Tuesday, September 1, 2015

You're The Perfect Wife For Me

5th times the charm!
Tuesday's Recap - 

Michael's finds Morgan drinking at the Haunted Star bar. Morgan tells him that his relationship with Kiki is over because he slept wit Ava. Morgan confides in Michael that he felt like he didn't have control over himself around Ava. Michael tells him that Carly told him about him possibly being bipolar. Michael advises Morgan to find out one way or another. Morgan says he'll consider going to Kevin Collins, but doesn't know how he'll get through Carly and Sonny's wedding. He asks Michael to come to support him. Michael says he can't, but promises Morgan he'll be there for him otherwise. 

Ava thinks about her situation from her jail cell. Then she gets a visit from Kiki who confronts her for sleeping with Morgan. Ava tells Kiki she was too weak to fight her feelings for Morgan. Kiki is disgusted and tells Ava she never wants to see her again. Ava pleads with Kiki not to walk away from her. Kiki says she wants Ava in jail and away from Avery for life.

Julian feels guilty for not being able to help Ava. Alexis overhears him talking to Ava's picture in his bedroom. Then Alexis tells him that Silas's killer has been caught. Later Alexis says that she's leaving town to visit Kristina. They decide to have embark on some romance since they won't see each other for awhile. After they have pillow talk about Ava. Alexis offers to call Diane to help.

Maxie goes to the PCPD to see Nathan and finds him in a funk over arresting Madeline. Then Madeline is walked out in handcuffs. Nathan tells her off and has the guards take Madeline out of his sight. Later Maxie tries to comfort Nathan so he'll forget about Madeline. She tells Nathan she's going to star in a movie. 

Nina shares her snacks with Franco in their jail cells. Franco tells her that the real killer has been caught and it's Madeline. Nina is upset and can't believe how awful her mother is. Franco advises her not to think about Madeline anymore. Later Madeline is brought down to the cells. She tells Nina that Ric is framing her, but Nina doesn't believe her. She tells Madeline to go to hell and screams that she hates her. At the end, Nina and Franco are alone again. Franco tells Nina she's finally free of Madeline and soon they'll be free of the charges. He promises Nina she's safe with him. Nina responds by telling Franco she loves him. 

At Sonny's house, Carly tries to soothe Avery while she teethes. Carly starts talking to her about the upcoming wedding and Sonny walks in. He's happy to see Carly taking care of Avery. Then he tells her Ric isn't guilty of killing Silas. Later Carly tells Sonny that she asked Michael to check on Morgan. Sonny asks if Michael is coming to the wedding. Carly says she doesn't know, but there is still time. Sonny tells Carly how happy he is to be marrying her again. Sonny says, "You are the perfect wife for me." At the end, Carly tells Sonny she's leaving since it's the night before their wedding. Sonny tells her he can't wait to see her tomorrow!

End of show!

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