Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Witness to Murder

Remember, you killed Carlos!
Here's What Happened - 

In Jordan's office, Anna and Agent Sloane continue to have a tense conversation. Sloane reminds Anna that she killed Carlos and he helped her cover it up. He says he's a, "Witness to murder!" Sloane advises Anna to find a way to take the heat off him or he'll reveal her secret. He informs her that he kept the gun she used to kill Carlos as insurance. Anna is appalled by Sloane's cunning. He defends himself by reminding Anna about her misdeeds. Anna says Sloane is half the man Duke was, but Sloane says Duke went bad. Anna defends Duke and gets emotional talking him. At the end, Sloane says he cares about Anna, but won't lose everything for her. 

Julian visits Ava in her jail cell and tells her that Diane agreed to represent her. Ava isn't sure it will do much good, because the charges are so serious. Julian reminds her that Sonny is getting married, which reminds Ava that Carly is about to be Avery's mom. She asks Julian to stop their wedding. Julian remarks that the wedding might not take place, because trouble always follows Sonny. Then Julian talks about his dead baby and tells her Olivia named him Leo. He also notes that something seemed off with Olivia when he saw her on the pier. Ava asks why he was on the pier. Julian says he was just going for a walk. After Ava vows to get Avery back.  

Sam and TJ standby at the warehouse while the paramedics work on Sonny. Later TJ leaves with one of the officers to help with the case and Sam rides with Sonny to the hospital. When they arrive at GH, Patrick and the nurse's take Sonny into surgery. Sonny regains consciousness momentarily, but then crushes. Meanwhile out in the lobby, Sam is upset and decides to call Alexis. She leaves her a message to call her back asap.

Jake shocks the wedding party at Sonny's house when he walks in with a bloody shirt. Carly goes cold when she sees him and asks what's going on. He announces that Sonny was shot, but is still alive. Jake explains what happened with TJ and Charlie at the warehouse. Carly, Michael and Morgan take off for the hospital with Jake and Dante goes to the PCPD. Maxie and Lulu stay behind to wait for news. Maxie gets upset and wonders if all the power and money Sonny has is worth his life. After Sabrina joins them with Avery and they all have champagne. Maxie advises Sabrina to get used to violence since she's dating the son of a mob boss. Later they fill Sabrina in on how Michael killed Claudia. Sabrina looks worried, but says she believes in Michael. At the end, Sabrina sings to Avery.

Jordan gets word that TJ was involved in a shooting on the docks at the PCPD. She panics, but then TJ shows up. She hugs him and TJ explains what happened to Sonny. When she hears about Charlie's involvement, Jordan rants about how dangerous Sonny is. Then Dante arrives and TJ tells him he thinks Charlie works for Julian. TJ blames himself for Sonny getting shot, but Dante and Jordan insist it's not his fault. Later TJ tells them the story again. He glorifies Sonny actions by saying Sonny was 'amazing' and then says Jake Doe took down all the bad guys before they could finish Sonny off. At the end, Dante runs into Julian at the station. 

Carly, Jake, Michael and Morgan arrive at GH. Sam tells Jake in private that Sonny might not make it. Then they have a conversation about Jake's shooting skills. Meanwhile Carly and her sons run into the operating room. Carly tries to tell Sonny she loves him, but Patrick makes all of them leave. After Carly overhears Sam telling Jake that he saved Sonny's life. Sam explains to Carly, Michael and Morgan what Jake did. Jake is humble. Then he tells Carly the last thing Sonny said was that he loves her. At the end, Patrick comes out and tells everyone that Sonny is stable and is receiving a blood transfusion. Carly wants assurance that Sonny is out of the woods, but Patrick looks worried.

End of show!

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