Friday, September 25, 2015

The Meeting

I take thee!
Here's What Happened - 

Alexis and Julian plan to make dinner to celebrate the new "ethical" DA at Julian's place. Alexis is hopeful that Paul can prove that Julian is innocent. After Julian tells Alexis about Patrick's batched proposal to Sam. Alexis says she likes Sam and Patrick together, but Julian isn't sure Sam is over Jason. 

Paul meets up with Ava on the docks to discuss their arrangement. Ava feels like he's blackmailing her, but Paul says they can help each other. Then he says he arranged a meeting with the five families and he wants Ava to be there to represent them. Ava worries that if she goes public it will hurt her custody of Avery, but Paul says it doesn't matter because he needs her there. Later Paul tells Ava to name Julian as the shooter, but she has reservations and refuses. Paul reminds her that she doesn't have a choice.

In Sonny's room, Sonny is happy to see Avery but Carly breaks it to him that Ava wants Avery back. She explains how Ava's legal charges have been dropped and she got a court order to take Avery. Carly says Ric lost the recording and his job, but they need Ric to help Avery. Sonny is furious. Later Morgan takes Avery home and let's Carly and Sonny talk about what they're going to do. Sonny says they need to take care of Ava if the courts won't. At the end, Carly thinks they should get married immediately to help their case.

Liz talks about her wedding plans at the nurses station with Patrick. It makes Patrick wistful and he tells Liz about how he proposed to Sam, but she turned him down. Patrick explains that Sam is still thinking about Jason, because of their anniversary. Patrick confides in Liz that he thinks Sam is still hung up on Jason. Liz gets nervous when she hears that and insists that Sam loves Patrick. He asks why Liz cares so much. She answers that she feels happy so she wants him to feel happy to. 

At Noodle Buddha, Jake sees Sam sitting alone with her figurines. He explains that he came to pick up food for Sonny and Carly and just happen to drop by. Sam tells him that this is where she got married to Jason. She explains how they got married spontaneously and it triggers a memory for Jake of Sam getting on his motorcycle. He dismisses the memory and then they talk about Patrick's proposal. Jake asks about Sam's figurines so she explains that she loves Patrick, but can't get Jason out of her mind. Jake thinks maybe there is a reason Sam is trying to keep Jason alive. 

At the hospital, Michael and Morgan talk with Ric about putting together a strategy to protect Avery. Ric is anxious to see Sonny, but the boys don't want Ric to talk to him. Ric tells them that there is a meeting coming up with the five families and he wants to go to represent Sonny. Michael and Morgan don't like the idea and tell Ric to focus on Avery instead. Michael decides he's going to go in Sonny's place, but Morgan argues that he wants to go. Michael says he's too much of a hot head right now. Later Michael heads to the meeting to represent Sonny and then Ava strolls in!

End of show!

Will Liz and Patrick hook up after the Jason secret comes out?

Have a great weekend!

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