Thursday, October 22, 2015


Let's work together!
Here's What Happened - 

Jake goes to Patrick's house to see Sam and Spinelli. Using his cyber skills, Spinelli thinks he found Jake's missing DNA file but finds that it's been deleted. Jake gets upset and rants about how he's going to leave his past in the past. Then he storms out. After Sam thinks that they should keep looking despite what he said. Spinelli guesses, based on his cyber findings, that they might be able to find out more details if they get Jake's medical records. Later Patrick comes home and asks what they're doing. Sam explains so Patrick agrees to look the other way while they work. Then Spinelli gets the records from the hospital mainframe. At the end, he says there might be a way to find out what Jake looked like before his accident. 

Nikolas tells Elizabeth at GH that Jake is looking into his past. He explains that with Sam's help, Jake broke onto his laptop for the DNA test results. Liz gets upset so Nikolas suggests that she just tell the truth, but Liz says she's afraid to. Nik responds that in that case, she better find a way to stop Jake's investigation. After Jake approaches Liz at the hospital and she asks if they can go home. When they get home, Liz asks Jake about the DNA test. Jake says he thinks Nikolas is lying, but she asks him to let it go for their family's sake. Jake agrees and they have sex. 

Lulu meets Laura at Kelly's for a visit with Rocco. They talk about Olivia and Lulu tells Laura that baby Leo is really alive. After Lulu shares that her and Dante want to have another baby. Laura promises to be there this time to support her. Then Nikolas walks in and Laura gives him the cold shoulder. Lulu asks Laura if something is going on, but Laura won't tell her what. At the end, Laura tells Lulu she's not going to Liz and Jake's wedding. 

Olivia tells Julian at the Metro Court that DNA test or not, he doesn't get to be Leo's father. Julian gets angry and demands that Olivia give the baby to him. Olivia is ready to have security toss him out when Alexis walks in and calms things down. She tells Julian in private that he can't attack Olivia in public without damaging his case. Alexis advises Julian to take Olivia to court. Later Julian tries to talk to Olivia calmly. Olivia explains to Julian that she lied to protect her child and questions whether or not he's really ready to be a father. Julian promises her that he's out of the mob and wants to help raise Leo. Olivia agrees to co-parent with him after Julian promises not to take her to court. At the end, Olivia allows Julian to hold Leo. 

Sonny tries to get Morgan to spring him from the hospital, but Carly and Michael stop him. Sonny gets stubborn and tries to stand on his own, but falls to the floor. He freaks out and insists that Michael and Morgan leave him alone. Patrick comes over and helps Sonny back into his chair. After Patrick tells Carly, Michael and Morgan that Sonny is going to hurt himself if he doesn't stop the drama. Later Carly tries to talk to Sonny alone in his hospital room. In private Sonny says he thinks Carly pity's him now. Carly won't hear it and tells him to fight. Sonny gets emotional, but agrees that she's right. Later Sonny talks to the Michael and Morgan and tells them he's walking away from the business. He says Max is stepping in and orders them to stay away. At the end, Sonny says he needs his family to stand by him now and they all share an emotional moment.

End of show!

Laura looked so pretty today!

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