Friday, October 30, 2015

Haunted Star Halloween Extravaganza

Friday's Recap - 

Nina and Franco prepare to watch scary movies for Halloween at their apartment. Then Kiki comes home drunk and quickly changes into her costume for the Haunted Star party. Franco doesn't want Kiki to drive to the party intoxicated. After Ava stops by with Avery. Kiki gets upset seeing Ava and they have words. Then Kiki heads off. After Ava tells Franco she thinks Franco owes her for leaving her to die on the bridge and he should talk to Kiki on her behalf. 

Morgan dressed as Captain Morgan meets up with Darby at The Haunted Star for the big party. TJ and Molly join them. Then Maxie approaches Morgan and asks him to invest in Dillon's movie. Morgan says okay if he can have a love scene in the film with Darby. Nearby Felix brings Sabrina a glass of milk and asks where Michael is. Felix senses something is wrong so Sabrina admits Michael might not be her baby's father. She explains that she slept with Carlos the night before he was killed.

Liz and Patrick run into each other at the hospital as Liz is picking up all her wedding shower gifts. Patrick hands her a package from Vienna, which turns out to be a letter from Audrey. Liz explains that Audrey broke her ankle and can't make the wedding. Then Liz reads the letter and we get a flash of Audrey writing it to her. Audrey wishes Liz a long fruitful marriage. Included with Audrey's letter is a necklace as a good luck gift to Elizabeth. The sight makes Liz emotional as well as guilt ridden. She gets light headed and Patrick suspects she has cold feet.

Paul listens to Anna leaving a message on Sloane's phone while he hangs with Tracy at The Haunted Star party. He hears Anna saying she doesn't trust him. Paul decides he needs to investigate so he tells Tracy he's got business to attend to. Later Paul approaches Anna on the docks with Halloween mask on. When he reveals his face Anna says he looked better with the mask on. Then she accuses him of being involved with a cover up in Carlos' death. Paul then tells Anna he knows she killed Carlos, but says he's covering it up to protect her. Paul also claims he's working with Sloane to help her. Anna doesn't know what to think, but Paul says she doesn't have a choice. Later Anna thinks she sees Carlos walking around on the docks.

Dante comes to talk to Lulu at the party. He tells Nathan he wants to tell Lulu the truth. Meanwhile Lulu wants to play Andy the intern's film footage with Dillon in the back room. Dillon realizes what she's about to play and stops her by saying it's not ready to be viewed. Then Andy walks in saying he mistook Tracy's regular clothes for a Halloween costume. Lulu says she'll smooth things over and walks out. After Dillon grills Andy about the footage. Andy promises to erase it. Later Valerie goes to fix her costume in the same room. Dante walks in looking for Lulu and they have a chat. Dillon sees them and gets the idea they're fooling around again. 

Back at the party, Lulu tells Tracy about her baby making plans. Tracy doesn't think it's the best idea. Then Paul returns and asks Tracy if they can call it a night. Nearby Kiki arrives and drinks like a fish while chatting up TJ and Molly. Meanwhile Darby and Morgan head into the Haunted Star bedroom to fool around. At the end, Dillon prepares to debut his sizzle reel but Andy mixes it up and he ends up playing the conversation where Valerie admits to sleeping with Dante. Everyone at the party hears it. 

Carly, Sam and Michael take Jake to The Floating Rib for his bachelor party. They have ribs and drink beer. Later everybody sings Karaoke off camera. Meanwhile Spinelli calls Georgie on his phone while he waits for his computer to create Jake's old face. After he calls Sam to tell her he's still waiting to reconstruct Jake's virtual face. Later Spinelli gets news that Ellie was hurt and he decides to go back to Portland. He leaves a message for Sam telling her to check on his software. Back at The Floating Rib, Jake and Sam remark how good of friends they are now. Later Spinelli runs into Carly and begs her to alert Sam to the software. Carly promises to get his computer and take it to Sam. Then we cut to Spinelli's computer and see the software has finally reconstructed Jason's face.

End of show!

Have a great weekend!

P.S. Nice to see Audrey, but that scene was rather lame. Why couldn't she have a scene with Liz?  Weird.

Happy Halloween!

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Halloween Begins!

Still true friends!
Here's What Happened - 

Emma and Sam compare Halloween costumes at home along with little Danny and Patrick. Spinelli mines away on his computer while they all go out trick or treating. Once alone, Spinelli gets a visit from Maxie. They catch up and Skype with baby Georgie together. After Spinelli gives Maxie a birthday present. He gives her a book about goddesses. Later Sam, Patrick and Emma come home and are happy to see Maxie. Then Maxie accidentally spills her drink on Spinelli's computer and destroys the work he was doing to find out Jake's true face. He and Sam try to use a hair dryer to fix it. 

At Liz's house, Jake prepares to take the boys trick or treating as a group of football players, but little Jake worries someone will hurt them. Big Jake assures him everything will be fine. Then Liz comes home and loves seeing them all together. They all go out together trick or treating together. When they come home Jake gives Liz attitude about calling Jake daddy. Later in private Liz asks big Jake if he wants to adopt Cam and Jake once they're married. Jake says yes and Liz is thrilled. Then Jake heads over to Sam's place and learns about their computer trouble. While he's there he runs into little Danny. Meanwhile Patrick stops by Liz's place with Emma and they chat about how happy they are. At the end, Jake gets a message from an unknown person saying they're coming for him. Meanwhile Spinelli is able to get his computer working again.

Ava calls Kiki from her art gallery and leaves a voice message asking her to testify for her. After Ava gets a visit from Tracy. She wants to buy a painting for Paul's office. Later Paul shows up and sees Tracy there. She tells Paul she wanted to buy him a painting, but she can't deal with Ava. Paul says he's going to look at some art and Tracy leaves. Later Paul comforts Ava after she learns that Kiki won't help her. Paul says she should trust him that everything will be okay. Then he kisses Ava.

Dillon gets excited about news of his film at The Haunted Star. He wants to share it with Lulu, but she tells him they probably can't be friends anymore. Then Paul shows up and Dillon vents to him about his problems with Lulu. Paul advises him not to give up on what he wants. Meanwhile Andy (Dillon's intern) edits some film and sees the conversation between Valerie and Dillon talking about her night with Dante. Later Valerie and Lulu talk in the same room that Andy was editing the footage. They talk about Dillon and Valerie encourages Lulu to make amends with Dillon. Later Lulu tells Dillon she wants to be friends afterall and they hug. Meanwhile Maxie convinces Tracy to invest in Dillon's film as the Halloween party kicks off. 

Dante visits Sonny at the hospital and mentions that he doesn't think he'd be a good godfather for baby Leo. Sonny doesn't understand and thinks Dante would be great. Dante tells him not to put him on a pedestal and ends up admitting that he slept with Valerie. Dante tells Sonny about how guilty he feels and how many people know about his secret now. Sonny advises Dante to tell Lulu the truth before someone else does. After hearing him out, Dante realizes that Sonny is right. Meanwhile at The Haunted Star, Lulu notices Valerie on Andy's computer footage and wants to watch it. 

End of show!

Have a great night!

P.S. In case you haven't heard, Johnny Z, Robert Scorpio and Robin are all on their way back to Port Charles. Not to mention that Anna and Laura got real life contracts! It's a good week for GH fans!

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Coming on today's GH

No recap today, I'll be back tomorrow! In the meantime here's what is coming on today's show. Spoilers are courtesy of ---> GHH!

Spinelli gets info from Jake that could help reveal his identity.

Sonny is not happy with legal advice Ric gives him about Avery.

Dillon almost tells Lulu about Dante sleeping with Valerie.

Ava begs Kiki to help her win custody of Avery.

Have a great day!

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Truth Teller

I'm gonna tell Lulu!
Tuesday's Recap - 

Emma shows Anna her Halloween costume at Anna's place. Then they get a spooky visit from Paul with a skeleton mask on. Anna tells Emma to go upstairs and in private Paul says he wants to talk about Carlos. He asks about Anna's attempt to see Carlos' body at the morgue. Anna explains that she needed closure, but Paul doesn't buy it. He tells her she's not the commissioner anymore and he wants to know what she's really up to. Anna finally tells him she doesn't think the body they found was really Carlos. At the end Anna kicks Paul out, but he promises he'll be in touch.

Sabrina turns Michael's marriage proposal down at the Quartermaine's. She explains that it's too soon for them to get married and she doesn't want him to feel dragged into it. Michael says he would have asked her to marry him eventually anyway and he loves her. Sabrina suggests they try living together first. Then Tracy and Monica walk in arguing about little Danny playing with Tracy's support hose. Tracy blurts out that Sabrina is pregnant and Michael confirms it. Monica is overjoyed to hear the news. Tracy starts making snipes about Michael involving himself in the mob. Michael denies it, but Sabrina is overwhelmed and steps outside. At the end, Monica makes a toast with Tracy and says her family lives on.

Hayden and Nikolas enjoy dinner at The Floating Rib and he calls Hayden his girlfriend. Then Sam walks in and Nikolas gives her attitude. He asks how Sam could break into his house and hack into his computer. Sam says his running a DNA test on Jake is just as bad, but Jake no longer wants to find out who he is so Nik is off the hook. Later Hayden and Nikolas talk in private and they wonder who will sit with Nikolas at Liz and Jake's wedding. Hayden asks to go with him and Nikolas agrees. At the end, Hayden jokes that maybe her memory will return at the wedding.

Olivia finds Dante and Lulu at the hospital and tells that she's going to allow Julian in Leo's life. Then Olivia gushes about what a good man Dante is and how loving Lulu is. She asks them to be Leo's god parents. Lulu says of course, but Dante seems somber. Meanwhile Alexis shows Julian how to change Leo's diaper at their new house. Julian apologizes for Leo changing everything between them, but Alexis says watching him with Leo makes her love him more. 

Lucas get a text message from Julian to meet him at his new house at GH so Lucas heads over. When he arrives Sam is there too and Alexis tells them about the new house. Then Sam shows them her engagement ring. After Julian comes out with Leo and explains that he and Olivia are trying to make peace in order to raise Leo together. Later Olivia stops by and apologizes to Sam and Lucas for lying. They forgive her. At the end, Sam gets a text from Spinelli saying he's close to finding out who Jake is. 

Maxie brings Dillon a check for his film at The Haunted Star, but refuses to give it to him until he tells her what he knows about Dante. Dillon says he'll tell her after he shows her some of the footage they shot for the movie. Maxie gets distracted about the way her hair looks on camera. Later Dante and Lulu arrive and Dante sees Dillon looking at footage he took of Lulu. Nearby Maxie tells Lulu that Dillon confirmed that he has something on Dante. At the end, Dante gives Dillon grief for looking at Lulu's picture so Dillon threatens to tell Lulu the truth. 

End of show!

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Monday, October 26, 2015

Legal Ease

No more hacking!
Here's What Happened - 

Diane arrives at the PCPD to help Spinelli out of legal trouble. Jordan says that Spinelli is facing state and federal charges for hacking into the hospital's mainframe. Diane asks to see Spinelli in the interrogation room. Jordan says okay, but takes Spinelli to be processed first. In private, Sam tells Diane about their search for Jake's true identity. Diane notices her engagement ring and thinks Sam might be chasing the adrenaline she had with Jason by helping Jake. She suggests that Patrick is too sedate for Sam. Later Spinelli and Diane talk alone and Diane says she knows he's guilty. However Diane manages to work her magic and after Jordan tells Spinelli he's free to go. At the end, Diane tells Spinelli to stop hacking. He says he will once he knows who Jake is. 

Liz walks into her house as little Jake is telling big Jake that he knows he's his real father. She asks big Jake to get cookies and once alone, little Jake tells Liz he heard her talking to Laura about how big Jake is his real father. Later Liz tells big Jake that little Jake might need therapy. After Jake calls Sam and asks her to meet him on the docks. Meanwhile Liz tries to talk to little Jake again back at the house. Little Jake wonders if big Jake knows he's his real father. Liz says it's complicated, but once they're married he will be his father. 

Lulu and Dante go to the hospital to find out about their embryo. Dante tells Lulu that he's considering taking a desk job, if need be, to keep them all safe. Later Doctor Kelly Lee (nice to see her) tells them that their embryo might not be viable. She explains the chances are 1 in 5 that it will work given they only have one embryo and it's been so long since it was frozen. After Lulu and Dante talk in private. He thinks maybe the risk isn't worth it. Lulu gets emotional and says she wants to risk it. She thinks they can beat the odds so Dante says okay. They decide to start the process after Halloween.

Michael tells Carly and Sonny in his hospital room that he and Sabrina are having a baby. Sonny asks for a minute alone with Michael so Sabrina and Carly step outside. Once alone, Sonny tells Michael to marry Sabrina. Meanwhile Carly tells Sabrina outside not to rush into anything. Later Sonny and Carly talk alone. Sonny tells Carly that he advised Michael to marry Sabrina. Carly gets upset and thinks that Michael doesn't really love Sabrina and Sabrina doesn't really love Michael either. Sonny says it's not up to her. Then he teases her about being a grandmother. Meanwhile over at the Quartermaine's, Sabrina thanks Michael for being so supportive of her unplanned pregnancy. Michael ends up asking her to marry him, but Sabrina says no.  

On the docks, Jake apologizes to Sam for yelling at her and Spinelli to stop the investigating the other day. She tells him not to worry about it. Then he tells Sam that little Jake is certain he's his real father. Jake says the experience made him worry about his past and wonder if it could come back to hurt him. Sam tells him she thinks he's a good man, but regardless she never stopped looking into his past. She explains that Spinelli got arrested for hacking into the hospital for his medical records. Then Jake says if the truth is as bad as he thinks, he's going to walk away from Elizabeth. Sam promises they'll find out who he is by the time he marries Elizabeth.

End of show!

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Friday, October 23, 2015

Jake's True Face

Today's Show - 

Spinelli visits Sonny at the hospital and brings a Bocce ball as a wedding gift. Spinelli stumbles on the topic of Sonny's walking condition so Carly takes Spinelli outside. Once alone, Spinelli reveals that he's investigating Jake's true identity. Meanwhile Michael talks to Sonny alone in his hospital room. Sonny reminds Michael to stay away from his business. Michael promises he will and says their family is only going to get bigger.

Paul gets a visit from Sabrina in his office asking about Carlos' body. She says Carlos' parents want to bury him. Paul says he's sympathetic, but says there was a mix up and Carlos was cremated. Sabrina is devastated. Meanwhile Anna goes to the morgue at GH looking for Carlos and Jordan sees her. Anna comes clean and says she wanted to see Carlos body for closure. Jordan decides to let Anna have a peak, but when they look in his morgue drawer they find the body missing. Later they learn Carlos was cremated.

Anna runs into Sabrina as she's picking up Carlos' ashes at the morgue. Sabrina says Carlos didn't deserve to die. After Anna asks the morgue director to let her see Carlos autopsy report and he agrees. Meanwhile Jordan goes to Paul's office and grills him for cremating Carlos. She says he destroyed evidence. Paul assures her that he wasn't trying to disrupt the case and the autopsy report should be enough. Meanwhile Sabrina heads to GH and runs into Felix. He senses that something is wrong. Felix wonders if Carlos might be the father of her baby, but Michael interrupts before she can answer. Michael asks Sabrina to come with him somewhere. 

Liz wakes up with Jake in bed and they see little Jake watching them. He coldly says, "Grandma's here," and walks away. In private, Liz says little Jake seems off. Later Liz and big Jake head out for work leaving Laura to babysit. After Cameron scares little Jake with a Halloween mask and little Jake pushes him. However when Laura asks what happened, little Jake says Cameron fell. In private Laura asks Cameron if Jake pushed him, but all Cam will say is that it was an accident. 

At GH, Epiphany and Felix set up a surprise bridal shower for Elizabeth. Dr. Obrecht gets bossy about the affair. Later Liz comes to the hospital and gets surprised by the party. She gets plenty of gifts and a warm toast from Epiphany. Liz thanks them. Meanwhile Jake runs into Carly and they get into a conversation about his unknown past. He worries that his past is dangerous and will come back to bite him at some point. Carly tells him to let it go so he can be happy for the man he is now. After Jake asks Carly to stand up with him at his wedding. Carly is touched, says yes and tells him she's going to plan a bachelor party.

Sam tells Patrick at their house that she's trying to find out Jake's true face. Patrick hopes she will get to the bottom of Jake's mystery soon so they can concentrate on their wedding. Later Patrick surprises Sam with a giant engagement ring. Sam is overwhelmed and says how happy she is. Then Patrick heads off to work. When he arrives, Liz asks him to stand up with her at her wedding. Patrick tells her he'd be honored. Meanwhile Spinelli visits Sam and they start working on rebuilding a computer generated image of Jake's old face.

At the end, Anna learns Carlos' autopsy report doesn't show the correct amount of times she shot him. She wonders if the body wasn't really Carlos. Over at the hospital, Michael brings Sabrina to see Carly and Sonny and tells them she's pregnant. Dr. O finds out someone hacked into the hospital mainframe. Later Jordan arrests Spinelli. Meanwhile Liz and Jake go home. Laura asks to talk to Liz in private about little Jake as big Jake tries to talk to him man to man. Little Jake ends up telling Jake that he knows he's his real father. 

End of show!

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Thursday, October 22, 2015


Let's work together!
Here's What Happened - 

Jake goes to Patrick's house to see Sam and Spinelli. Using his cyber skills, Spinelli thinks he found Jake's missing DNA file but finds that it's been deleted. Jake gets upset and rants about how he's going to leave his past in the past. Then he storms out. After Sam thinks that they should keep looking despite what he said. Spinelli guesses, based on his cyber findings, that they might be able to find out more details if they get Jake's medical records. Later Patrick comes home and asks what they're doing. Sam explains so Patrick agrees to look the other way while they work. Then Spinelli gets the records from the hospital mainframe. At the end, he says there might be a way to find out what Jake looked like before his accident. 

Nikolas tells Elizabeth at GH that Jake is looking into his past. He explains that with Sam's help, Jake broke onto his laptop for the DNA test results. Liz gets upset so Nikolas suggests that she just tell the truth, but Liz says she's afraid to. Nik responds that in that case, she better find a way to stop Jake's investigation. After Jake approaches Liz at the hospital and she asks if they can go home. When they get home, Liz asks Jake about the DNA test. Jake says he thinks Nikolas is lying, but she asks him to let it go for their family's sake. Jake agrees and they have sex. 

Lulu meets Laura at Kelly's for a visit with Rocco. They talk about Olivia and Lulu tells Laura that baby Leo is really alive. After Lulu shares that her and Dante want to have another baby. Laura promises to be there this time to support her. Then Nikolas walks in and Laura gives him the cold shoulder. Lulu asks Laura if something is going on, but Laura won't tell her what. At the end, Laura tells Lulu she's not going to Liz and Jake's wedding. 

Olivia tells Julian at the Metro Court that DNA test or not, he doesn't get to be Leo's father. Julian gets angry and demands that Olivia give the baby to him. Olivia is ready to have security toss him out when Alexis walks in and calms things down. She tells Julian in private that he can't attack Olivia in public without damaging his case. Alexis advises Julian to take Olivia to court. Later Julian tries to talk to Olivia calmly. Olivia explains to Julian that she lied to protect her child and questions whether or not he's really ready to be a father. Julian promises her that he's out of the mob and wants to help raise Leo. Olivia agrees to co-parent with him after Julian promises not to take her to court. At the end, Olivia allows Julian to hold Leo. 

Sonny tries to get Morgan to spring him from the hospital, but Carly and Michael stop him. Sonny gets stubborn and tries to stand on his own, but falls to the floor. He freaks out and insists that Michael and Morgan leave him alone. Patrick comes over and helps Sonny back into his chair. After Patrick tells Carly, Michael and Morgan that Sonny is going to hurt himself if he doesn't stop the drama. Later Carly tries to talk to Sonny alone in his hospital room. In private Sonny says he thinks Carly pity's him now. Carly won't hear it and tells him to fight. Sonny gets emotional, but agrees that she's right. Later Sonny talks to the Michael and Morgan and tells them he's walking away from the business. He says Max is stepping in and orders them to stay away. At the end, Sonny says he needs his family to stand by him now and they all share an emotional moment.

End of show!

Laura looked so pretty today!

Have a great night!

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Money, Lies & DNA

Wednesday's Recap - 

Nathan and Dante talk about Dante's marital issues at the station. Dante tells Nathan that Dillon knows the truth. Nathan urges Dante to come clean with Lulu, especially since Maxie is breathing down his neck. Then Maxie and Lulu walk in and tell them that Lulu kicked Dillon off the Haunted Star. After Lulu asks Dante if there is any reason Dillon might have to think badly of him. Nearby Maxie tells Nathan about her crowd funding party plan to restart Dillon's film project. Nathan says he had another idea to raise money.

Nina and Franco share an intimate moment over new bed sheets in their apartment. However they're interrupted by Kiki. She makes nasty comments to Nina and they argue. Then Nina goes into the bedroom and after Franco asks Kiki what's going with her. Kiki tells him that she's upset about Morgan. Franco advises her to try and hate Morgan a little less. After Nina comes storming out and says Nathan and Maxie are coming over as their first guests. At Franco's request, Kiki decides to be nice with Nina and offers to make snacks. 

Later Nathan and Maxie arrive and Nina struggles to make awkward conversation. Franco thinks Nathan must want something. Nathan admits it and asks Nina for money for the film. Nina says she likes art and agrees to invest. Later Nathan accuses Franco of using Nina for her money. At the end, Nina offers Kiki her credit card to go out with. After Nina tells Franco it makes her happy to give people money. She feels frisky and wants to go into the bedroom, but Franco is still upset about Nathan's comment and says he needs a walk. 

Alexis tells Julian at their new house that baby Leo is still alive and that Olivia lied. Alexis shows him the DNA test results. He kicks himself for not realizing the truth sooner. Alexis convinces him to let her handle it and leaves for the PCPD. Later she arrives at the station and calls the judge asking for a court order for Olivia's baby. Nearby Dante and Lulu overhear her whole conversation. Later Dante realizes that Olivia's lies caught up to her and Lulu notes that's what lies can do. Then Nathan and Maxie show up and tell them they got some of the money they need from Nina. 

Morgan sees Olivia with a baby at the Metro Court and asks who's baby it is. She tells him it's her new adopted son. He congratulates her and says the baby will grow up to be as good as Dante. Later Julian walks in and sees Morgan with Olivia and Leo. Morgan heads out and after Julian hands Olivia the DNA test. He threatens to take Leo. Olivia gets protective and yells at him that he has no right Leo.

Sonny overhears Patrick telling Carly that he might not walk again at GH. Sonny gets angry, barges in and tells Patrick he will walk again. Then Michael shows up and helps Carly give Sonny a pep talk about his condition. Sonny doesn't want to hear it and says he wants another doctor. Patrick gives Sonny a lecture about his self image and need for power. Patrick thinks Sonny can't handle being vulnerable and weak. He tells Sonny to take responsibility and face his reality. Sonny agrees to start physical therapy and wheels himself back to his room. When he gets there, Morgan is there so Sonny asks him to get him out of there. However Carly and Michael stop them before Sonny can leave the hospital. 

End of show!

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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Extra Break

Sorry under the weather today & haven't watched GH yet. I'll hopefully catch up tomorrow. I heard Kevin Collins was on...hooray!

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Monday, October 19, 2015

Coming Up On Today's GH

No recap today. I'll be back tomorrow. In the meantime, here's what is coming on today's show! Spoilers are courtesy of ----> GHH!

Jake demands Nik tell him what he knows regarding the DNA test.

Nik gives Spencer some insight into his feelings for Hayden and Hayden overhears.

Michael and Sabrina have a touching moment when she shares her news.

Kiki and Morgan have an uncomfortable run in at the Haunted Star.

We meet Darby, a beautiful girl who attends PCU with Molly and TJ.

Ned makes a brief, one day, return (Rumored)

Olivia reconciles with her choices.

Have a great day!

Friday, October 16, 2015

Crafty Little Devil

Who am I?
Here's What Happened - 

Paul and Jordan call Anna into the interrogation room at the PCPD. Jordan asks if Anna had anything to do with Carlos' death. Paul gets the autopsy report which confirms the body is indeed Carlos. However the timeline is off and it has Carlos' time of death around the time Sonny was shot. Jordan tells Anna she's off the hook. However in private, Paul suggests to Anna that maybe someone wanted revenge against Carlos for Duke's death. Later Anna goes to the hospital and asks Patrick to give her something to help her sleep. She tells him that she's been having nightmares about Duke. Patrick thinks maybe she should talk to Kevin Collins. Then Anna heads to the docks and has a vision of Carlos taunting her. 

Sabrina cries about Carlos at her apartment. Michael comes over with roses to make her feel better. Then Tracy also stops by with flowers for Sabrina. Michael snipes at Tracy for messing in his business, but then Michael is called to the police station by Jordan. Once alone, Sabrina gets emotional in front of Tracy and Tracy realizes that Sabrina is pregnant. Tracy asks why Sabrina hasn't told Michael yet. Sabrina explains that she's scared she's going to lose the baby. Tracy thinks telling Michael will ease her fears. After Sabrina thinks about Carlos and remembers kissing him and it gives the impression that they might have slept together. Meanwhile Michael goes to the station and tells Paul and Jordan he won't speak to them unless his lawyer is present. Then Michael heads back to Sabrina's apartment and she finally tells him she's pregnant.

Nikolas asks Patrick if he thinks Hayden will get her memory back at the hospital. Patrick tells him he thinks Hayden is fine and should remember soon. Meanwhile Liz accuses Hayden of faking her memory issues in the exam room. Then Patrick and Nik walk in and notice the tension. Hayden gets light headed and Elizabeth walks out. Hayden is in a rush to get home and tells Patrick to ask Liz what happened between them. Later Hayden and Nik return to Wyndermere and talk about her memory. Hayden says she thinks Liz is obsessed with Jake and acting insecure. After she thinks she needs a job and wonders what skills she has. Nik jokes that she's crafty and Hayden says she should advertise herself as a crafty little devil. Then Nik offers Hayden a job working for him and she happily accepts. Back at the hospital, Patrick advises Liz to trust Jake and move forward without all the worry. 

Spinelli finds a correspondence on the computer between Nikolas and a DNA lab about Jake's blood at Liz's house. Sam thinks they should hack into the lab's computer to find out who Nikolas was comparing Jake's blood to. Spinelli is reluctant, but Sam talks him into it. Spinelli says it will take a day to find out. Jake gets impatient and says he wants to go see Nik and ask him directly. Then Jake storms out. Later Sam and Spinelli talk on the docks about Jason and both agree that Jake reminds them of Jason. Spinelli remarks what a good friend Jason was to him. Sam gets emotional and admits to Spinelli that she can't let go of Jason. Meanwhile Hayden makes a call to an unknown person at Wyndermere to tell them, "She's in!" Then Jake knocks on the door and asks Nikolas about the DNA test. 

End of show!

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Thursday, October 15, 2015

I've Got It!

"Tis I, the Jackal!"
Thursday's Recap - 

Patrick examines Sam's ankle at the hospital and asks how it happened. She explains to him that Jake asked for her help to find out who he really is. Patrick asks her to be safe. Meanwhile, Liz comes home and tells Jake she needs his undivided attention and they head upstairs. Later Liz returns to work while Jake stays home. Then Sam comes over and they work on finding out who he is. She tells Jake she has a secret weapon and then Spinelli knocks on the door. Spinelli goes to work on the computer. While waiting to break some computer code, Spinelli tells Sam how happy he is for her that she's getting married to Patrick. They briefly talk about Jason and after Spinelli gains access and searches on Jake Doe.

Maxie comes home to Nathan and a glass of wine. Maxie says she had a bad day and accused Valerie of being pregnant. They get into a conversation about Dillon. Nathan worries that Dillon has feelings for Maxie, but she tells him that Dillon is really in love with Lulu. After Maxie wants Nathan to tell her what secret he's been keeping. She tries to convince him that he can trust her, but Nathan says he can't tell her. He tells her that he wants to focus on them, not everyone else. Maxie agrees and they make out.

Lulu is excited about her fertility news at the hospital. She goes into the chapel and thanks god for making it possible for her to have another baby. Meanwhile Dante takes Dillon into the interrogation room at the PCPD and warns him stay away from Lulu. Dillon accuses Dante of using Valerie and let's Dante know that he knows Dante slept with Valerie. Dante tells him that he loves Lulu and he regrets it. Dante asks why Dillon hasn't told Lulu yet. Dillon says he doesn't want to hurt Valerie or Lulu. He also says he trusts that someday Lulu will find out anyway.

Nikolas wants to wait with Hayden at GH while she waits for her MRI test results. However she tells him she wants to see Patrick alone. Nikolas gets nervous and heads to the chapel. He sees Lulu there and they talk about Hayden. Nik says he hopes Hayden doesn't get her memory back, because he genuinely likes her now. However he promises Lulu that he'll get rid of Hayden if she hurts anyone he loves. After Nikolas remarks how happy Lulu seems and hopes nothing brings her down. At the end, Lulu heads to the PCPD and tells Dante she's good to go to have another child. 

Hayden goes into her appointment with Patrick and Liz assists. Liz and Hayden have a conversation and Hayden asks for Liz's help her get her memories back. Then Patrick tells Hayden based on her test results, she should have gotten her memory back already. Liz listens with concern as Patrick tells Hayden to see Kevin Collins to be hypnotized. Hayden says the idea gives her anxiety and she'll have think about it. At the end, Liz accuses Hayden of lying about her memory once they're alone. Back at Liz's house, Spinelli thinks he found out what Jake wants to know. 

End of show!

It was great to see Spinelli today! Sam had quite the boob top on today too! lol

Have a great night!

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Today's Scoop

No recap today. I'll be back tomorrow. In the meantime, here is what's coming up on today's show! Spoilers are courtesy of  ---> GHH!

Jordan begins to question Anna about Carlos.

Dante warns off Dillon.

Nathan apologizes to Val.

Paul pressures Ava.

Anna and Ava have a confrontation.

Maxie and Dillon are in for a shock.

Have a great day!

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Wedding Surprise

Here's What Happened - 

Franco tries to bait Nathan into allowing him to visit Kiki at the PCPD. Nina stops Nathan from getting upset asks as his sister if they can visit Kiki. Nathan agrees and goes to get Kiki. Nina takes a moment alone with Franco and wonders why he's staying loyal to Kiki. Then Kiki comes out with Nathan and tells Franco to leave. Nathan says Kiki is being charged with assault and has to appear before the judge. In private, Nina tells Nathan she's living with Kiki and Franco and she bought an apartment. Nathan worries it's not a good idea, but Nina says she has to look out for Kiki, because Franco cares about her. She asks Nathan to help her get the charges dropped against Kiki. 

In the interrogation room, Franco and Kiki argue but he manages to convince her to allow him to help her. Then Nathan comes in with Nina and says Kiki is free to go. After Kiki, Franco and Nina go home and Kiki acts snotty. Once alone, Franco thanks Nina for helping Kiki and they have a flirty conversation about sex. Meanwhile Kiki listens to a voice message from Morgan about how much he cares about her and it makes her grab a bottle of vodka. 

Morgan and Michael go to visit Sonny at the hospital. Sonny tells them that he spoke with Max and he knows that Michael met with the five families. Sonny gets angry and accuses Michael of wanting control of the business. Michael explains that's not the case and he only went, because Ric needed to focus on Avery and someone needed to protect Sonny's territory. Sonny tells Michael he doesn't want him anywhere near the business no matter what. 

Alexis meets Julian at the Metro Court and he tells her he's thinking about Leo. Julian also mentions that Olivia adopted a baby. Alexis finds the news to be unusual. Meanwhile Olivia brings baby Leo over to Dante's apartment for a visit. Dante worries that it's not smart to bring Leo out and about. Olivia tells him that she told Julian she adopted a baby as a cover story. Dante thinks Leo could start to look like Julian as he gets older. 

Later Olivia takes Leo to the Metro Court and Alexis asks to hold him. Alexis asks a few questions about the adoption and about Ned's involvement. Olivia has a few questions for her about Julian being in the mob or not. Alexis says he's moving in with her, because she believes he's out of the business. Olivia says she wouldn't bet on that. At the end, Alexis takes one of Leo pacifiers off the bar and hides it in her purse.

Sabrina leaves a message for Carlos pleading with him to let her know if he's okay from the chapel at GH. Felix joins her and Sabrina tells him she's pregnant. Felix can tell that Sabrina isn't that excited. She says she hasn't told Michael yet, because she's keeps thinking of Gabriel. Sabrina gets emotional talking about how things fell apart with Patrick and Emma got hurt. She worries the same thing will happen if she starts building a family with Michael. Felix promises her it will be okay and she'll make a wonderful mother. He promises not to say anything, but advises her to tell Michael soon. 

Carly talks to Lucas at the hospital about Sonny's condition. Lucas tries to assure Carly that Sonny will be okay, especially with her by his side. After Carly tells Lucas she plans on checking Sonny out so they can get married and then she'll return him to the hospital. Lucas thinks it's a bad idea, but Carly asks him to back her on this. After Carly walks into Sonny's room as he's scolding Michael and Morgan. Michael tells Sonny about Ava taking over the business and naming Carlos as the shooter. Morgan insists that Julian is behind this and Michael agrees. 

Then Lucas comes in and says it's too dangerous for Sonny to leave the hospital now. Carly ends up agreeing after hearing him out, but Sonny says he needs to get out of the hospital. Carly says she won't support him leaving if it's dangerous to his health. Later Dante comes to the hospital and Sonny asks the boys to help him with something. At the end, Sonny has Carly take him to the chapel where the boys are waiting to have a surprise wedding for them!

End of show!

Have a great night!

Monday, October 12, 2015

Broken Gargoyle

No make up sex!
Monday's Recap - 

Nina wants to redecorate Silas's place, but Kiki gets upset and says she wants to keep things like Silas had it. They end up fighting and Nina thinks maybe she and Franco should move out. Franco asks Nina to hold off on redecorating, but Kiki tells him not to bother because she's moving out. Then Kiki storms out and makes a snark about them having separate bedrooms before leaving. After Nina wonders if he's always going to take Kiki's side. Franco explains why he's supportive of Kiki. Then Nina asks if it bothers him that they have separate bedrooms and worries that she might not be very good at sex. Franco feels confident that's not true. Nina says Silas was the only man she ever slept with. Franco tells her not to worry, because he can't live without her. 

Morgan questions Ava at the Floating Rib about her mothering skills. He thinks the fact that she's dressed up and at a bar means she's ignoring Avery. Ava tries to apologize to Morgan for hurting him and asks him to be part of Avery's life. Morgan says he'll pretend like he doesn't hate her when he visits Avery. Later Ava asks Morgan to talk to Kiki about visiting Avery. Then Kiki walks in and assumes their cavorting again. Kiki starts taking shots at the bar. Morgan tries to talk to Kiki while Ava chimes in. Kiki gets pissed and tosses a drink in Ava's face. The bartender threatens to call the cops on Kiki after she breaks a bottle. Morgan tries to step in, but the police arrive and arrest Kiki. At the end, Morgan calls Franco for help with Kiki just as Nina and Franco are about to go to the bedroom. Morgan tells him Kiki was arrested. 

Jordan gets Valerie to open up to her about feelings toward Dante at the PCPD. After hearing it, Jordan goes to Dante and says he's Valerie's superior and took advantage of her. Dante promises that the situation is under control, but Jordan doesn't think so. However Valerie interrupts and says after the way Dante treated her she knows there is nothing between them. Meanwhile Lulu rejects a kiss from Dillon on the  Haunted Star. He says he loves her, but Lulu tells him to move on. They start arguing and she warns him to get over it or they can't be friends. 

Lulu heads home and tells Dante that Dillon kissed her. She swears to him that she only sees Dillon as a friend. Lulu says she doesn't deserve Dante and they say how much they love each other. Then make out and end up in bed. Meanwhile Valerie heads to the Haunted Star and vents to Dillon. He thinks she's pregnant, but Valerie assures him it's not true. After Dillon tells Valerie about how Lulu rejected him and they commiserate over their mutual rejections. They make a toast to friendship. 

Sam and Jake lurk on the balcony outside of Nikolas office at Wyndermere, while Nik and Hayden are getting hot and heavy inside. Hayden has a memory while Nikolas is kissing her. She asks him about a memory of him threatening her. Nikolas tries to explain it away by saying it was one of those times they fought and made up with sex. Then they start fooling around again. Outside Sam and Jake try to find a way off the balcony and knock a gargoyle off the edge. Nik hears the noise and goes to investigate. Sam and Jake manage to hide before Nik can see them. However somehow Sam hurts her ankle in the process so Jake has to carry her inside. Nik and Hayden head to the living room where Nik tries to hit on Hayden again. However she says she thinks they shouldn't have sex until she gets her memory back.

End of show!

Jordan looked fabulous today. Good to see her after such a long absence!

Have a great night!

Friday, October 9, 2015


No recap today. I'm off to the NYC Comic Con!!!

Have a great weekend!

P.S. I hear Sam climbed the walls of Wyndermere in 5 inch heels!

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Pregnancy Test

Today's Show - 

Julian and Alexis skip breakfast for sex in his hotel room. Then he gives her a photo album that Molly helped him put together of their family. Alexis is very touched and asks Julian to move in with her. Julian worries that Molly might not approve, but Alexis thinks Molly will come around. After Paul calls Alexis and tells her that he's dropping the charges against Julian. Of course, Alexis and Julian are thrilled and prepare to move in together. 

Dante and Lulu talk at the hospital about Sonny's health. Then he brings up wanting to have another baby and they agree to get the process started. After Dante runs into Olivia and he tells her that he plans on having another baby. Then Olivia shares with Dante that she's having second thoughts and wants to bring baby Leo to Port Charles. Olivia hopes that Julian is truly out of the mob now. At the end, Julian runs into Olivia in the hallway of the hotel holding a baby. 

Paul gets a visit from Tracy in his office. She wants to know if he spoke with Michael. Paul says he hasn't spoken to Michael yet but he will. Meanwhile, Michael hears Sabrina on the phone with Felix talking about pregnancy stuff at Kelly's. However Sabrina makes an excuse and changes the subject. Then they run into Valerie and Sabrina mistakes Valerie's paper bag of candy as her paper bag with the pregnancy test inside and takes it. After Michael heads to see Paul in his office. Paul asks Michael if he's planning on giving into his Corinthos instincts and joining the mob. Paul warns him that he's not backing down from organized crime.

Dillon promises Valerie over the phone that he won't say anything about her sleeping with Dante, despite the fact that he hates lying to Lulu. Meanwhile at the Haunted Star, his film intern edits the video on his camera where Valerie admits to sleeping with Dante for his personal behind the scenes documentary. Later Nathan takes a moment to grill Dillon about the working conditions on the set. Maxie asks Nathan to stop and later explains to Dillon that Nathan doesn't like their sex scene.

Later they start filming for another scene where Dillon's character has to say I love you and Lulu interrupts. Dillon gets upsets and yells at Lulu for taking him out of the moment and storms off. After Maxie tells Lulu that Dillon's in love with her. Meanwhile Dillon heads to Paul's office and asks him to get Nathan off his back. Then Dillon vents about his unrequited feelings. Meanwhile Nathan runs into Valerie outside of Kelly's and she drops her paper bag. She hurries off to work and forgets it. Nathan picks it up and sees Sabrina's pregnancy test, but thinks it's Valerie's. Nathan calls Dante and ends up giving him the test.

Over at Sabrina's place, she acquires another test and promises Felix over the phone that she will take it right away. Then Tracy stops by for a visit and tells Sabrina to tell Michael to get his head on straight. Michael walks in right then and orders Tracy to leave. Before Tracy walks out, Michael tells Tracy to mind her business and shuts the door in her face. Back at the police station, Dante approaches Valerie and demands to know about the pregnancy test.

End of show!

Have a great night!

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Doing What I Had To

Tell me the truth!
Wednesday's Recap - 

Michael goes to GH with Sabrina and Morgan and they ask Felix for an update on Sonny's condition. Felix explains with Sabrina's help that Sonny might not walk again. Meanwhile Sonny tells Carly in his hospital room that he needs to be a "whole man" before he can marry her. Carly doesn't want to hear it and insists that he marry her right away, but Sonny doesn't feel its right. Then Michael and Morgan walk in and they talk all about Sonny's condition. Then a nurse comes in with a wheelchair to take Sonny for tests. Later Carly tells Michael and Morgan that she couldn't bring herself to tell Sonny about Ava taking Avery. Carly also tells Michael not to mention going the five families meetings to Sonny, but Michael and Morgan think Sonny needs the truth.

Sabrina and Felix head to The Floating Rib for drinks and catch up on things. Felix tells her about a new guy he's dating. When their food arrives, Sabrina takes one look and runs off to throw up. After she claims she has the stomach flu, but Felix wonders if she's pregnant. He advises Sabrina to take a pregnancy test to be sure and thinks Michael would love the idea.

Emma and Anna talk about Robin at Patrick's house. Emma asks about how Robin felt about her when she was born as they make a bead necklace for Robin. Then Sam walks in and Emma feels like she needs to hide the necklace as to not hurt Sam's feelings. Sam promises she can talk about her mother when ever she wants. After Anna explains to Emma why Robin and Patrick didn't work out. Emma worries that something will happen to ruin Patrick's marriage to Sam, she specifically worries that Danny's dad could come back from the dead like Robin did. Sam promises everything will work out. At the end, Sam asks why Anna doesn't want Carlos brought to justice for killing Duke. However Emma interrupts them before Anna can answer.

Jake tells Liz at the hospital that he had Sam investigate her phone call. He asks why Hayden called her. Liz says that Hayden remembered something about a conversation she had with Nikolas and speaking with Hayden is upsetting. Then Ava walks in and needs Liz's help with Avery. Liz takes them into an exam room and says she suspects that Avery has eczema. After Ava thanks Liz for helping her and they have a moment of commiseration. Later Sonny sees Ava in the hospital hallway with Avery and Ava gloats about getting temporary custody. Sonny threatens Ava and says she's already gone, but she just doesn't realize it yet. After Sonny goes back to his room and tells his family about the incident with Ava. Then he decides he wants to marry Carly afterall. At the end, Michael tells Sonny he's back in the fold officially. Meanwhile Morgan goes to tell Ava that he can't stand her and Sonny and Carly will get Avery back. Morgan assures her that Sonny will stop her.

Laura questions Nikolas at Wyndermere about whether or not he tried to kill Hayden. He asks why Laura thinks that so Laura says Liz told her some interesting things. Laura gets emotional and asks Nik for the truth. Hayden eavesdrops and hears Nikolas admit to trying to have her killed and that Jake is Jason. Nikolas explains it away as doing what he had to do and begs Laura to keep quiet. Then Jake shows up out of nowhere and wants to speak with Hayden about why she called Liz. Jake orders Hayden to leave Liz alone. Laura ends up talking to Jake about his plans to marry Liz and she advises him to hold off on marrying her until he knows who he really is. Jake thanks Laura for her advice and leaves. In private, Hayden tells Nikolas that she overheard him arguing with Laura, but neglects to mention she knows everything now. Meanwhile Jake returns to the hospital and calls Sam to help him find out who he really is!

End of show!

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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Limp Legs

No wedding until I'm on my feet!
Here's What Happened - 

Tracy overhears Paul on a suspicious phone call at the Quartermaine's. She asks Paul about it and he says he's investigating Carlos. Tracy rants about how no one should trust Ava's word on anything. Then she brings up Michael going to the five families meeting and says she hopes Sonny lives so Michael stays out of the mob. Paul assures her that he plans on ending the mob violence in Port Charles. Tracy hopes Paul succeeds and tells Paul to watch his back, especially where Ava is concerned. 

Nina turns down Franco's suggestion for Kiki to live with them at Silas's place. Kiki and Nina agree they don't like each other and Kiki walks out. In private, Franco pleads with Nina to buy Silas's apartment and let them all live together. She agrees to buy the apartment, but doesn't want Kiki to stay with them. Franco manages to change her mind and assures Nina that their relationship won't suffer from it. 

Julian takes Ava and Avery out to eat at The Floating Rib. He senses that Ava is tense and asks what's wrong. Ava expresses that it's difficult to juggle the "business" and motherhood. Then Kiki walks in so Ava tries to talk to her. Ava apologizes for hurting her and asks Kiki to say hello to Avery and Julian. Kiki doesn't want to hear it and storms out. She heads back to Silas's place where Nina tells Kiki to stay with them afterall. Kiki gets choked up and cries in Franco's arms. 

Liz sees Jake looking at her phone at Kelly's. He explains that he wanted to know who called and upset her. Then Sam and Patrick walk in and tell them their engaged. Liz is thrilled to hear it. After Patrick and Liz are called to the hospital, which leaves Jake and Sam alone. Jake asks Sam to find out who called Liz. Sam checks it out and finds that the call came from Wyndermere. Jake deduces that Hayden likely called Liz and says he wants to find out why. Later Jake heads to the hospital and asks Liz why Hayden called her. 

Laura catches Nikolas kissing Hayden at Wyndermere. Laura thinks Hayden's memory loss is convenient, but Hayden insists her memory issues are real. Nik gets a call from Liz and leaves Laura and Hayden alone. In private Hayden asks if Laura is upset with Nikolas over Jake. Laura assures her there is no problem and convinces Hayden to stay at Wyndermere. Meanwhile Nik tells Liz that Hayden is getting curious about her memories and Laura's back in town. Liz asks Nik to keep Laura and Hayden from comparing notes. Later Laura and Nikolas talk alone and Nikolas explains that he has feelings for Hayden. Laura thinks that will be a problem since he tried to have Hayden killed. 

Carly sits by Sonny's bedside and waits for him to wake up at GH. She wills him to open his eyes and he does. After she explains that he had an embolism, but all Sonny cares about is Avery. Then Patrick comes to check on Sonny and asks for a moment alone. Carly steps out and after Patrick does some simple tests and determines that Sonny doesn't have feeling in his legs. Patrick brings Carly into the room and explains that Sonny is experiencing paralysis. Patrick tells them he doesn't know how long it will last. After Carly wants to get married right away, but Sonny refuses until he can walk again!

End of show!

Have a great night!

Monday, October 5, 2015

Today's Show

No recap today. I'll be back tomorrow. In the meantime here's a sneak peek of today's show. Spoilers are courtesy of ---> GHH!

- Liz isn't happy with a communication she receives.

- Anna feels guilty that Emma admires her.

- Tracy wonders if Michael will stay loyal to the Quartermaine's!

Have a great day!

Friday, October 2, 2015

Yes Patrick, I'll Marry You

Party Pooper!
Today's Show - 

Nathan questions Maxie at The Floating Rib about her sex scene with Dillon. Maxie tells him, in a long winded way, that she can't give him any details. Nathan gets upset and wants to know what she's keeping from him. However Maxie asks if he'd keep a secret from her if a friend asked him to. Nathan answers yes. Then Maxie asks if he is keeping something from her. Nathan answers yes again. Maxie tries to get details out of him about what the secret is, but Nathan won't budge. At the end, they agree to respect their mutual secrets and decide to head home for some romance. 

Valerie and Dillon make out at The Haunted Star until his intern, Andy, bursts in. He apologizes for being over enthusiastic and asks to charge his camera in the room. Dillon allows it so the intern sets up the camera. Then he leaves. After the distraction makes Valerie think twice. She tells Dillon she's been using him to get over Dante. Dillon ends up admitting that he's got the hots for Lulu and was using her too. They end up commiserating over their crushes. Dillon senses that something more than a kiss happened between her and Dante. Valerie admits that she slept with Dante. Dillon is understanding and they promise to keep each other's secrets. Unbeknownst to them, the intern's camera filmed their whole conversation.

Lulu and Dante discuss his fears about Sonny at their apartment. Dante says he's also worried about the possibly of Morgan being bipolar and Michael getting into the mob. Dante thinks he should step in for Michael and solve the custody issue with Avery. He gets upset talking about it. Lulu says she needs him to let her help him. She tells him to take off his shirt and lay on the bed. Lulu ends up giving Dante a nice back rub, which puts him to sleep. Later he wakes up and worries about the future. Lulu promises him he won't lose her. 

Nina and Franco go to Silas' apartment and find Kiki there with a realtor named Babs. The realtor tells Kiki to lower the price and then heads off. After they notice Kiki is still in her sweats so Kiki explains she found a new job with an investment company and has been really busy. Then they ask why she's decided to live at Silas' apartment. Kiki says she has to stay there until she sells the place or gets some cash. Franco worries about her. After he and Nina talk in private about moving in together. Franco is concerned, because he doesn't have much money, but Nina tells him not to worry since she has so much. Later they leave and Franco tells Nina he thinks something is off with Kiki. Meanwhile Kiki goes the bar to drink and tells the bartender she doesn't have a home. 

Sam sets up a romantic scene with candles and champagne at Patrick's house and shows him an actual sign that says she'll marry him. Patrick loves it and they kiss. Then they have a toast to their future together. After Patrick gets down on one knee and makes a sweet official proposal. He gives her a temporary lollipop ring. Sam loves it and then they discuss when to tell the kids. At the end, they're relaxing and enjoying each other when someone knocks on the door. Sam goes to open it and it's Laura!

End of show!

Will Laura tell Sam the truth?

Have a great weekend!

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Thursday, October 1, 2015

Wrecking Ball

Everybody wants me!
Here's What Happened - 

Maxie questions Dillon at The Haunted Star about who he was talking to himself about. At first Maxie thinks it must be about Valerie, but Dillon says he was just running lines for the movie. Later preparations for the film begin and Dillon's intern annoys Maxie. When filming starts, Dillon imagines Lulu on top of him instead of Maxie. It freaks him out so he calls cut. After Maxie suggests they start shooting an easier scene or maybe he should cast someone he wants to have sex with. Later they start running lines for a different scene and Dillon starts imagining Lulu again. He accidentally slips and says Lulu's name out loud. Maxie realizes that he still has feelings for Lulu and gets Dillon to admit it. Maxie tells him that Lulu loves Dante and suggests Dillon date someone else to get his mind off her. He says Valerie was supposed to distract him, but it didn't work out. Then he asks Maxie to keep quiet about his feelings and she promises she will. 

Sam gets a visit from Anna at Patrick's house. Anna wants Sam's help to find out who shot Sonny. Anna tells Sam that she knows Carlos isn't responsible. Sam asks what she knows, but Anna explains to Sam that she can't reveal her secret. She asks Sam to trust her so Sam agrees to help. Later they talk about Sam's relationship with Patrick. Anna notes how happy Patrick and Emma seem and thanks Sam. After Sam tells Anna about Patrick's proposal and asks if she'd care if Sam married Patrick. Anna is very supportive and advises Sam to go for it. 

Ava storms into Sonny's house demanding to take Avery. Morgan tries to stop Ava, but Ava has a police escort who blocks him. Morgan refers to Ava as a wrecking ball. Then Michael and Ava have words and he promises that Ava will get what's coming to her. Carly decides to hand Avery over to the officer to keep the peace. Everyone says goodbye to Avery and the officer gives Avery to Ava. Before Ava leaves, Carly tells her to have Avery visit Sonny. Then Ava leaves and after Morgan gets worked up. Carly tells her sons that sometimes you have lose the battle to win the war. Later Morgan threatens Ric over the phone to do something to keep Ava away or he'll kick his ass.

Paul reviews the file Sloane gave him about Anna killing Carlos in his office at the PCPD. Then Nathan comes in and Paul asks him about Anna. He wonders if Anna has changed since he last knew her. Nathan says he trusts Anna and she always gets the job done. After they talk about Carlos and Nathan says he doesn't think Carlos shot Sonny. Nathan thinks Ava is lying. Paul tells him to find Carlos so they can prove it one way or the other. Meanwhile, Ava takes Avery back to her apartment and later gets a visit from Paul. He asks to hold Avery, but Ava is reluctant. Paul assures her that he missed out on Dillon's life so Ava should be happy that he's sympathetic to her parental situation. Then he says they need to get rid of Anna, because she knows too much. 

Valerie tells Dante that she can't stop thinking about him at GH and Lulu hears her. Valerie tells Lulu she just came to check on Dante and brought him coffee. Valerie feels uncomfortable so she decides to leave. She heads to the police station and runs into Nathan. He notices that something is wrong and Valerie confides in Nathan that she told Dante about her feelings. Nathan advises her to find someone else to care about before she destroys herself. At the end, Maxie goes to see Nathan at the station and tells him her sex scene was a bust. 

Back at GH, Patrick comes to talk to Dante and Lulu about Sonny's surgery. Carly, Michael and Morgan join them and Patrick tells everyone that the surgery was complicated. He thinks until Sonny wakes up, they won't know what his prognosis is. Patrick advises them to all rally around Sonny and give him support. Morgan worries that Sonny won't wake up. After Patrick heads home and Sam has a surprise for him. Over at The Haunted Star, Valerie shows up and attempts to seduce Dillon. 

End of show!

Have a great night!