante. Everyone at the party hears it. 

Carly, Sam and Michael take Jake to The Floating Rib for his bachelor party. They have ribs and drink beer. Later everybody sings Karaoke off camera. Meanwhile Spinelli calls Georgie on his phone while he waits for his computer to create Jake's old face. After he calls Sam to tell her he's still waiting to reconstruct Jake's virtual face. Later Spinelli gets news that Ellie was hurt and he decides to go back to Portland. He leaves a message for Sam telling her to check on his software. Back at The Floating Rib, Jake and Sam remark how good of friends they are now. Later Spinelli runs into Carly and begs her to alert Sam to the software. Carly promises to get his computer and take it to Sam. Then we cut to Spinelli's computer and see the software has finally reconstructed Jason's face.

End of show!

Have a great weekend!

P.S. Nice to see Audrey, but that scene was rather lame. Why couldn't she have a scene with Liz?  Weird.

Happy Halloween!

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