Thursday, September 24, 2015

The Good D.A.

Criminal Mastermind
Thursday's Recap - 

Alexis goes to see Paul at the Q's and introduces herself. She wants to talk about Julian. Alexis insists that Julian is innocent of shooting Sonny. She provides Paul with some documents to back her statement up and says he should drop all charges against Julian. Alexis suggests that there is another suspect setting Julian up. Paul asks if she knows who that could be. Alexis answers that she doesn't know, but she hopes he can find out. Paul tells her if Julian is truly innocent he has nothing to fear and that he intends to be an honorable DA. Alexis appreciates his honesty. Later when he's alone, Paul calls Ava to say he's ready to make a move against Sonny. 

Sam pays Julian a visit at his apartment. She thinks Julian needs to arrange protection for himself or leave town. Julian says he's not going anywhere. Sam offers to use her PI skills to find out more about who could be setting him up. Julian doesn't want Sam to put herself at risk. After they get into a conversation about Patrick proposing to her. She explains how it was her anniversary to Jason and it felt weird to accept. Sam shows Julian her phoenix and dragon figurines and says she knows she has to let Jason go. Later Sam heads to Noodle Buddha with her figurines and pines for Jason. Meanwhile Alexis goes to Julian's apartment and tells him the new DA seems open minded.

Michael and Jake chat at the hospital about the situation with Julian. Michael says he thinks they need to find out if Julian is guilty so he has Sonny's people on it. Michael tells Jake he never had to get involved before, because Jason used to handle everything. Later Jake tells Michael about Sonny calling him Jason and describes it as a "heavy" experience. Then Jake invites Michael to his wedding. After Jake coincidentally heads to Noodle Buddha as well and sees Sam sitting alone playing with her figurines. 

Patrick checks on Sonny in his hospital room and asks if he remembers mistaking Jake for Jason. Sonny says he thought he was dreaming. Patrick explains that morphine can have a disorienting effect. Then Sonny asks Patrick to explain what happened at the warehouse, because it's all a blur to him. Patrick tells him how Jake saved the day. Sonny says from what he remembers, Jake's actions at the warehouse were just like Jason. After Patrick gives Sonny a lecture about getting out of the mob and how Jason's death still effects everyone, especially Sam.

Outside of Sonny's room, Ava comes to pick up Avery. Carly holds the baby and refuses to let Ava near her. Morgan looks on in disgust. Carly and Ava get into a verbal argument. Ava accuses Carly and Sonny of damaging Morgan and claims she doesn't want the same thing to happen to Avery. Carly says Ava has no legal right to Avery. Ava pulls some documents out of her purse and says she has a court order to take Avery. At first Carly refuses to hand Avery over, but Morgan tells Carly to comply as not to give Ava any ammunition against her. Carly reluctantly hands Avery to Ava, but then she reads the fine print and says Ava has to give them 24 hour notice before taking Avery. Ava realizes she has to hand Avery back. At the end Carly brings Avery into see Sonny and prepares to tell him about Ava's plans.  

End of show!

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