Friday, October 16, 2015

Crafty Little Devil

Who am I?
Here's What Happened - 

Paul and Jordan call Anna into the interrogation room at the PCPD. Jordan asks if Anna had anything to do with Carlos' death. Paul gets the autopsy report which confirms the body is indeed Carlos. However the timeline is off and it has Carlos' time of death around the time Sonny was shot. Jordan tells Anna she's off the hook. However in private, Paul suggests to Anna that maybe someone wanted revenge against Carlos for Duke's death. Later Anna goes to the hospital and asks Patrick to give her something to help her sleep. She tells him that she's been having nightmares about Duke. Patrick thinks maybe she should talk to Kevin Collins. Then Anna heads to the docks and has a vision of Carlos taunting her. 

Sabrina cries about Carlos at her apartment. Michael comes over with roses to make her feel better. Then Tracy also stops by with flowers for Sabrina. Michael snipes at Tracy for messing in his business, but then Michael is called to the police station by Jordan. Once alone, Sabrina gets emotional in front of Tracy and Tracy realizes that Sabrina is pregnant. Tracy asks why Sabrina hasn't told Michael yet. Sabrina explains that she's scared she's going to lose the baby. Tracy thinks telling Michael will ease her fears. After Sabrina thinks about Carlos and remembers kissing him and it gives the impression that they might have slept together. Meanwhile Michael goes to the station and tells Paul and Jordan he won't speak to them unless his lawyer is present. Then Michael heads back to Sabrina's apartment and she finally tells him she's pregnant.

Nikolas asks Patrick if he thinks Hayden will get her memory back at the hospital. Patrick tells him he thinks Hayden is fine and should remember soon. Meanwhile Liz accuses Hayden of faking her memory issues in the exam room. Then Patrick and Nik walk in and notice the tension. Hayden gets light headed and Elizabeth walks out. Hayden is in a rush to get home and tells Patrick to ask Liz what happened between them. Later Hayden and Nik return to Wyndermere and talk about her memory. Hayden says she thinks Liz is obsessed with Jake and acting insecure. After she thinks she needs a job and wonders what skills she has. Nik jokes that she's crafty and Hayden says she should advertise herself as a crafty little devil. Then Nik offers Hayden a job working for him and she happily accepts. Back at the hospital, Patrick advises Liz to trust Jake and move forward without all the worry. 

Spinelli finds a correspondence on the computer between Nikolas and a DNA lab about Jake's blood at Liz's house. Sam thinks they should hack into the lab's computer to find out who Nikolas was comparing Jake's blood to. Spinelli is reluctant, but Sam talks him into it. Spinelli says it will take a day to find out. Jake gets impatient and says he wants to go see Nik and ask him directly. Then Jake storms out. Later Sam and Spinelli talk on the docks about Jason and both agree that Jake reminds them of Jason. Spinelli remarks what a good friend Jason was to him. Sam gets emotional and admits to Spinelli that she can't let go of Jason. Meanwhile Hayden makes a call to an unknown person at Wyndermere to tell them, "She's in!" Then Jake knocks on the door and asks Nikolas about the DNA test. 

End of show!

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