Thursday, October 29, 2015

Halloween Begins!

Still true friends!
Here's What Happened - 

Emma and Sam compare Halloween costumes at home along with little Danny and Patrick. Spinelli mines away on his computer while they all go out trick or treating. Once alone, Spinelli gets a visit from Maxie. They catch up and Skype with baby Georgie together. After Spinelli gives Maxie a birthday present. He gives her a book about goddesses. Later Sam, Patrick and Emma come home and are happy to see Maxie. Then Maxie accidentally spills her drink on Spinelli's computer and destroys the work he was doing to find out Jake's true face. He and Sam try to use a hair dryer to fix it. 

At Liz's house, Jake prepares to take the boys trick or treating as a group of football players, but little Jake worries someone will hurt them. Big Jake assures him everything will be fine. Then Liz comes home and loves seeing them all together. They all go out together trick or treating together. When they come home Jake gives Liz attitude about calling Jake daddy. Later in private Liz asks big Jake if he wants to adopt Cam and Jake once they're married. Jake says yes and Liz is thrilled. Then Jake heads over to Sam's place and learns about their computer trouble. While he's there he runs into little Danny. Meanwhile Patrick stops by Liz's place with Emma and they chat about how happy they are. At the end, Jake gets a message from an unknown person saying they're coming for him. Meanwhile Spinelli is able to get his computer working again.

Ava calls Kiki from her art gallery and leaves a voice message asking her to testify for her. After Ava gets a visit from Tracy. She wants to buy a painting for Paul's office. Later Paul shows up and sees Tracy there. She tells Paul she wanted to buy him a painting, but she can't deal with Ava. Paul says he's going to look at some art and Tracy leaves. Later Paul comforts Ava after she learns that Kiki won't help her. Paul says she should trust him that everything will be okay. Then he kisses Ava.

Dillon gets excited about news of his film at The Haunted Star. He wants to share it with Lulu, but she tells him they probably can't be friends anymore. Then Paul shows up and Dillon vents to him about his problems with Lulu. Paul advises him not to give up on what he wants. Meanwhile Andy (Dillon's intern) edits some film and sees the conversation between Valerie and Dillon talking about her night with Dante. Later Valerie and Lulu talk in the same room that Andy was editing the footage. They talk about Dillon and Valerie encourages Lulu to make amends with Dillon. Later Lulu tells Dillon she wants to be friends afterall and they hug. Meanwhile Maxie convinces Tracy to invest in Dillon's film as the Halloween party kicks off. 

Dante visits Sonny at the hospital and mentions that he doesn't think he'd be a good godfather for baby Leo. Sonny doesn't understand and thinks Dante would be great. Dante tells him not to put him on a pedestal and ends up admitting that he slept with Valerie. Dante tells Sonny about how guilty he feels and how many people know about his secret now. Sonny advises Dante to tell Lulu the truth before someone else does. After hearing him out, Dante realizes that Sonny is right. Meanwhile at The Haunted Star, Lulu notices Valerie on Andy's computer footage and wants to watch it. 

End of show!

Have a great night!

P.S. In case you haven't heard, Johnny Z, Robert Scorpio and Robin are all on their way back to Port Charles. Not to mention that Anna and Laura got real life contracts! It's a good week for GH fans!

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