Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Doing What I Had To

Tell me the truth!
Wednesday's Recap - 

Michael goes to GH with Sabrina and Morgan and they ask Felix for an update on Sonny's condition. Felix explains with Sabrina's help that Sonny might not walk again. Meanwhile Sonny tells Carly in his hospital room that he needs to be a "whole man" before he can marry her. Carly doesn't want to hear it and insists that he marry her right away, but Sonny doesn't feel its right. Then Michael and Morgan walk in and they talk all about Sonny's condition. Then a nurse comes in with a wheelchair to take Sonny for tests. Later Carly tells Michael and Morgan that she couldn't bring herself to tell Sonny about Ava taking Avery. Carly also tells Michael not to mention going the five families meetings to Sonny, but Michael and Morgan think Sonny needs the truth.

Sabrina and Felix head to The Floating Rib for drinks and catch up on things. Felix tells her about a new guy he's dating. When their food arrives, Sabrina takes one look and runs off to throw up. After she claims she has the stomach flu, but Felix wonders if she's pregnant. He advises Sabrina to take a pregnancy test to be sure and thinks Michael would love the idea.

Emma and Anna talk about Robin at Patrick's house. Emma asks about how Robin felt about her when she was born as they make a bead necklace for Robin. Then Sam walks in and Emma feels like she needs to hide the necklace as to not hurt Sam's feelings. Sam promises she can talk about her mother when ever she wants. After Anna explains to Emma why Robin and Patrick didn't work out. Emma worries that something will happen to ruin Patrick's marriage to Sam, she specifically worries that Danny's dad could come back from the dead like Robin did. Sam promises everything will work out. At the end, Sam asks why Anna doesn't want Carlos brought to justice for killing Duke. However Emma interrupts them before Anna can answer.

Jake tells Liz at the hospital that he had Sam investigate her phone call. He asks why Hayden called her. Liz says that Hayden remembered something about a conversation she had with Nikolas and speaking with Hayden is upsetting. Then Ava walks in and needs Liz's help with Avery. Liz takes them into an exam room and says she suspects that Avery has eczema. After Ava thanks Liz for helping her and they have a moment of commiseration. Later Sonny sees Ava in the hospital hallway with Avery and Ava gloats about getting temporary custody. Sonny threatens Ava and says she's already gone, but she just doesn't realize it yet. After Sonny goes back to his room and tells his family about the incident with Ava. Then he decides he wants to marry Carly afterall. At the end, Michael tells Sonny he's back in the fold officially. Meanwhile Morgan goes to tell Ava that he can't stand her and Sonny and Carly will get Avery back. Morgan assures her that Sonny will stop her.

Laura questions Nikolas at Wyndermere about whether or not he tried to kill Hayden. He asks why Laura thinks that so Laura says Liz told her some interesting things. Laura gets emotional and asks Nik for the truth. Hayden eavesdrops and hears Nikolas admit to trying to have her killed and that Jake is Jason. Nikolas explains it away as doing what he had to do and begs Laura to keep quiet. Then Jake shows up out of nowhere and wants to speak with Hayden about why she called Liz. Jake orders Hayden to leave Liz alone. Laura ends up talking to Jake about his plans to marry Liz and she advises him to hold off on marrying her until he knows who he really is. Jake thanks Laura for her advice and leaves. In private, Hayden tells Nikolas that she overheard him arguing with Laura, but neglects to mention she knows everything now. Meanwhile Jake returns to the hospital and calls Sam to help him find out who he really is!

End of show!

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