Monday, October 12, 2015

Broken Gargoyle

No make up sex!
Monday's Recap - 

Nina wants to redecorate Silas's place, but Kiki gets upset and says she wants to keep things like Silas had it. They end up fighting and Nina thinks maybe she and Franco should move out. Franco asks Nina to hold off on redecorating, but Kiki tells him not to bother because she's moving out. Then Kiki storms out and makes a snark about them having separate bedrooms before leaving. After Nina wonders if he's always going to take Kiki's side. Franco explains why he's supportive of Kiki. Then Nina asks if it bothers him that they have separate bedrooms and worries that she might not be very good at sex. Franco feels confident that's not true. Nina says Silas was the only man she ever slept with. Franco tells her not to worry, because he can't live without her. 

Morgan questions Ava at the Floating Rib about her mothering skills. He thinks the fact that she's dressed up and at a bar means she's ignoring Avery. Ava tries to apologize to Morgan for hurting him and asks him to be part of Avery's life. Morgan says he'll pretend like he doesn't hate her when he visits Avery. Later Ava asks Morgan to talk to Kiki about visiting Avery. Then Kiki walks in and assumes their cavorting again. Kiki starts taking shots at the bar. Morgan tries to talk to Kiki while Ava chimes in. Kiki gets pissed and tosses a drink in Ava's face. The bartender threatens to call the cops on Kiki after she breaks a bottle. Morgan tries to step in, but the police arrive and arrest Kiki. At the end, Morgan calls Franco for help with Kiki just as Nina and Franco are about to go to the bedroom. Morgan tells him Kiki was arrested. 

Jordan gets Valerie to open up to her about feelings toward Dante at the PCPD. After hearing it, Jordan goes to Dante and says he's Valerie's superior and took advantage of her. Dante promises that the situation is under control, but Jordan doesn't think so. However Valerie interrupts and says after the way Dante treated her she knows there is nothing between them. Meanwhile Lulu rejects a kiss from Dillon on the  Haunted Star. He says he loves her, but Lulu tells him to move on. They start arguing and she warns him to get over it or they can't be friends. 

Lulu heads home and tells Dante that Dillon kissed her. She swears to him that she only sees Dillon as a friend. Lulu says she doesn't deserve Dante and they say how much they love each other. Then make out and end up in bed. Meanwhile Valerie heads to the Haunted Star and vents to Dillon. He thinks she's pregnant, but Valerie assures him it's not true. After Dillon tells Valerie about how Lulu rejected him and they commiserate over their mutual rejections. They make a toast to friendship. 

Sam and Jake lurk on the balcony outside of Nikolas office at Wyndermere, while Nik and Hayden are getting hot and heavy inside. Hayden has a memory while Nikolas is kissing her. She asks him about a memory of him threatening her. Nikolas tries to explain it away by saying it was one of those times they fought and made up with sex. Then they start fooling around again. Outside Sam and Jake try to find a way off the balcony and knock a gargoyle off the edge. Nik hears the noise and goes to investigate. Sam and Jake manage to hide before Nik can see them. However somehow Sam hurts her ankle in the process so Jake has to carry her inside. Nik and Hayden head to the living room where Nik tries to hit on Hayden again. However she says she thinks they shouldn't have sex until she gets her memory back.

End of show!

Jordan looked fabulous today. Good to see her after such a long absence!

Have a great night!

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